Memorial Day Weekend Forecast, Ladybugs, and The Show Has Begun…

Its 8am and already 57 degrees outside. I’m loving it. NOAA is forecasting rain for this weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, which is odd. Memorial Day Weekend around here is usually blazing hot with more sun than our sun deprived systems are ready for. I guess we will see if we end up having the traditional weather or if all of the people going camping this weekend will be enjoying the Pacific Northwest’s version of sun: rain. Whatever the weather ends up being, I’ll be working through it, anyway. Oh well.

Ladybug House!

Ladybug House!

I bought a ladybug house yesterday! I didn’t even know these things existed. I’ve never bought ladybugs before because I never felt the need for them.

My gardens have usually been pretty healthy with a moderate amount of bug battle going on. My garden this year seems to be having some issue with bugs that are enjoying the tender baby leaves on my plants. So, I saw the ladybug house and decided I was going to buy some lady bugs for the ladybug house and  my garden.

I had to use a couple of stakes to mount the ladybug house since I didn’t want to screw into the side of the hanger. Once mounted, I wanted until the evening began to cool off, then grabbed my ladybugs from the fridge and released them onto my hollyhocks, which are right in front of the ladybug house. It was sort of fun to release them.

Blazing Star Flowers

Blazing Star Flowers

My Blazing Stars (Liatris) started popping up yesterday. Almost the whole row, 30 bulbs, popped their noses through the soil. I am so excited!!! I’m anxious to see my coneflowers and calla lilies poke their noses through, too.

This is the beginning of the exciting part of growing things. I enjoy planning my garden, and even having to weed the planting area and prep it for plants, seed, bulbs, and roots. But when things start finding their way to the surface and pushing out that exploratory nose, the show has begun and I am sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next act.

All of the plants that I have transplanted into containers are doing quite well. My green strawberry babies are beginning to turn yellow, which means red is up next, followed by yum. I still need to pick up some 5 gallon buckets to transplant the remainder of my sunflowers into but I’ll get to that soon. Probably not this weekend since I am working through this weekend. I’m going to make it a priority for next weekend, though. I’m ready to have everything in its spot so I can just enjoy the beauty of their growth and the gift of their blooms.

Well, I should probably get going with my day. It’s a long one. I’m cleaning half of a 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath house, which I’ll finish tomorrow, then I am shadowing a new team member on a clean this afternoon.

Have a great day, Everyone!!!

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Stew Pot of Emotions Going On Here…

What a crazy 24 hours it has been! My cleaning day, yesterday, was a shorter one and went smoothly. I was heading home and swung into the grocery store to pick up some hamburger buns for dinner, along with some fries. I was at the self-check when my husband called me. I was just finishing up a call with my best friend and called Lance back when I was done. When he answered and I hear him blurt out through his tears “I love you baby! I had an accident and I hurt myself.”

I asked him what type of accident. “I cut my thumb.” I started to ask him how bad (this is not the first time his thumb has done battle with a saw. I was his doctor last time and did a fabulous job if I do say so myself) when a different male voice comes through the phone. Its one of the paramedics. He tells me what hospital they are taking Lance to and that the surgeon is going to meet them at the hospital, if I want to meet them there. (Does anyone say no to this?) I asked if Lance had cut his thumb off and the paramedic responded yes. Crud.

I hop in the Jeep, rush home to put the groceries away and alert Mason to what is going on, then head toward Bellevue. They were taking Lance to Overlake Hospital. It’s about 4pm when I’m heading out so traffic is going to slow down my progress. Frustrating, but I make pretty good time, anyway.

When I finally arrive at a little after 5pm (so, I was speeding when I could), I figured they would already have Lance in surgery or be about ready to take him in. No and no. They haven’t even cleaned the blood off of his hands. The on-call hand surgeon hasn’t responded to his page or shown up. There was gauze folded in half around his thumb.

I grab paper towels, wet them, and begin to wash off Lance’s hands. He asks if I want to see it. I say sure. He double checks. I repeat my yes. He gently unfolds the gauze. Oh my. His thumb, from the top knuckle, is hanging on by mostly skin. Oh my. I am seeing more of my husband than I had ever wanted to. I go back to cleaning the blood off his hands.

I ask Lance when they are taking him to surgery and find out that the surgeon is basically MIA and they are sending him to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. Ok. Deep breaths. Only one of us gets to be crazy at a time and Lance most definitely has the crazy card in his possession, though he isn’t being at all crazy.

