Transplants, Blooms, and Getting My License Back…

I have had so much time to just dawdle in garden this past week!! I am definitely loving being able to wake up and just wander out to the gardens and do whatever I feel needs doing or whatever it is that is actually in need of attention, without worrying about time. The sun was out all week, which, of course, just adds to the whole thing.

I've transplanted some pumpkins into their kiddie pool garden :)

I’ve transplanted some pumpkins into their kiddie pool garden:)

The sun is gone this week, with our temperatures plummeting from the 80’s to the mid/upper 50’s to lower 60’s. I think its going to be the type of Summer where temps go back and forth from super warm and sunny to rainy and much cooler. The pattern seems to be establishing itself. I could be wrong. We shall see.

The first Bachelor Button bloom of the year!!

The first Bachelor Button bloom of the year!!

My Alium isn't looking too happy where it is, but its still blooming!

My Allium isn’t looking too happy where it is, but its still blooming!

Whatever the weather has planned for us over the next few months, my plants seem to be loving the current conditions – bulbs are popping up, things are starting to bloom, and veggies are pushing their little bodies up toward the sun. I am loving that. Oh, how I love this time of year, with all of its growth and promise of more.

In my excitement with how everything is doing, I have possibly started way more plants than I have room for or the ability to take care of. I have offered up pumpkin plants to the neighbor and my best friend, so the extras on that have found homes. I’m starting to think I may have planted too many sunflowers, as well. I know. TOO many sunflowers?? Is there such a thing? Obviously, not in my book, regardless of room or available pots/dirt.

My Lupine sprouts...

My Lupine sprouts…

I started to transplant my Lupine yesterday. Yes, I know you are not supposed to transplant Lupine due to its tap-root, but mine are small enough that I don’t believe their tap roots are developed enough to be damaged by the move. Fingers are crossed!

So, it has become apparent to me that I did not explain very well the whole Lance’s accident in October, insurance company (State Farm), and my license being suspended thing. I’ll try to clear things up.

In October, Lance got into an accident: he hit another vehicle. Lance has had a suspended license for quite a few years due to unpaid tickets. All of the vehicles we own are in my name so he can still drive to work with his tools and with a reduced risk of him being pulled over since if the plates on the vehicle are ran, it comes up as me and licensed. Risky, not ideal, I know, and it’s not the way I like things to be, but this is part of just trying to keep things moving forward in my world. Unfortunately, since he is unlicensed and the vehicle is in my name, financial responsibility falls on me, not him, in the eyes of the law. That said, financial responsibility for the accident he got in is mine. State Farm, the insurance company of the vehicle Lance hit, is very rigid on their payment plans for paying off a debt owed to them due to an accident with one of their clients. The amount they want down to start payments and release my license so I may have it reinstated is a lot: $850. Since that amount is not something I can easily put together in my world at this time, my license was suspended.

I did not receive notice of the suspension, but found out about it when I went to the military joint base to pick up a pass to get on base so I could pick up a Uber client. Thankfully, I did not find out my license was suspended with a client in the car. It was a shock and quite devastating to find out.

I called State Farm to find out how to set up payments with them and get documentation stating that a payment plan had been agreed upon, signed by both State Farm and myself. The documentation is what I need to take to the Department of Licensing in order to reinstate my license. Since State Farm is completely inflexible about payment plans that include documentation, it looked like I was not going to be able to get my license back any time soon. This would mean returning the Prius, since I would not be able to drive for Uber, which is how I make my weekly car payment and my insurance payment. Quite honestly, my license being suspended could affect a whole lot of my life.

After sitting with this for about a week, and not being able to find a viable solution, I was beginning to lose hope in a whole lot of areas. I have worked really hard to get things going in a positive direction. Part of that has been working on my credit. Having to return the Prius would not reflect well on my credit. Neither would Xchange Leasing having to come take the Prius back due to non-payment. I really felt stuck. Really stuck.

