Sunflower Rescue, My Fireworks Display, Orthopedic Flip-Flops….

Wow! Its been a few days or so since my last post. I can’t get over how life can just take over and help time slip past at lightning speed. It’s not that anything really noteworthy has gone on, I just…I don’t know. I guess I’ve been too much in my head.

Downed Sunflower

Downed Sunflower

I came home the other day from work and this poor guy was falling out of his 5-gallon bucket. Of course, it was a 90+ degree day, so I figured he was done for. Despite this, I quickly scooped him up, and the dirt around his roots, and popped him in a pot with more dirt. I soaked the soil with water and SuperThrive, hoping that maybe, just maybe, he would survive. A little while later, his leaves were picking back up and by the next morning, he was looking as healthy as ever. I decided to put him in the ground by my other sunflowers to see how he did. When I came home, he looked all but dead. I scoop him up, again, popped him back in a pot, saturated that soil, and hoped. It wasn’t long before the leaves started to lift up again. Here is what he looks like today.

Amazingly Resilient Sunflower

Amazingly Resilient Sunflower

I’m going to wait a week or so before trying to replant him. The fact that he has come back from the brink of death twice leaves me not wanting to risk throwing him back out in the 90 degree weather direct sunlight. We aren’t expected to get out of the 90’s until Thursday, when we drop to the upper 80’s. I’ll reassess this guy then and decide how to proceed from there. Fingers are crossed.

I spent some time with my best friend last night at her  house. No 4th of July plans, really. The kids are grown so fireworks just aren’t such a big deal to me anymore. Besides, everything here is so dry, the idea of adding fireworks to the mix just didn’t sound like a good plan. Apparently, other people didn’t agree with my thought on it. The fireworks were going off around us for half the night. The dogs did ok, except for Luna, who hid under the bed and tried to find even better hiding spots to be safe in. When I came home from my best friend’s house, the boys and Luna finally passed out. I guess they just needed both of their parents home.

Here is what my fireworks display looked like:

Autumn Beauty starting to open

Autumn Beauty starting to open

Another Sunflower showing off

Another Sunflower showing off

Beautiful Chianti Bloom

Beautiful Chianti Bloom

Bright as the Sun

Bright as the Sun

These four did their magic all yesterday. They are even more beautiful today. The best things about these fireworks is that they last much longer, aren’t a fire hazard, and leave no mess behind. Perfect!

Things have been going well at the chiropractor. My ankle, feet, neck, and back aren’t giving me as much pain as they were, which is awesome. The chiropractor told me I need to be wearing shoes with arch support and minimal heal, about a quarter-inch.

I have to admit that the idea of putting my feet into shoes during the summertime just isn’t something I want to do, even a little bit. So, what do I do? I hop on Google and search for orthopedic flip-flops. Guess what! There is such a thing! There are, in fact, quite a few choices to make in that category. I ended up ordering a pair from The Healthy Feet store online and they should be here around Friday. Yay!

Well, it feels like a lazy Sunday to me so I think I am going to go find out how I be lazy the best today. Have a great day out there everyone!!

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Some of What I Love About Summer…

Beautiful Colors

Stunning Colors

Fresh Flower Blooms

Fresh Flower Blossoms

The Promise of Things to Come...

The Promise of Things to Come…

Experiencing the beauty of life as it happens...

Experiencing the beauty of life as it happens…

Seeing what's new in the world around me.

Seeing what’s new in the world around me.

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Sweltering Heat, Irrational Fear Faced, Dipping My Foot in a Cloud…

Oh man!! This 90 degree weather has been really great!! I’m not so certain I would be finding it so wonderful if I had to be working through it, but it has definitely been great for the lackadaisical days I’ve gotten to have. This morning, is was a bit overcast. Now, about an hour later, it looks like it may very well rain!!! The grass would appreciate it, that’s for sure, and I may just have to go stand out in it with my head thrown back and my arms tossed out to the sides and soak it in. If it actually rains, I hope it’s that kind of rain.