The nurse comes in, gives me some wash cloths to use to clean Lance up with, and check on Lance’s pain level, have us sign some paperwork, and tells us that its better if we complain to the hospital than if they do because the hospital administration is more likely to hear us than the staff. I was already feeling like things weren’t being properly handled, but I’ve never been in this situation before and am unsure of the proper procedures. It just doesn’t seem right, but there is so much going on with getting him ready to transfer to Harborview that I just kept taking care of Lance.

I meet Lance at Harborview. It wasn’t too long before the hand specialist shows up with his team and checks out Lance’s thumb. Of course, there are the million questions the have to go with this – how did you cut your thumb, how wide was the blade, allergies, etc. Then, cleaning the thumb. Apparently, this had not even happened at Overlake because the beginning of the wash poured through his thumb, coming out nearly black. Just what did they do at Overlake besides attempt to relieve his pain?

After the assessment, washing, and wrapping of his thumb with a splint to help stabilize it and hopefully reduce some of the pain, they take Lance to x-ray. He comes back and then we sit, waiting, for hours. By this time, they have him so doped up, Lance is nodding out. He wakes up about 9-ish and tells me to go home. They haven’t even gotten him into a room. We are still in the ER. I feel bad leaving him but he insists.

I get a call from Lance at 7 this morning telling me I can come pick him up. I ask him about surgery. Surgery finally happened at around 1 am this morning, almost 11 hours after Lance cut his thumb off. “I thought they wanted to keep you for a few days?” Lance: “Yeah, that was if they could save the thumb.” I make myself a coffee, go check out my garden (a bunch of new gladioli noses!) to wake myself up enough to drive, let Mason know I’m heading out to pick up Lance, then start the morning drive into Seattle.

Lance seems to be handling losing half of the thumb on his left hand ok. To be honest, I think half of that is just show. Since we have gotten home, he has had a couple of emotional spots. Im ready for him to have the complete meltdown I am sure will happen. How could it not? He just lost a part of his body.

He goes for a follow-up appointment in a week to see how the thumb is healing. I can’t bring myself to call it a stump. Lance is opiate immune so narcotics for the pain are out. He is taking 1000mg Tylenols and he says they take the edge off, a little.

The poor guy keeps trying to do things like he always has and keeps running into the fact that, at the moment, he hardly even has a hand with all of the gauze. I can tell he is really uncomfortable in his skin, right now. He started to lie down to take a nap, something he should be doing, and ended up deciding to take the dogs for their afternoon walk. Maybe he is just needing to do one of the things he did before and not run into the obstacle of his hand. I love that man so much. My heart breaks for his loss, but I know, with time, he will adjust to his new configuration. We got this.

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A Gladiolus Nose, Strawberries, and Mason is Home…


Gladiolus nose!!

Gladiolus nose!!

My first Gladiolus nose came up yesterday!! I’m so excited! It’s just the one out of around 30 bulbs, but it means the growing has begun. Now, I have something new to watch grow with anticipation of the beauty it will bring.

My sunflowers that are in the ground are doing so well!! Having extras has been nice since the cats have broken or otherwise killed a couple of them as I am teaching them that the garden is off-limits, and the couple that Luna stepped on when she jumped the fence soon after I planted them. They are all about twice the size they were when I put them in the ground. YAY!

my strawberry plants

my strawberry plants

My strawberry plants are doing great, as well. I, of course, did not start these as seeds. McClendon’s was having a sale on strawberries a little while back, so I bought eight plants at $1.36 each.

When I bought them, only one plant had a single flower on it. I have never grown strawberries before and that makes it all the more exciting to see the white little flowers change into little green strawberry babies. Since Mason is home, again, we are going to have to fight over the strawberries as they ripen. He has always loved strawberries as one of his favorites.

It is overcast this morning and NOAA has changed the forecast for today to “Decreasing clouds” with a high around 70 degrees for today. Hopefully, the sun will  make an appearance. If not, I’m not really going to complain because 70 degrees is a happy zone for me.

It’s nice to have Mason back home. He is happy to be home, too. Soon after he got home, we were walking out in the yard and he stopped, took in a huge gulp of air through his nose, looked at me and said, “This is what I’ve missed.” I couldn’t help smiling. My son is more like me that either of us really realized, I believe.