My mind kept working on the problem, trying to come up with a solution that wasn’t going to just make things even worse in the long run, when one possible solution came to me: perhaps I could borrow the money from the guy (Cayle) I do move out cleans for. This possible solution was something I really had to sit with for a minute. I wasn’t exactly comfortable with the idea of asking Cayle for a loan. It’s not that I thought he would be unfair with the terms or outwardly judgemental, but more about adding this into our business relationship. Plus, would the payments I would have to make to Cayle eat too much into our ‘staying alive’ income was something I really had to consider. I gave Cayle a call.

We spent about an hour talking about it. I explained what had happened and what I needed, moneywise, to get things rolling, again. We discussed the loan, what payments would look like, what this loan would look like with interest and all that, and what was fair to both Cayle and myself. I needed this conversation to determine whether or not it would be a wise choice of action to take a loan from Cayle. After talking terms and all, we went ahead with the loan. I borrowed enough to get payments with State Farm going with documentation, reinstate my license, and to make a car payment since I am, as of today, two payments behind. I’ll have to spend a lot of time driving for Uber to get completely caught up, but making the one payment eases the load a little bit.

So, today, after I finish this post, I am calling State Farm to get the ball rolling. Provided everything goes well, I should have my license back by the end of day tomorrow, which means I will be able to start driving for Uber, again, along with all of the other benefits to my world having my license back brings with it. Again, this is not an ideal situation, but it is the best I could come up with to keep things continuing to move forward in my world…left foot, right foot, repeat.

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Stuck in the Storm…

My very first Columbine bloom, ever!

My very first Columbine bloom, ever!

It’s apparently Tornado week in my own personal world. Things are falling apart. Well, at least that’s how it feels, and the reality to some extent. Sigh. They say things come in 3’s and I’m waiting for the third thing before I can completely assess how to move forward from here.

It appears I will be returning the Prius. I found out on Friday that my license has been suspended due to the accident Lance had in his truck in October or November. State Farm Insurance has two ways of setting you up on payments: break the whole amount into six payments (this would be $350/mo for me) or pay $850 up front and payment off the rest, I think the time line to pay off is also 6 months. I can just make payments in the amount that works for me, if I want, but there will be no paperwork on it, which is really what I need the most in order to get my license back.

I talked with the woman who is in charge of my account and after 10 minutes of her basically repeating the ‘script,’ I asked her to find me someone else that could work with me. She told me she would transfer me to someone who will tell me the exact same thing then clicked me over. I found this comment a bit rude, but after talking with the next person, the comment seems a bit mild.

The next woman I talked with threw around judgemental comments like a disgruntled school teacher. After the third comment, I called her on it. I told her that she didn’t need to be so judgemental, she had no idea what my situation is, and that I didn’t appreciate her speaking to me like a child. No, I didn’t swear at all. I was trying really hard to be nice, despite the extreme lack of willingness to hear what I was telling her and to find me someone else that might be able to look at things from a different angle. Her response to me calling her on her rudeness? She hung up on me. I think I am going to find away to talk with someone at State Farm today that isn’t in their office. Perhaps I need to just call corporate or something. I don’t know.

Number Two in the line-up of the Tornado of Mieke damages is my phone. On Monday, my phone decided it was done. It went from being in use to the load screen. The battery had been really low so I didn’t think much of it, so I plugged it in and Lance and I went to go clean the condo common areas. This takes a few hours with both of us doing it, so I was thinking my phone would have the time to charge and figure out what its problem was. When we got home, I tried to turn my phone on.

After having my phone sit on the load screen for half an hour, Lance took me to T-mobile. I was thinking I was going to need to buy a new phone. This thought really stressed me out since I was thinking I was going to need every penny I have to get my license back (this was before I talked with State Farm). Thankfully, I was able to do a warranty exchange, with delivery of the new phone the very next day (yesterday). T-mobile also had a loaner phone for me to use in the mean time, with a fully refundable $50 deposit. Disaster averted with minimal shuffling.

