Decorated Christmas Tree, Mr. Achilles, Unsupervised Thoughts…


Christmas Tree 2014

Christmas Tree 2014

So I decorated the tree, yesterday. I have now found out that small trees can be really difficult to decorate. They load up easily and I have not found a tree topper that isn’t too big for my little 4 foot tree. I like the one I found but it is definitely for a bigger tree than mine. That’s ok because I love my little tree. I think its cute.

I started hanging the lights on the fence yesterday but I didn’t get it finished. It’s not that I am doing some elaborate design or something like that. Though I love the look of the newer icicle-type lights, they are a bit of a pain in the rear to get all loose. I have had to weave the icicle strands through the fence to keep them hanging down and not continue to just shrink up into the wrapped condition they were in in the box. I’m going to finish setting them up today and should be able to plug them in this evening. It’s not much but a lot more than I’ve done in a long time. I’m enjoying it, even if I have to ‘fight’ with the lights. I can’t wait to see them lit up tonight. 🙂 More magic.

Mr. Achilles

Mr. Achilles 

My little Achilles is going to the vet today. He has had a limp for a little bit now and I can’t seem to find the cause for it. He has no visible or palpable wounds, he doesn’t seem to be upset by me touching any part of the leg, foot, shoulder, or any other part of his other three legs. The worst part is that the limp seems to be getting worse, not better, with time.

Lance and I have discussed Achilles’ limp and neither of us can think of anything he may have done that could have caused it. Cattle dogs are pretty resilient. I’ve seen Enzo and Achilles run into each other, accidentally, while playing ball/frisbee, at full speed, and keep going like nothing happened at all, which always just amazes me. I make sure to check them out afterward. A couple of times, I have had to massage out a Charley horse or bruised shoulder, bending and flexing the limb, rotating the shoulder to loosen it up, again. They have always walked away without a limp or hitch in their step at all. Hopefully, we will be able to find out the source of Achilles’ limp today and get him on the path to his normal gait.

unsupervised mind


Its amazing where the mind goes when it is left unsupervised. The thoughts are left to just roam around without direction, floating to this topic or this idea, randomly, without any conscious attention paid to them, only to tune in and find the mind is thinking about unimportant things such as the sound of teeth across a fork. This is a noise that really bothers me.

My mom used to do that occasionally while I was growing up. I can remember sitting at the dinner table, looking at her when it would happen, not really knowing what I was feeling but that it had to do with her teeth on the fork. It wasn’t until my daughter dragged her teeth across a fork one time when she was little that I realized the feeling I was having back at the dinner table with my mom: The noise is like nails down a chalkboard for me.

I have no idea why my mind would wander to this subject. It isn’t anything I have given any conscious thought to since my daughter scraped her teeth across her fork, and that was quite a few years ago, but, when I tuned in to my unsupervised thoughts last night, that is where I found my mind. Weird.

Why would this even be a memory I would hold on to, store in the memory vaults? It serves no purpose. It’s not a good or damaging memory, just a non-event along the path of life. Apparently, my mind finds some value in it that I can not see or understand. Or, perhaps, my mind was sorting through all the memories of this type to see which ones can be removed to reduce the clutter in my mind. It would be great if I could just put together a list of memories that are taking up too much room and serve no purpose that I’m aware of, sort of like a play list except this would be a delete list. Oh, the memories that would go in that list. 😉



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