My schedule today is a light one. I have a couple of touch-ups at a unit I cleaned last week. Cayle finds these touch-ups to be a bit above and beyond but it’s for one of the new clients so he really wants to impress them. I’m ok with doing these touch-ups, as well. I hardly ever get touch-up call backs and this will help me learn this client a bit better, which is good, since Cayle has decide to make this new complex solely mine for cleans, with the exception of when I have too much other on my schedule. After the touch-ups, I’m back at the condo complex to finish up this week’s common area cleaning.

well, I should start getting ready to head out. The sooner I leave the sooner I can come home. I love short days.

Have a great day, Everyone!!!

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And The Week Begins… is forecasting partly sunny for every day this week, with temps ranging from 75 degrees (today) to 67 degrees (Thursday). Can you see the smile on my face from there? This sounds like it is going to be one of those weeks that I wish I had off. Oh well. I will enjoy this beautiful weather whether I’m working or not. Who can argue with sun and warmer temps? Not me, that’s for sure.

Mason comes home this evening. I have to admit that I am a bit excited about this. I have missed my son while he has been gone, though it has been a nice break to be child free for a little bit.

After getting hair cuts, yesterday, Lance and I ran around and picked up some things to get Mason settled in and comfortable. The first thing we picked up was a mattress. The old mattress was, well, less than desirable. It had served its purpose and needed to go. We also grabbed a new pillow since Gemini peed on his old pillow in an act of dissatisfaction with him being gone. That fact that she did this is somewhat ironic in this family. We always used to joke about the cats pee-ing on our pillows if we didn’t come home, though we never really expected it to come true. They have never done it until now.

I also grabbed a new set of sheets. I’ll need to wash them but I had planned on doing laundry today, anyway. First, work.

I have the common areas to clean today, so it will be a short work day, leaving me plenty of time to go do laundry, then come home and get the 5th wheel all set up, again, for Mason. I’m hoping I have some time to just enjoy the weather. With the days getting longer, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time for everything.

Well, I want to get going so I can get done with all I have to do earlier rather than later. I hope everyone has an amazing day!!

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Amazing Weekend…

What a great weekend this has been!!! I can’t honestly say that anything super special happened, which I think is part of the reason it has been so wonderful. The weather has been moderate, with neither too much sun (as if) nor too much rain. For the most part, overcast has set the mood, with a few sun breaks and a couple of almost drizzles to break things up a bit.

I went out with the girls on Friday night. I love being able to go do things with my best friend. We have spent too many years in a row being “too busy” to get together. Life gets that way sometimes. We played darts, chatted, laughed, and didn’t stay out too late. It was perfect in its own way.

Saturday, I slept in until almost 10!! I didn’t really feel up to doing much of anything or having chores lined up for me. I just wanted to sort of let the wind rustle me around without direction. I’m always so focused on what needs to be done, what must be done. It was nice to have no plan or direction and to put down the monitoring of my responsibilities. I’ve really needed that.

Today, again, pretty much no direction for the first part of the day. My son texted me at 6:30 this morning to tell me he wants to come home. My first response? What happened? What’s going on? What I actually texted was the ‘what’s going on?”

My son has come to realize something I have thought for a very long time: that side of the family is nuts. His exact words? “Well this side of the family is just kinda, idk, crazy. I’d rather not be here, the energy is bad.” I love this kid.

We talked for a bit about his plans, thoughts, and I laid down some boundaries. Lance will pick Mason up on his way home from work tomorrow. Mason would rather have had it be today but doesn’t seem to broken up about having to wait.

After getting that all settled, I filled some large containers with organic soil and transplanted lemon balm, tithonia, wild bergamot, dill, basil, roma tomatoes, and a sunflower or two. I still have too many sunflowers for the available room for planting that I have, but I have come up with a solution. I am going to buy some 5 gallon buckets and put one sunflower in each. Then, I’ll place them around the fence to our yard. I’m thinking this may be my plan for some of the rest of my seedlings. I’ll get this all together.

I never did get to my mailbox garden. I guess that is just going to have to be a next weekend project. Back to work tomorrow, busy week, again. I think I’m ready for it, though.