As I sit here, riddled with anxiety on what could be the third in this three, I have to admit that my mind is working overtime to try to figure out how I can hold on to the Prius and get my license back. In reality, there really is no real way to make this happen. Depression is trying to really sink its teeth in, but I’m doing my best to keep it at bay with moderate success.

I can’t drive for Uber, which is how I make my weekly car payment. I didn’t make my car payment for last week since I do most of my driving on the weekends and I found out my license had been suspended with my first ride request on Friday evening. Once I schedule the return of the Prius, I have to wait 2 weeks before it can be returned (that’s just how it works with Xchange Leasing), which means two more payments missed. Then there is the $250 disposition fee when I return it. Maybe this is the third of three. It’s definitely sounding like it to me. I know I’m feeling like laying in the middle of the busiest street I can find.

I’m trying to distract myself with gardening, but I’m having a hard time feeling the comfort in it. I’m feeling pretty defeated right now. I can’t seem to figure out the solution to all of this. It’s really making me feel like just quitting everything since there is just too much wreckage that keeps stabbing me just when I think I’m starting to take care of it. I’m really starting to feel like life just keeps reminding me that I’m not really a part of it and should just stop trying. I’m so tired.



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Radishes, Broccoli, Catnip, and Epsom Salt…

Veggie Sprouts!! Radishes in the front, broccoli in the back...YAY!

Veggie Sprouts!! Radishes in the front, broccoli in the back…YAY!

The rain came back this week, and my veggies are beginning their celebration. I was so excited the other day to walk out to my gardens, coffee in hand, and see my little radishes poking through the soil. After closer inspection, I saw the super tiny noses of broccoli poking through…bonus! I’m really looking forward to when the carrots and corn make their appearances.

I have to admit that I am more excited to see the corn come up than the carrots. I think that is because I have not had great success with corn in the past. Sure, the plant itself seems to grow quite well and looks very healthy, it’s the ears of corn that have been the disappointing factor. The first time I grew corn, I ended up with very small cobs with almost no kernels on them. The second time, quite a few years later, the cobs were larger, closer to full size, and had most of the rows of kernels developed, with random voids in the rows. Seeing as things went better the second time, I’m hoping this means that, this time, I’ll have full cobs of corn bursting with complete rows of kernels, no voids. Fingers are crossed.

I had to move my catnip plants. Ok. Maybe it wasn’t necessity, but I think it was. Though the plants looked to be growing healthy, with new growth coming in a beautiful, fresh

My brown catnip leaves

My brown catnip leaves

green and robust, the bottom third of the plants’ leaves are a brown-ish color. Now, these brown-ish leaves are supple, but…well, my catnip is always a gorgeous green color. I just couldn’t handle the brown so I moved them. Most of the plants, I just moved forward, into the single row of sunflowers that I had planted in front of them. I moved one plant over to the stump area to see how it will do there.

We noticed last year that everything planted right up next to the hangar wall did not fair well. I think the first one to two feet of soil next to the hangar wall is not very healthy due to all of the runoff from the roof of the hangar (there is no gutter). I thought I had planted the catnip far enough away from the hangar wall for it to be alright, but the color the catnip was turning makes me think otherwise. I hope my lily trees will be alright. Again, fingers are crossed.

Lance’s Raspberries are doing really well. There are a bunch of tiny flower buds all over them. This makes my husband happy, which makes me happy as well. It’s neat to see him getting into this whole growing things with me.

Most of my bulbs have poked their noses through, even in the garden around the stump area. This, of course, makes me happy. I picked up more bamboo skewers to mark where the bulbs are in the stump garden area because they are sooo hard to see right now and I would hate to accidentally step on one.

