Relationships, 5th Wheel, Work, and Pumpkins…

I think the next series of audiobooks I might put on reserve are books on relationships. They can be so challenging sometimes. Maybe I need to learn more about them to be better at them. I don’t know. I’ve put it in the think tank. I’ll look at it when I am nearing the end of the 15 audiobooks on religion and spirituality I have lined up.

I woke up kind of grumpy this morning. I don’t know why but it doesn’t change the mood. I apparently have something I’m not looking at that my mind is working on anyway. Perhaps my mental committee will come up with a great power point presentation, complete with solutions for me. A girl can dream, right?

Today is my last day off. The past two days have been ok. I did laundry, yesterday. I feel like I did a lot of things yesterday but I couldn’t begin to tell you where the day went. Well. ok, I know where some of it went.

Of course laundry takes some time to do. I always fold the laundry when it comes out of the dryer. There really is nowhere to fold them at home, number one, and it’s just easier if they are folded already when I get home so they can just be put away. This is at least a couple of hour process, start to finish.

I found a 5th wheel on Craigslist, yesterday, for $500. It needs some repair, not a whole lot, nothing we can’t handle relatively easily and quickly. My daughter has been complaining about not having any privacy or room, no space to herself, no place to really do her homework. We have been talking about building her a room shed but, with the amount of time it is taking to put together the bathroom shed, I decided finding another travel trailer, motor home, or 5th wheel might be the better, more efficient solution. My daughter is getting excess funds from school soon. I know she had plans to get this or that, but I think it would be better for her to take care of her space issue instead. As much as I would love to be able to just buy it for her, I can’t.

I told my daughter about the 5th wheel, how much it is, and what my thoughts for it are. We went and looked at it. There is a leak in the roof at the front of it. We will need to take down and replace two ceiling panels and the insulation under them. We will also need to caulk all the edges on the roof, reseal everything. There is also a small section of floor in the kitchen/dining area that will need to be replaced. It sounds like a big deal but it’s not so bad really. We have done such work in our first RV, Winnie the 68′ Winnebago, while living in it. Since my daughter won’t move into it until the work is done it should be easier to get done. After checking it out, my daughter decided she would buy it. Her funds don’t come in until Tuesday or Wednesday, so we made arrangements with the guy to get together then. Big bonuses: he said he would deliver it for free, everything works in it (no fridge but she won’t need one), and he took the ad off Craigslist right away. YAY!

The van is starting to have an issue. In the past 4 days, we have had to get a jump twice. I’m going to have to have the alternator and the battery checked. Both of these items will have to wait until pay-day to be taken care of. One week.

I’m really sick of having to put things in the category of waiting until pay-day. It means we can’t always take care of things as they arise. Some of these things are really important things. It ends up feeling like we live in a constant state of lack, which I guess we do a lot of the time. At least there is a payday to put things in wait of as opposed to the never knowing how we were going to take care of anything. Somehow is not a plan. Its getting better but there is still tons of room for improvement.

I’ll get us there. Its part of the reason I am looking forward to the Spring, when cleans pick up, again. Yes, I am extremely money motivated. As much as I’ve complained about being so busy, often times too busy, the pain in my hands, the lack of time to refuel or feed my soul, you would think that I would be looking forward to the slower time, and part of me is. There are two parts of me at war with each other. There is the part that wants the down time, that got used to having all of the time in the world to pursue whatever caught my attention at the time, the part that likes to wander around with my camera, photographing this or that, and then there is the part that is in love with being able to take care of all that needs to be taken care of financially. Such opposites, though I wish they didn’t need to be. Perhaps its just the need to find the balance between the two. I’m not sure what that would look like at this point but I guess I should probably be trying to figure it out, for my own mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Its been such a long time since we have had a steady income we could rely on that the financial part of me is taking on the role of tyrannical dictator over the mental, emotional, and spiritual. Ok. maybe tyrannical is a bit strong.

Today is set up for getting ready to hit work hard, again. This week is pretty busy. I don’t think there is a single day this week that I will be home before dinner time. I know this is a normal schedule for most of the population, but it is still one I am getting used to. This is not the first job I have had with this kind of schedule but, somehow, this time seems more demanding. Maybe this is because there are set things that must be done before calling it a day when before I could pretty much make my own schedule.

I’m going to carve my pumpkin today. I won’t have any time this week, as I said, so today is the day. I will post pictures later, of course. I’ve been looking through the Google Images of pumpkin carving to try to find a design that I would like to try that won’t leave my hands falling off. This means the design isn’t going to be as elaborate as I’ve been know to do, but I think I will love it just the same. There is this one carving of a fairy, looks like an Amy Brown fairy, that I would love to do. I just need to decide if I think I can do it and still have hands left for cleaning. There are a few other carvings I have bookmarked as well. Guess I better hurry up and decide! 🙂


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