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Unexpected Day Off, Mailbox Garden…

I have an unexpected day off today! Scheduling got wonky and I ended up giving a clean away to one of the Seattle teams to make it worth it for them to come down for the last-minute clean that came up near the end of the day, yesterday. The new clean is a 1 bedroom, 1 bath and the clean I had on my schedule is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath. The Seattle team was coming down to clean a 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath house, but maintenance isn’t complete so it has been postponed. I didn’t feel up to adding the 1 bedroom, 1 bath to my day today, mostly because I have plans with my best friend tonight, so to help make everything work out, I gave up my clean, and I am really ok with that. Three day weekend instead of a two-day. I also have the 5 bedroom house on my schedule for this coming week. That is going to be a long day.

mailbox garden

mailbox garden

yarrow for around the mailbox

yarrow for around the mailbox

I’m thinking I am going to plant the seeds I bought to go around the mailbox, today. I’ll need to make a little fence around them, as well, since I don’t want the street maintenance people to whack them down. That would be disheartening. I think I will need to pick up some dirt to throw down before I place the seeds. I can hardly wait to see how these look in…lets say July…when they have had a chance to get some height to them and some blooms.

I still have no noses poking through the garden soil, yet. I have been hoping to see at least one or two gladioli noses, since they have been in the ground the longest, but nothing so far. Sometimes, I think it is amazing that I love to garden seeing as I have little to no patience when it comes to waiting for things to sprout. I guess the pay off is worth the wait because I keep doing it.

I have all of the seed packets I’ve used, and the ones not used, yet, sitting near my laptop on my desk. There is going to be some color around here this year. I’ve been known to gravitate toward one or two colors for the garden(s) each year, but this year I believe I am fairly well-rounded in my colors. I have some pink, some red, blue, orange, yellow, purple, black, with some of the colors in multiple hues.

There is so much potential for the yard around here. I see an area of the yard, and then, in my mind, I see the plants that would look great there. It leaves me wanting to spend my pay checks on plants just so I can see if it would look as great in reality as it does in my mind. Then I remind myself that this is not where I am going to live for the rest of my life and probably won’t get to see things mature into what is pictured in my mind. Plus, there is that whole paying bills, rent, eating, etc that has to happen. Oh well. I have a garden, or two, or three, and I am good with that. In fact, I’m very good with that.

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Work Snafu, Pack Update, Gardening Design and Bliss…

The week is almost over. There are no cleans scheduled for me this weekend, so far, and I am going to keep it that way, if at all possible. I’m needing the time off. I’m feeling a bit exhausted, and that always starts to mess with my thinking and my ability to keep things straight.

I didn’t wander around downtown Tacoma after my clean, yesterday. I ended up having to run to the property management company and pick up a spare key from them. When I was putting the keys away after the clean, I accidentally put the keys that belonged in the hallway lockbox, the keys that opened the room to where all of the unit keys are, in the locked room with the rest of the unit keys. Of course, I didn’t realize my error until after the door to that room closed. I felt like such an idiot.

I immediately called Cayle. He called the property manager for this property to see if they had a spare for the key room. Thankfully, they do.

Cayle was going to see if the property manager could head over to bring the key but I told him not to. I made the mistake. I should be the one to fix it. By the time I got the spare key, went back to the building and swapped things around, I was ready to go home. A downtown Tacoma wander is just going to have to happen on a different day. Oh well.

I’m kind of almost living a single life, right now. Lance’s work schedule has him leaving early (he just left now), and getting home late, around 7 or 8pm, depending on traffic. It isn’t leaving much time for us, but we seem to be doing ok with it.

I have to admit, though, that I am feeling a little sensitive/emotional over the last few days. With our schedules being what they are, I am not getting the time I would like with my husband. Our time seems somewhat rushed, like we are trying to fit everything in a slot that is way too small.

This also leaves me as the only one taking care of most of the things around home, too. Ok. Maybe that isn’t exactly true. It feels like it a little bit, though. Poopy patrol, changing Gemini’s litter box. garbage, recycling…the not fun but have to happen no matter what things. Yep, I’m pouting just a bit, with a little bit of whining thrown in.

Truman has been opting out of the walk some mornings over the past week. This is very unlike him. I guess he is feeling the wind down, too. Thankfully, he seems to not have picked up the kennel cough that has gone through the pack. I am really grateful about that.

As for the rest of the pack, they seem to be getting past the worst of the kennel cough and have stopped coughing so much. Mostly, there is just the end of a chest cold throat clearing type thing going on with them. There is still the occasional coughing attack, but nothing anywhere close to what it was.

Everyday, after work, I come home to see if I have any bulb noses poking through the ground. Nothing so far. I am so excited, and anxious, to see the garden coming up and in bloom. Its going to be so beautiful!