I think I am going to be adding some epsom salts to the soil in the stump garden area. This adds magnesium to the soil, something acidic soil is deficient in, and it also adds sulfur. From the different articles I have read on the subject, applying 1/2 cup of epsom salt to the soil per plant definitely helps with the plant growth, but it appears that mixing 1 tablespoon to one gallon of water, applied as a spray to the foliage of the plant, works best. I think I am going to start with adding some to the soil and then follow-up with mixing some up to spray on the plants as the growing season progresses, applying the spray once every 5-6 weeks. We shall see how this goes.

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Gardening Progress and Ubering…

As you can see, my gardening is going quite well this year. I’m so excited to see everything this summer!! I threw a few Borage sprouts in with the veggies (bring on the pollinators!!), along with some Nasturtium (take that aphids and squash bugs!). I’ll want to put some Nasturtium in with the pumpkins, once I transplant them, as well. I placed a number of Blazing Star bulbs and Gladiolus bulbs in the stump area, also to see how they do. So far, the ones that have poked through the top of the soil seem to be doing quite well, which, of course, makes me happy.

I’ve been having a really hard time making myself go out and drive for Uber. I’m not really sure what that is all about, other than I know I would rather be gardening than driving. I’m covering my car payment, but not much else. I need to get back on it. The sun is supposed to be hiding all week, so that should help me, I hope.

I need to get some seat covers for the Prius. After thinking about it, I know that the seats are going to get a bit worn from all of the different butts that will be getting in and out of the seats and it would just be smart to cover them. I have never really liked the look of seat covers. They have always looked a bit…tacky? cheap?…to me. I found some on Amazon that are made for my Prius so should form to them and not look bad. The downside is they are almost $200…eek! I’m going to have to just buckle down and get myself super busy with Uber so I can swing getting them.

I’m having to hose down the car everyday before I head out to drive. The trees are pollinating the car something fierce, leaving it looking like it has been flocked a light green. Its frustrating but…well, rinsing off the car before heading out seems to work out just fine. The sun is hiding at this point, today, so I think I am going to wash the car before I head out to drive this afternoon. Jeff Dunham is at the Tacoma Dome today, starting at 3pm, which means I should head out around 1:30, 2:00.

Have a great day, Everyone!!

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Spring is in Full Swing…Finally!

I’ve been busy weeding and planting the gardens over the past week. I finally transplanted a group of my sunflowers the day before yesterday. I had to get them out of the mini greenhouse since they had gotten too tall for it and were quickly losing root space. Most of them went into 5-gallon buckets and will need to be re-transplanted later, when I have more dirt for pots/buckets.

I weeded the area where I had the sunflowers at last year and replanted. I only put one row of sunflowers there this year, and that was more of an after thought. My lemon balm is in the ground, now, instead of buckets, and it is quite happy about it. I also put my catnip plants in the ground and it is a toss-up on if the plants are happier about this than our cat, Brucie.

Brucie hugging a catnip plant

Brucie hugging a catnip plant

Brucie LOVES catnip, which makes sense since he is a cat, but I think Brucie has a bit higher attachment to it than most cats. As I was putting the lemon balm in the ground, I glanced back and found Brucie rolling in a catnip plant, licking it, eating it, walking away from it, looking back coy-ly, then attacking the catnip, pulling it close in a hug as he licked and ate more of it. I love that cat.

Its coming along nicely!!

Its coming along nicely!!

I’ve weeded most of the way around the stump and its looking pretty good. I found a couple of Bachelor Buttons in the grass just outside of the stump area and transplanted them in. These yard Bachelor Buttons are a result of the one or two Bachelor Buttons that had re-seeded themselves last year. Those one to two plants created about 10 more plants through re-seeding. I love it! No waiting for seedlings to be ready to move it…YAY! I’m thinking I’m going to extend the growing area around the stump this year and try some of my seedlings there to see how they do.