The current temp is 77 degrees. The forecast says we are going to stay in the 80’s for a bit, still. Tuesday is forecasted to be only 82 degrees which, after this multi-day 90-degree weather, is going to feel a little chilly, comparatively.

My appointment at the chiropractor went wonderful and I am feeling a bit embarrassed about the fear I had before going. It was a really great experience and the chiropractor was a very nice man who explained everything to me as we went so that I was comfortable. I have another appointment on Monday. From the sound of it, I will be seeing him three times a week for a little bit. Ok. Let’s do this.

When he adjusted my left foot, it had the most amazing sensation afterward. My foot felt like what I imagine dipping my foot into a cloud would feel like. It was great!! Of course, since we are focusing on accident related injuries, my right foot didn’t quite make it in this time, so I had a great comparison. Sure, the cloud feeling didn’t last long, but my left foot hasn’t felt this great in a while, especially since the accident. It also showed me just how much my right foot is not happy. I knew it was having pains, just like the left foot, but the left hurt more and radiated up my leg to my knee. Since the adjustment, WOW! No more knee involvement and occasional, minimal pains here and there in the foot.

Well, I need to go clean out the Jeep. I am taking my son over to his friend’s house in Port Orchard and there is no room in the Jeep for anything with all of the cleaning supplies. Have a beautiful day, Everyone!!!

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The Weather, My Garden, and Facing a Fear…

Ok.. So, I was apparently panicking yesterday. Yes, I’m still really scared about what the future looks like as far as work and my back goes, but it doesn’t have to be solved today. I just have to remember to breathe and that there are options. I will find the way with the help of those that love me and whatever resources are out there. It’s just another process I have to left foot, right foot, repeat through. I will be ok.

The weather has been really hot here! Its only 9:15am and the temp is already 72 degrees. NOAA is saying we are going to reach 90 today. Tomorrow and the next day will be in the 90’s as well. Yes, I’m loving the warmth, though my poor puppies are not. I have their kiddie pool filled for them so they can easily cool off and ice in their water bucket.

My Beautiful HollyHocks

My Beautiful HollyHocks

Of course, the plants are loving the weather. The Hollyhock has multiple blooms on it, with new ones coming out every day. My strawberry plants have a bunch of berries on them. My borage is blooming like crazy!! The sunflowers…they are getting so tall, though the mammoth ones are still very small. I think I planted them too close to the building and the metal siding is making it too hot for them. I mixed in some worm castings for them this morning. We will see if this helps them or not.

I’m anxious to see my Blazing Stars finally bloom. They don’t even have flower buds on them, yet, but I can tell they are getting close to forming them, which is exciting in itself. It’s the first time I have grown these, and that adds to the excitement.

I’m going to need to decide what I am going to plant in the spots where things didn’t come up, as in 5 of 6 calla lilies grew, 3 out of 8 cornflowers sprouted, etc. I have eight catnip sprouts I can use, though they get pretty big, usually, and may end up drowning out the Blazing Stars, eventually. I don’t know. I’ll figure it out.

Lance's Poblano Chile plants

Lance’s Poblano chilefut plants

We found some poblano chile plants for Lance the other day. He was so excited. It was a pot with 3 plants in it for $6. We planted them in one of the spots that was one of the coneflowers that didn’t sprout. They transplanted perfectly, absolutely no sign of shock what-so-ever, thanks to SuperThrive. (My mother-in-law introduced me to SuperThrive and it is amazing!)

Well, I had better go get myself ready for work. I have an appointment at the chiropractor this afternoon. My first one ever. I have to admit it is something that has always scared me, but I have been in so much pain this past week. Time to face that fear!

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Really Scared…

I’m really scared. I know I need to find a different job, a different type of job, something not including manual labor, something that I’m not on my feet all day for, but I have no idea what that looks like, nor do I have the skills/knowledge for whatever that is. We went and did the clean we have in Woodinville every month, yesterday, not through my employer. It took 6 hours, our best time, yet, and I am hurting so bad today, I can hardly move.

