Thin-skined, Bungalow Clean, and Finally the Fifth Wheel…

Why is that someone can say something in an off-hand way, without much thought to it at all, and it can leave a seeping wound? If one’s skin supposedly gets thicker every time they are hurt or slighted, then why is mine still so paper-thin, even gossamer thin, in so many instances? Sometimes I wish I had no feelings at all.

Yesterday went fairly well. The house on Queen Anne was beautiful! I love the bungalow style houses that were the popular building style between 1905 and 1930. They always feel so…homey, cozy, comfortable. Around the Seattle-Tacoma area, a lot of people have taken these houses, updated many features, restored other features, and overall taken them back to their original beauty with a few twists. I love them.

This one had a chef’s kitchen in it. The stove was a stainless steel, 8 burner, gas stove. The fridge, also stainless steel, was huge!! Cleaning these two appliances alone took the majority of my time yesterday. Though I love the idea of having kitchen appliances such as these in a kitchen of my own one day, I would want to be able to hire someone to come clean them once a week. Yes, hire someone.

Ok. I could manage the fridge by myself on a regular basis. It’s really the stove I would want to hire someone to clean. It’s not that it is extremely hard to clean this oven because, in all reality, it’s not. It’s very time-consuming and there are a lot of different parts to it, under the burners, that require finger contortions that leave my hands nearly ruined by the end of it.

The basement in this house had been converted into basically a huge master bedroom, complete with amazing walk-in closet with more than ample space for hanging things and drawers for others, including a jewelry drawer. The people who did this, or had this done, obviously were smart and had thought things out to the very end, accounting for every variable. Since this is a basement setting, clothes can kind of pick up that basement dwelling smell to them. The walk in closet walls were cedar, eliminating the potential for this smell. Brilliant.

Every time I have to do a clean in Seattle, I am reminded on how much I don’t miss struggling through traffic. Today, I have two apartments to clean. Both 2 bedroom, 2 bath, and local. I’ll be done and home long before dinner time. We didn’t get home until almost 8 o’clock last night. I hate getting home so late. It doesn’t leave much time for reconnecting with the kids, the dogs, and myself.

My daughter’s fifth wheel comes today. Her excess funds from school didn’t end up coming in until yesterday so we had to put off taking care of purchasing and arranging delivery of her fifth wheel until today. I have to admit that I am excited about her fifth wheel. I may have mentioned that the other day. It will be fun helping with the fixing of the 5th wheel.

The 5th wheel has a leak in the typical place (up front) and the floor in the kitchen has a section that needs to be replaced, as I said in an earlier post. This evening may be spent collecting the necessary materials needed to do the repairs. I have cleans scheduled through Tuesday so I won’t have much time to devote to the project until then. Wait. Not true. I actually have Friday scheduled off, though I am going over to the condo complex to replace a bunch of light bulbs. I don’t plan on spending the entire day at it. In fact, I’ll probably only spend a few hours at it. After that, though, I’ll be working away at getting my daughter’s fifth wheel in order so she can move into it. In the meantime, my daughter will take down the damaged panels and ruined insulation behind them so Friday will move along a bit quicker and go farther. Yay!

Ok. Enough rambling from me. I need to go get ready for my day. I hope everyone has a wonderful day that is worthy of journal notations, at the very least.


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Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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