I’ve decided that most of my sunflowers are going into and planters this year. I want to position them around the perimeter of the fence. Lance came up with the idea of planting some vines in other pots and alternating sunflower and vine, allowing the vine to weave itself through the fencing. I can see what this would probably look like in my head, and readily agreed with his plan. We both think this should look very beautiful. I’m still trying to decide what type of vines to grow. I have some Cardinal Climber seeds left over from last year, so I’m going to get some of them going, but I’d like to have at least one more variety and alternate them in the line-up. Maybe I’ll stop by McClendon’s or some other place that is selling seeds and see what the vine selection looks like and if one or two strike my fancy. I’m excited to see what this will look like this Summer.

I’m anxious to get my vegetable garden going. My pumpkin sprouts are getting to be a good size for transplanting. I’ve decided I want to get two more kiddie pools and put the pumpkins in one and the watermelons (when they come up) into the other one. I think this will give them the space they will love for spreading out a bit. I need to look up what are really good companion plants for pumpkins and watermelons so I can plant those in with them to help with bugs and such.

The weather has been deliciously warm and sunny. I even got a slight tan while working with my plants! I’m loving it!!!

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2:22 in the morning

I should be sleeping soundly, dreaming of whatever, but, instead, I am awake. My back woke me up about an hour or so ago and I just haven’t been able to get back to sleep. After lying in bed resting on the precipice of sleep that I can not seem to attain, again, I decided I needed to get up and do something, anything, to try to nudge me back into that sleep zone.

I considered just getting dressed, hopping in the Prius and driving for Uber, but I’m not sure I’m really done with sleep, yet. The downside to not being done with sleep, yet, is the fact that I have the alarm set for an hour and a half from now to get up to go drive. Staying awake at this point seems like the best, possibly only, option that makes sense. If I could get just one more hour in…sigh.

There has been a lot going on, lately. At least, is seems like a lot to me, though that probably has more to do with still not being fully seated in my new schedule. Lance has been doing some remodel work for a friend of his that own a remodel business. It doesn’t sound like anything long-term, steady, but the unplanned for money coming is nice. Cleans haven’t exactly picked up for the year, yet, so things are still super tight and the ‘extra’ income makes that just a bit less stressful.

Half the garden, weeded, and bulbs/roots planted

Half the garden, weeded, and bulbs/roots planted

I took some time to get my bulbs planted this past week. I’m so looking forward to seeing this half of the garden in bloom later this Spring/Summer. It’s going to be so pretty! I dug up and re-arranged the Blazing Stars and Gladiolus, mixing in the Dahlias, Tree Lilies, and Sea Holly with the Echinacea, Alcazar, Calla Lilies, and Rosemary.

Just about ready to plant!!

Just about ready to plant!!

I had to take the lid off of one of my mini greenhouses. The sunflowers have reached the lid already! I’m going to have to get the second half of the garden bed ready so I can start to transplant these guys soon. I have them sitting under a table to protect them from any potential frost but can still get adequate lighting. It’s funny to see these little inch, inch and a half, seedlings leaning toward the sun as it moves around them.

The other three mini greenhouse tubs are coming along nicely. Well, two of them are. One of them isn’t showing much life at all, but I think that could be because of the type of seeds they are (lavender, Delphinium) and the fact that we haven’t really had very much warm weather, or, at least, not warm enough for them. I guess I will see as the season progresses.

One of the seeds that has sprouted that really surprised me is the Pumpkins. Yes, Pumpkins! I have four Pumpkin sprouts out of 10 planted. I, of course, am not giving up on the other six since these four were quite unexpected. I didn’t think about it when I planted them, but I put them in with the Borage seeds (which I collected from my Borage last year), and Borage is just more than willing to grow. When it comes time to transplant the Borage, I am going to have to be careful about it since the other things I planted with it (Pumpkins, as I mentioned, and Watermelon and Painted Daisies) more than likely are not going to be ready for be moved, yet. I should have planned better. Anyway, I’ll have to replace the empty space left by transplanting the Borage out of the mini greenhouse with some more dirt and hope I don’t disturb the other seedlings too much.

