Living with a Wild God, Peace and Plenty, and a 5th Wheel…

I’ve been listening to Living with a Wild God by Barbara Ehrenreich the last couple of days and I’m really enjoying it. I love her matter of fact demeanor and the story she tells, her story as referenced from a journal she kept growing up, is one I can find bits of myself in. Not all of me, mind you… my home life and parents were much different from hers and, though I know I’m smart, she is quite clearly much, much more so. Dwight Garner with the New York Times did a review of the book, which you can read here.

Though Barbara is an atheist, which I am not on most days, parts of her story reminds me of myself as I have looked at different religions and contemplated ‘faith.’ Listening to the book has also caused me to contemplate my directionless directions that I have taken/allowed the wind to carry me down along my path to now and wonder if maybe I have really screwed up along the way by not being more interested in the whole learning process. She chose books as her teacher and confidant; I chose life experiences. I guess one can’t really place a higher value on one over the other as, in my  own experience, one is just as important as the other in order to reach complete comprehension. At least, that’s my perspective. All in all, I am enjoying the book and would recommend it.

My daughter’s 5th wheel comes today. Her excess funds come in today and we shall be making the necessary arrangements to pay for it and have it brought here. It’s a wonderful thing that the guy she is buying it from is willing to deliver it. We have no way of moving a 5th wheel at this time.

I’m excited about my daughter’s 5th wheel. She has wanted a space of her own for quite a while. The fact that she is the one buying it gives it more meaning. It will be hers, not the 5th wheel her mom has that she lives in. I jokingly mentioned that she is “buying her first home.” She didn’t find that statement as amusing as I did but, in all reality, our reality, that is in essence what she is doing. She said this is not what she imagined when she has thought of what it would be like buying her first home. I hope she holds on to that because it means she will keep striving for more than the existence she is in now.

I started carving my pumpkin the other day. It’s not finished. The design is not very elaborate but I like it. My hands haven’t been bothering me while I have been carving, so that is a good thing. Unfortunately, with the way my schedule looks for this week, I’ll be finishing the carving on Halloween/Samhain.

When I opened my pumpkin, I found that it had started to rot a little inside. Not horribly but enough that it was disappointing a little. I scrapped out as much of the rot spots as I could. The outside of the pumpkin is still pretty solid, no soft spots felt at all, so it should survive through Halloween/Samhain and a little past that. At least I hope so.

I just got done downloading the book Peace and Plenty, Finding Your Path to Financial Serenity by Sarah Ban Breathnach. I will be done with Living with a Wild God later today and I think I am going to listen to this one next. Part of the description on the back of the book’s cd box states “…Sarah reaches out to those who are financially strapped, showing them how to pull themselves out of their psychic and monetary difficulties as she provides support and cheer along the way.” This definitely sounds like something that I could use to understand, the sooner the better.

Though I always walk into books of this type with a healthy bit of skepticism, I do hope it can provide me with some information for better managing my finances. I have always been less than stellar with money. Sure, I’ve been getting much better at it over the last 4-5 months with each passing paycheck, but I believe I can never have too much knowledge about how to better handle money. I think this hold true for most of the population. If it didn’t, would we be such a nation of debt? My opinion.



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