Animal Cruelty…

My mind is flooded this morning with about a bazillion thoughts – The Rootbeer Store today with my best friend, a writing course I want to take, why the hell does it take so long to go clean out my email inboxes, I haven’t visited my Facebook account that I set up for this blog in a bit, I need to clean out the Jeep, what to write about – and the list just keeps going. I made it over to my Facebook page before getting start here, and remembered why I don’t really go to it anymore. There are too many posts that are just beyond heart breaking about incidents of animal cruelty, almost always of dogs. What is wrong with people???

Its way too depressing. I know that it is important to get this stuff out to the general population. People need to know that this stuff STILL happens, that there are still way too many people out there that believe hurting an animal, a dog, is no big deal, but it is way more than my heart and mind can take, most of the time. I always leave this Facebook account feeling emotionally drained and a little less understanding of my fellow humans. It’s almost a traumatic experience.

There was one post about a young woman who duct taped her dog’s mouth shut, took a photo of the dog with the duct tape around its mouth, and posted it to Facebook with the comment “hah hah.” She was later found guilty of animal cruelty. Another post is about a man who stabbed his dog to death with his samurai sword. It’s too much. Those poor babies.

Then there are the posts from the rescue organizations. I want to take home every last dog they have. It’s also another source of emotional turmoil because these animals are in rescue centers because someone didn’t cherish them. It drives me crazy. Sure, these dogs are better off at the rescue center than wherever they were before, obviously, but some of the reasons they are there just make me want to start hunting some of those people down. What I would do if I found them, other than utter a forceful “Shame on you,” I don’t know. But, maybe that is just me being way too judgemental. I know that surrendering a dog can be a devastating decision to make, and, sometimes, life has happened to these people in a manner that makes keeping the dog more of a cruelty than surrendering them. Sometimes.

I think people tend to give up too easily on dogs. I guess it would be more accurate to say that too many people get a dog for all the wrong reasons and without coming to the determination on whether or not they should even have a dog in the first place. I do understand that life can sometimes throw things at you that you never in your wildest dreams could have imagined would be a part of your story, but… well, I still find myself asking “If it were a two-legged child instead of a four-legged child, would you make the same decision?”

Life has thrown all kinds of situations at me that I never dreamed would be part of my story. My dogs have walked through these with me. It hasn’t always been easy, and I haven’t always handled them the right way, but my dogs are with me, they are healthy and happy, and the only scarring they have had to make it through is figuring out how things are now, only to find they are the same as they were before, only the setting may have changed. When we first landed in the spot we are now, we spent a few months regaining the trust of Mr. Enzo. He wanted nothing more than to go home to where we had been living before.

The few times I have felt that I needed to surrender a dog, that the unexpected life twist is more than I have the ability to carry a dog through, I have tried to get them to people I trust. The backlash afterward, for me, has always been a long grieving process along with battling all the thoughts and feelings of being a horrible person, the thoughts of doubt (did I do the right thing? did I give up too easily? is the dog ok?), learning how to forgive myself for not being more capable. Even when I’ve ‘known’ that what I did was the best thing for the dog, I still have all the same thoughts and feelings.

Anyway, I could probably go on and on about this one topic, and possibly already have, but I think I have had my say. No need to get too long-winded about it. Those that are dog lovers will fully understand what I’m saying and feeling. My life is better with a dog in it. And my life is better not focusing on the people who don’t, can’t, or won’t feel the same way as I do about dogs, to the point of abusing them. If it were up to me, those people who abuse dogs, any animal, would immediately feel the same pains as they are giving. Just saying.


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