I planted some more seeds, yesterday. These aren’t in mini greenhouses. I just don’t have the funding at the moment to go pick up more clear tubs, but I had the time to plant some seeds, so I just cut out one side on two top soil bags, mixed in some corn starch, and sowed some Canterbury Bells in one and some Lupine and Bachelor Buttons in the other, then watered them with some organic seed starting liquid mixed in the water. I’ve never tried corn starch in my gardening before but decided I’d give it a go. I’ll let you know if I notice a difference. Yep. Spring is here.

As wonderful as Spring is, it can often mean some challenging times with my bipolar. Each year seems to bring its own flavor to the table. Some years, it’s manic at its finest…super happy, super excited, loving life, just about skipping (ok. sometimes skipping), with the downside of sleeplessness resulting in little or no real sleep. Other years, its manic at its worst…easily upset, depressed, moody, angry, unable to get out of bed, delusions and horrible confabulations. I know that doesn’t sound very manic, but, after many years of counseling and talking with others about how bipolar affects them at different times, I’ve come to realize that these second set of attributes can actually be part of a mania. Weird, huh?

Anyway, this year, I seem to be rapid cycling: up and happy and all good with the world one moment, completely discontent with all that is, has been, or ever could be the next. Fortunately, so far, the good seems to be winning out, if only barely at times. Gardening, many times, has been my refuge from the darker side of bipolar in Spring. This year, I’m finding that it does not seem to be as successful as a plan of action as it used to be. Usually, I can be in a icky mood, go do some gardening and walk away feeling so much better. This year, I am pleased with the progress made and what the picture I have formed in my head of what the outcome will be looks like, but the sludge is still there. Perhaps once the rains have lessened a bit more and the sun shows up more consistently I’ll be more capable of finding that happy place in my gardens, again.

Well, I’ve let go of the idea of more sleep at this point. I guess its time to go get myself put together to go drive. Have a great day, Everyone!!


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My Almost 2 Month Uber Progress Report…

I have been so neglectful of my blog!! Adding Uber to my schedule has really left me a bit out of sorts. I know its going to take time to adjust everything, get everything in a nice, neat schedule, then acclimate to that schedule, but I am missing writing so very much.

Uber window decal

My social anxieties have calmed quite a bit, so I have started driving more and this seems to be working out well for me. This is not to say that I have not run into a few things that bother me, but I’m getting the hang of this, I think. Re-teaching myself how to take a nap in the afternoon so I can go out and drive in the early evening/night-time is presenting a little bit of a challenge for me, but this is a challenge I think I can handle.

I think my main complaint/issue with Uber is that they don’t have a contract with the military, and I live super close to Joint Base Lewis-McChord. This means, any time I get a ride request from someone on base, I have to stop at the visitor center to get a pass. It’s not really a huge deal to have to do this. Once you get a pass, you have access to get on base for the rest of that day, without needing to stop at the visitor center.

One of the problems with this are the fact that it takes about 10- 15 minutes to stop into the visitor center to obtain a pass and the personnel in the center have to contact the person requesting the ride to get their information, because you must have a sponsor to get a day pass. This leads to a couple of problems itself. One is, I have had ride requests canceled once I contact the person to let them know I will need to stop and get one. They either don’t have the time to wait or just don’t want to. The other problem is that, sometimes, the person making the ride request doesn’t answer their phone, which means the military personnel at the visitor center can’t verify that person’s information and I can’t get a pass. Time, gas, mileage wasted to no benefit. Potentially other rides missed out on. Ugh.

I’ve had to cancel a few of the base ride requests due to the lack of being able to contact the rider. Its frustrating. What’s worse is the fact that, after two cancellations initiated by me, Uber sends out a text message saying that if you are not ready to accept rides, then go offline. I’m completely ready to accept rides, to go through the time suck of having to get a pass for the day, but I have no control over what the requester on base does or does not do. I guess its time to visit the support center for Uber.