I planted one painted daisy seedling and a lavender seedling by the stump. I want to see if they will grow there. Its been almost a week since I put them in and, so far, they seem to be doing well, which is great. I’m hoping they continue to do well and I can plant the rest of them there.

I ended up planting all of my borage in front of the stump. These seedlings seem to be thriving very nicely. If the painted daisies and lavender do as well, I think it is going to be quite beautiful around the stump this summer. What do you think?




painted daisies



Personally, I think the painted daisies make this set up work.


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A “Trip” through Downtown Tacoma…

I have a clean today that is on the backside of where the kids’ dad had a vintage collectibles shop. Its kind of weird to be going down to antique row. I am never there anymore, and it used to be such a huge part of my life.

Part of me thinks I’ll wander antique row when I get done with the clean, which shouldn’t take too long, but another part of me sees no point in doing so. It’s not like the same people are there or that it is any part of my life anymore. The only person I know is probably still there is Alan from Sanford and Son Antiques, though I doubt I would actually run into him. In reality, for all I know, he has passed away already. I really don’t know.

Its been around 17 years since antique row was a part of my life. My son was less than a year old and my daughter was 6 years old. It was a little community there, almost like extended family. During the summer time, a lot of the antique dealers (including the kid’s dad and myself) would gather outside of Sanford and Son for dinner, whether we all went and got our own thing or it was the occasional barbecue. I get the feeling that no longer happens, along with the other type of informal gatherings that used to happen.

Its sort of odd to think back to those days and know that things aren’t the same. It almost feels like remembering a family you used to be a part of that no longer even exists. Yeah, I have a hard time letting go of people, and of eras of my life, sometimes.

Anyway, maybe I’ll just wander around downtown Tacoma for a little bit after my clean, do some time traveling. I’ll see if I feel up to it when I’m done. That said, I had better get going. Have a great day everyone!!!

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The Rain is Here, Thinking about School, Again, and A Long Overdue Promise to Myself…

It never really quite rained yesterday. Misted, yes, but never rain. The mist wasn’t the heavy misting we get that soaks you to the bone in about 2 seconds, but a light mist with tiny, random dots on your windshield that you could play a very creative game of connect the dots with. I don’t remember the sun making a single appearance, yesterday, though.

The rain is here, completely, this morning. It makes me a little melancholy, though. It doesn’t help that I am a bit tired. The two factors together make me want to crawl back into bed with a good book and spend the day in another world. Sigh…I must have been a princess in a past life :-)

Anyway, I have been thinking a lot lately about school. I really would like to take some other classes and am feeling like I choose the wrong thing to study for the degree I do have. The topic of the type of therapist I would make has come up lately in different conversations and it has caused me to really think a bit much along this line.

I guess I’m just wishing I had followed that thread instead of criminal justice. It had been a desire of mine, once upon a time. I’ve maxed out my available funding for an Associates level degree, so going back to follow the psychology thread really isn’t an option unless I were able to find alternate funding to do so.

Then there is figuring out work and school. I know there are a ton of people who do both. I’m not sure I am one of those people who could do well in school and work at the same time. Maybe I could, but I really don’t think so. I guess I’m just not there, yet.

I’ve been thinking about my life a lot lately. How I live today is so very different from the way I lived growing up. It has made it really hard for me to pull out the good that goes on in my life. I see my ‘lovely’ gypsy camp and it is so out of line with the way I believed I would be living when I would day-dream about it as a kid.

But, when I stop long enough, take the time to really ‘see’ my life, stop looking at the visual and look at the important things, like love, happiness, laughter, joy, growth… I have lived a pretty good life. Sure, there are parts of it that are less than great, some that are down right…damaging…but, as a whole, I have lived a really good life up to this point.

I have loved and been loved from the depths of my soul and the soul of another. I have a great friend of over 25 years. I have kids that talk to me, at their own level of comfort and tuned in to their own personalities. I have another friend that loves me and gets me in a way that I don’t think I’ve truly experienced elsewhere. I have a husband that loves me and that I love. I’ve gotten to enjoy the company of animals in my household. I haven’t traveled extensively, but I’ve seen some things, some life. I’ve gotten to do some of my own things. A lot of my own things, actually.

I’ve missed out on enjoying, completely, these beautiful things by being stuck in the visual aspect of it. Sure, my living conditions aren’t ideal, but they could be a million times worse, and it allows me a level of freedom in many areas of my life. I’ve gotten to sample many different areas of life, things that have sparked my interest and other things I had no idea I might enjoy. I’ve also gotten to experience some things that I believed I would love and found out that I don’t.

