Your Inner Awakening, Fake Tree Surprise, My Audiobook Saga so far…

I’ve been listening to Your Inner Awakening by Byron Katie over that last couple of days. I know I said the I was going to listen to Great World Religions: Buddhism, but the title of Byron Katie’s book intrigued me, so it came first. I’ll probably start Buddhism tomorrow.

While listening to the first half of Your Inner Awakening, I’ll admit that I was feeling like this book was a waste of my time. I wasn’t hearing anything that I felt I could take away from it. Question your thoughts, are they true, really?, turn them around and see what you get from that, what is the true core feeling of the thought. I kept thinking “I already do this, probably over thinking my thoughts” (HA!). Stalking my brain is a continuous action, part of my self systems check, because if I don’t, I can end up creating a realistic fairy tale or horror story in my head that is nothing but crap.

As I was listening yesterday, though, something clicked for me. This wasn’t a book promoting something I already did, at least not in the way I do it, but something else. This wasn’t a military guard sorting thoughts into acceptable and unacceptable, real and make-believe categories. This is taking those all-encompassing thoughts we (I) have about this or that, that the brain fills in the blanks with supporting images and back story to make them appear that much more substantial, and taking a closer look at them, dissecting them in a way. This is tracing unhappiness to its source, and, from what Byron Katie says, this is usually, almost always, a result of not questioning our (my) thoughts.

Here’s an example. “He/she doesn’t respect my feelings because of A,B,C.” Is that true? Yes or no, just accept whatever answer you come to. Turn it around. “He/She does respect my feelings.” or “I don’t respect his/her feelings.” Hmm… Now, is this statement correct/true? You have to be completely honest with yourself. The feeling/thought that you were originally having, turned around, may be closer to the truth than the original thought. Come up with three example of how the statement, now in reverse, appears to be true. How does it make you feel? Could the person you are having the original thought about perhaps be having this feeling about you? Is it a projection of your own feelings that you are placing on the other?

I don’t think I’m explaining this all very well. I’m just learning this concept myself so I don’t have the right experience with it to be very good at the explanation. If you click the link for the book, above, you will find a much better basic description of the book. Yet, another book that I will need to listen to when I can completely focus on it and perhaps take reminder notes so I can better utilize the information. At any rate, I would suggest the book to anyone, and tell them to listen with an open mind until what is being said hits the point where it touches something too true in yourself for you to deny. At least, that is how it has worked with me.

Lance set up my fake tree last night while I wasn’t looking and surprised me with it. He didn’t do any of the decorations, He knows how much I love doing that part. Lance unpacked the tree, positioned all the branches, set it up in the spot that I had designated for it when I brought the tree home, and plugged it in. It was very sweet. I’ll decorate it today. I’m looking at it now and it makes me smile. Magic is afoot at my place 🙂

I’m going to have to buy another micro SD card soon, I have 5.3 gigs left on my 16 gig micro SD that is currently in my phone. I’ve downloaded 41 books, so far, with more to pick up at the library that I’ve put on hold. There are about 10 of the already downloaded ones that I haven’t listened to, yet. Who knew how this monster would grow? I really wish I had found the power of audiobooks a long time ago, though I guess I probably wouldn’t have been ready to appreciate their value before now. I find that, now, anytime I run across a topic that interests me, my first thought is “I wonder if I can find that on audiobook at the library?” Not everything has been something I could find in my local library catalog, but I will find other ways of getting to the information, eventually.


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