There is a ‘simple’ fix. I’ve talked with the military personnel at the visitor center about how one would make this a more fluid transaction for everyone involved and I was told that Uber needs to initiate a contract with the bases. This, then, enables any Uber driver that should want to the ability purchase a RapidGate pass, which lasts for a year at $100. I would so buy that. $100 is nothing compared to the potential fares that could result from having a RapidGate pass.

So far, Uber seems uninterested in pursuing a contract. At least, that is what it seemed like at the last event they had with group meetings for drivers/partners. When the topic was brought up, it was barely acknowledged and brushed off to the side quite quickly. I got the distinct feeling that Uber has no intention of even considering a contract with the military, which, in my opinion, is really not smart considering the closeness of the bases to Tacoma. Hell! Papa John’s drivers have RapidGate passes so their delivery drivers can bring pizza on base!

Yes, I’m frustrated by this whole thing. There are a few other things that are frustrating me about Uber, as well. Put all together, this leaves me a little uneasy about Uber’s business methods. For now, I’m ok and am not thinking about quitting Uber or anything like that, but it definitely leaves me feeling the need to be super vigilant about everything regarding Uber dealings. I’m working on figuring out how I go about getting enough of the local Uber driving force to help me petition Uber, or whatever it is we need to do, to get them to enter into a contract with the bases. It makes sense for them to do so because it would financially benefit them more than it does the drivers.

Ok. That’s my Uber rant for now. Other than that, Uber is going well. I’m still not quite making the amount I have set as a goal in order for the driving to pay for itself completely and provide a bit ‘extra’ for the household. I’m sure I will get there soon due to the fact that I have started to up the number of hours spent driving and have begun to get in sync with the right times and days to drive in order to achieve the maximum payout.

The Prius is just under 5000 miles, now, so I will be calling in to schedule its 5000 miles maintenance – sort of spa day for the car. It deserves it. A nice oil change, an inspection of the most important things with fluid top offs, and a tire rotation. I also need to do a thorough clean of the car. It’s not that its super messy or anything like that, it just needs a sprucing up. I have to admit I do love the Prius. It’s a really nice car to drive. I may even give it a name.😉

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Spring is Almost Here!!

Spring is sooo close! Only 13 more days to go, and the perennials I planted last year are beginning to do their thing, the seeds in my little greenhouses are sprouting, and it’s almost time to plant the bulbs I have brought home to add to the mix. I’m getting really excited about the seasons to come and the beauty and warmth they bring with them.

Dahlias, Blue Sea Holly, and Tree Lilies

Dahlias, Blue Sea Holly, and Tree Lilies

The bulbs and roots I have picked up this year are all things I have never tried to grow before. I’m really looking forward to seeing how these will grow. I have 5 “Purple Prince” Lily Tree  bulbs, 4 “Blue Sea Holly” Eryngium roots, and 10 “Rebecca’s World” Dahlia bulbs. I’m thinking I want to plant these with the Blazing Stars, Echinacea, Calla Lilies, and Holly Hocks. I want to move the Blazing Stars around a bit, which I had better do really soon or they will be too far into their new growth to risk doing anything with them, I think. I want to be able to mix all the bulbs and roots together, sort of randomly. I think the end result will be amazing. At least, the picture I have in my head is beautiful. I’m going to move the Gladiolus, as well, so I can add them to this mix. Looks like I’m going to be a bit busy this afternoon, after I go driving for Uber.

The weather surprised us, yesterday. has been forecasting rain for the forseeable future, but the sun came out yesterday, warmed everything up, brought people out of hibernation, and seemed to add some magic to the air. We had temps in the mid to upper 60’s!! Of course, I went and made it rain by washing the car. Hey! It really needed it. The forecast descriptions for here almost always make me laugh. It’s the wording that gets me, I guess. Here is the first sentence in’s forecast for us today:

A chance of showers, then showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm after 10am.

So, in other words, it might rain, then probably will, followed by the potential to get really interesting. Yeah, I know. I’m weird. Whatever.