I thought I would start applying at other places to find work. What comes to mind first is places like Costco, Petco, PetSmart, vet clinics, but, after looking into each of these, I am realizing these all leave me on my feet and/or require some form of manual labor. As things progress with my spine, and as I’m healing from the accident, these will not work. I don’t know what to do. Right now, I am wishing I was a much better writer. At least then I would have an available, known option and wouldn’t be heading toward panic about this.

I know the doctor said it could be a couple of years before I start needing physical therapy for my back, but the accident has made everything hurt. I feel like I am getting a preview of what is to come in the not so distant future. Researching thoracic and lumbar arthritis didn’t help the way I thought it would, either. If anything, it confirmed a lot of what I was imagining, which is really frustrating. I’m, obviously, still looking for the footing on this one. I’d feel so much better if I could just say “Ok. Instead of this I’ll just do this. No problem.”

I need suggestions. I need pointers. I need ideas. I need help. I need to think and still be able to breathe. Right now, thinking seems to lead to not breathing because I don’t know what to do and I don’t seem to be able to figure it out and I don’t know where to go to get the help I need with this. So, yeah, I’m really scared.

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My First Hollyhock Bloom and a Lance Update…

My First Hollyhock Bloom

My First Hollyhock Bloom

I came home today from Lance’s follow-up appointment to find this beauty waiting for me!! It seems like I have been waiting for forever for the Hollyhock to bloom and now it has. It was well worth the wait.

Lance’s follow-up appointment went really great. No more surgeries. He is healing up nicely and the surgeon was most pleased with his work. Though he will never be able to pursue a career as a hand model, the scarring should heal up to not look so gruesome. I am including photos of his hand/thumb below. I must warn you though. The first ones are sort of…well, gross. Here they are:

Lance's thumb when he came home from the hospital after cutting it off

Lance’s thumb when he came home from the hospital after cutting it off

Right before the second surgery. The skin flap obviously didn't take.The pins were because he fractured his thumb at the same time

Right before the second surgery. The skin flap obviously didn’t take. The pins were because he fractured his thumb at the same time

What Lance's thumb looks like today

What Lance’s thumb looks like today

where they harvested the skin flap for the second surgery. the surgeon moved an artery with the skin so it would have its own blood supply. The cut down his had is the removal path, then the surgeon threaded it under the skin to Lance's thumb

where they harvested the skin flap for the second surgery. the surgeon moved an artery with the skin so it would have its own blood supply. The cut down his hand is the removal path, then the surgeon threaded it under the skin to Lance’s thumb

It has been a long and twisted path through this but we are healing as well. Now, learning how to use what is there. I know Lance will have it all down in no time. For me, today’s appointment felt like it lifted about a million tons off of my shoulders.

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A Beautiful Day, Lance’s Follow-up Appointment…

Yesterday was such a great day!! Nothing super special happened, and that alone was special in itself. Lance and I meandered through our day without plan and it was just perfect.



I needed a new hose end sprayer, so we went to Home Depot and found one. They had hydrangea for just under $10 a piece, so I bought one. I now have one hydrangea planted by the stump. Unfortunately, none of the cuttings I had taken before survived. Oh well. The blooms on this one are pink right now but I believe they will be a deep blue once they acclimate to the soil.

Lance wanted to find a hot pepper plant since only one of the peppers I planted is growing, and still quite small. We didn’t end up finding any hot pepper plants, but one of the roadside produce places also carries plants. They had smaller raspberry plants for $3 a piece so we picked up three of them. Once the sun started to go down some and things cooled off just a bit we planted our plants.

Lance planting his rasberries

Lance planting his raspberries

Lance's rasberry plants

Lance’s raspberry plants

Before we went and picked up the raspberry plants, we stopped at a taco truck we have been wanting to try out. It was ok, definitely better than most of the ones we have tried out around here, but the prices were not taco truck prices. They were more like sit down restaurant prices. Oh well. There are more of them we would like to try.