I have gotten to experience a variety of different types of people. Though many of these were just passing through for a bit, I’ve learned from each of them, whether if be about life, other people, or myself. I’ve learned how to forgive when everyone around me has wondered how I could begin to do so. I’ve learned the value of other human beings, regardless of whether or not I agree with the life path they have chosen.

I think its time I stop worrying about what anyone thinks about my visual state of life. I need to let go of my own created expectations of myself that were created partially by the life I had growing up. I need to find my own thoughts for myself. I need to stop letting the rest of the world have a say in my happiness. I need to get out of my own way and let the joy in.

I’m definitely not blaming the world or the Universe for the icks that have trudged through parts of my life. I create my own reality, and I have left too much of that up to other people, events, stuff. In this moment, I can see all the good and I am completely grateful for that. It allows me to see the truth of what I have believed and what I have allowed to stand in my way of forward progression in so many areas of my life.

Today, I am going to make a promise to myself. I promise that I am going to remember to always find the joy that sometimes hides behind the curtain. I’m going to stop being so worried about what others think of me and be true to what is inside of me. I’m going to stop letting old thinking patterns inhibit me. Its going to take time to get good at these things, but I am promising myself to let myself out of the box I’ve put myself in and figure out how I let my own light shine. Today,I promise myself to be good with me.

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The Butterfly Garden is in, Allium Surprise, Summer Check-in, and Feeling Like My Old Self Again…

I had started to write a post yesterday, sending out a Mother’s Day greeting to all the mother’s out there (and the dads that play both roles), but then a friend I haven’t talk with in a really long time called. By the time I got off the phone, I was anxious to get going on clearing the rest of the garden area and never made it back to my computer. I hope Mother’s Day was a wonderful day full of serenity, peace, love, and relaxation for everyone!

Bulbs and Plants

Bulbs and Plants

I finished clearing the garden area and got my butterfly garden bulbs and roots in the ground. Now, the waiting process begins. I am anxious to see everything come up. I think, by now, everyone knows patience is not always my strong suit. I also planted my calla lily roots, which I am just as excited to see come up. They are lipstick pink and black, as you can see in the  photo above. (The butterfly garden is to the left in the photo)

Lance and I have decided to make some raised beds. We haven’t gotten started, yet, on that project but will probably do so this coming weekend. I have too many seedlings that still need to get in the ground and no place to put them that isn’t too acidic. The area where I have planted everything else, so far, is a raised bed that a previous tenant had put in. The soil is perfect.

I planted one of my borage seedlings by the stump about a week or so ago, to see how it would do. It seems to be doing really great so I planted the rest of my borage seedlings there. I have also planted one of my painted daisy seedlings and a lavender seedling by the stump. We will see how these are doing next weekend. If all goes well, I will plant the rest of my painted daisies and lavender around the stump. I’d love to get a hydrangea or two to put over there, too, but I just don’t think I want to pay the price. We’ll see. I may changed my mind.

My Blooming Allium

My Blooming Allium

OH! My Allium are blooming, despite their foliage looking like it is dying. I’m really surprised by this. I wish the leaves didn’t look so…icky…but I’m grateful for the blooms I didn’t think would come.

Its back to work today. I had only one day off last week and I can feel it. It was a really busy week. So far, this week is looking a little less hectic, but that could always change with this new property management company added to the mix. It’s a good thing. More work, more money, but I really like having two days off, preferably together.

Summer has been checking in with us over the last few days, with temps in the mid to upper 70’s. Its been wonderful, but the rain is back today. I am actually sort of grateful for the rain this time since I have just planted some stuff in the ground. April showers bring May flowers (ok, it’s more like May showers bring June flowers for me this time). The forecast for the entire week is rain, from rain likely to slight chance of showers to rain, with temps in the upper 50’s to mid 60’s, with one night actually getting into the upper 30’s.

I have to say I have been feeling like my old self, again. The antidepressant is apparently doing what it is supposed to do, and I am grateful for that. It’s amazing how one can end up in a severely depressed state and not really realize just how depressed they are. At least, that is how it worked for me. Now that I am feeling better, I can see just where I was at. Wow is all I can say about that, I guess.

Well, I had better get myself ready to go. I am going to go do laundry before I head to work. I could have done it yesterday, but then I wouldn’t have gotten my butterfly garden in. I took the trade-off. I hope everyone has an amazing day!!!

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