Anyway, the sun yesterday, combined with the fact that it was a Saturday, kept me busy Ubering. I had my best day, so far, that didn’t include an event, such as a concert or something like that. This just adds to the excitement of future days of sun. My feet are beginning to wonder why they are still being shoved into closed shoes instead of the ease and comfort of flip-flops. Soon, dear feet, soon.

My daughter is coming down tomorrow to visit for a few days. I can’t wait!! I miss her so much and getting to have her here for a little bit is going to be great. She is sounding like she is in need of the time away from her own life for a minute, not that anything is going wrong. It’s always good to get away from your everyday life every now and again. I think it helps keep perspective and appreciate your life more.

Anyway, I’d better go get myself ready and head out to drive for a bit. Sundays can be a bit slow, but we shall see how it goes. Maybe some of the magic from yesterday will still be in the air. I want to be able to get home to deal with the bulbs I want to shuffle around a bit before it gets too dark out. Have a great day, Everyone!!

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Uber Driving, Intense Weather, My Projects, and Big Magic…

I am settling in to this Uber driving thing. Sure, I still am running up against some of my social anxiety somewhat, but it is nowhere as intense as it was a month ago. I have, yet, to have a client that I have not enjoyed in one way or another. The people watcher in me is loving it! I think my biggest deterrent from driving is probably my huge desire to be doing things with the gardens, but, unfortunately, my desires are not quite matching up with the weather we have been having. Oh well. Spring is only 17 more days away, which means there is still a good amount of time to get things ready for planting.

We have been having some really intense Spring-like where the last few days. Unfortunately, it has been the rainy, 50 mph wind gusting type of Pacific Northwest Spring weather. There were a few times yesterday that I was certain my little gypsy camp would be blown away completely, like the straw house in The Three Little Pigs when the big bad wolf comes and blows the house down. We did have a bunch of tree limbs drop, thankfully none on the Prius. Definitely one of those times when I wished I had a garage.

I’m anxious to get started on refurbishing the fire pit that I picked up from the side of the road last Summer. Since my workspace is outside and the weather has been what it has been, I haven’t made much progress on it at all. I have taken it apart and scrubbed the ash, soot, and grime off of the pieces with vinegar water. As soon as I can get the parts dried out, I can begin the sanding of the rust spots and such. After that is done, I can start the fun part of painting it and putting it back together. I have decided, after going to Home Depot and seeing what they offer in stock, to use the black and the silver high heat paints.

the fire pit, disassembled and scrubbed

the fire pit, disassembled and scrubbed

Free Fire Pit from the side of the road

Free Fire Pit from the side of the road

I still have the green to put on the kiddie pool vegetable garden, but it, unfortunately, is also victim to the weather. I’m starting to see the picture in my head of what my gardens will look like this year, which is beautiful in itself. I can feel the Spring excitement kicking in, as well, and it makes me smile like a little kid that has been told that they have a surprise waiting for them around the corner – exceedingly bright, all-consuming, with a little bit of tortured throw in.

I’ve been listening to a new book in between passengers. Its called Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Love, Pray, among other books. I am really enjoying it. One thing that Ms. Gilbert has shown me is that I have left being the care taker of my creativity and entered into expecting the creativity to do something more than just fulfill my creative needs. This is something, she points out, that will quickly stifle and kill creativity. Being creative needs to be its own thing, without demands, something you accept for what it is, regardless of its ability to do anything other than feed your soul. No demands. No expectations of it supporting itself. Invite it in and tell it to make itself at home, no strings attached. Somewhere along the way, I have placed strings on my creative side. It’s no wonder I am feeling like I have been abandoned by it. I, in reality, have abandoned it. Shame on me. So, that said, I am working on getting back to just letting inspiration find me when and where it does, and letting it direct the path we take together.

Well, I’ve been up since 4:30 so I am going to go relax for a bit before heading out to drive, again, this afternoon. Have a beautiful day, Everyone!

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