After grabbing the raspberry plants, we headed to Wal-Mart for a couple of quick items, then headed home. The rest of the day was spent being lazy butts, with the exception of when we went out and planted our new plants. A beautiful day hanging out with my husband.

Lance has his follow up appointment for his thumb today. The muscle that works the upper part of the thumb, the part Lance no longer has, has been stuck in what he calls the ultimate charle horse. He talked with one of the on-call residents about it over the phone and the news did not sound great. He may need to have another surgery. God I hope not.

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Wedding Anniversary, Father’s Day, and Summer Solstice, all in one day…

Our 7th Wedding anniversary!!

Our Wedding Day 06/21/08

Our Wedding Day 06/21/08

Happy Father’s Day to my two amazing dads!!!

Me and my Dad at my wedding

Me and my Dad at my wedding

My Step-Dad and Mom

My Step-Dad and Mom

I’ll celebrate Summer Solstice one day at Stonehedge!

Summer Solstice at Stonehedge 2015

Summer Solstice at Stonehedge 2015

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Miracle Grow Sprayer Let Down, Dad Update, Researching My Spine…

How completely frustrating! I broke down and gave in to the Miracle Grow. I was going to try to skip it this year, go all organic, but…well, Miracle Grow has such a strong pull for me since it has been a part of my gardening ritual for years and years. The frustrating part of this right now is the fact that the stupid Miracle Grow hose end sprayer is falling apart already. I just bought it the week after my birthday.

I figured out quite a few years ago that going with an off brand hose end sprayer is the way to go. They tend to last much longer, aren’t as ‘fragile,’ and usually cost around half as much as the Miracle Grow one. The reason I ended buying the Miracle Grow one this time is because, for reasons I have yet to discovered, it was the only one I could find. Usually, there are at least 5 other, non-Miracle Grow, hose end sprayers but I was, and continue to be, incapable of finding these other sprayers this year. I shall go searching again today. Wish me luck!!

My dad was released from the hospital Friday. All of his tests came back negative, which is awesome. He did find out that he has atrial fibrillation. This is what I found out about atrial fibrillation on the Mayo Clinic website:

Atrial fibrillation is an irregular and often rapid heart rate that commonly causes poor blood flow to the body.

During atrial fibrillation, the heart’s two upper chambers (the atria) beat chaotically and irregularly — out of coordination with the two lower chambers (the ventricles) of the heart. Atrial fibrillation symptoms often include heart palpitations, shortness of breath and weakness.

Though very scary sounding and not something to ignore, it can be managed with medication. I still don’t like the fact that my dad is experiencing this at all.

I lost another sunflower. Since the ones I’ve been losing are in 5-gallon buckets, I have moved the buckets to a different location to see if this solves the problem. I really hope so. Its heart-breaking to go out to water in the morning and find another one down. I have lost four. Everything else is doing really great, though, which keeps the smile on my face.

I have decided that I need to research spine arthritis. The news that arthritis has started in my back has really hit me hard. Of course, I am sure that I am sort of catastrophizing it in my head a bit. My imagination is quite healthy. So, to take it out of being only in my head, I am going to find out the facts of it so the knowledge can help keep me from envisioning the worst. Deep breaths.

I have also decided that I am going to talk with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. Sure, the doctor said it would probably be a couple of years before I start needing things like physical therapy to help me with my back, but I don’t really want to wait until then to find a different line of work, something not manual labor. Also, a couple of years will go by really quickly. DVR sounds like the right move to make for this. If anyone has any other suggestions, please do let me know. I want as much information and opportunities as I can possibly have.

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Lazy Day Off…

First Sunflower Bloom

First Sunflower Bloom

Gettin Taller!

Getting Taller!

Blazing bud yet

Blazing Star…no bud yet



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