Blooming Beauties…

So, the last couple of days have been in the 90’s, again. Yesterday reached 95 degrees!! I knew it was going to be a really hot one yesterday, and, after having so many of my plants look completely like they are giving up the game from the heat, I moved all of the plants in the 5-gallon buckets to different locations that would reduce the amount of direct sunlight they would have to experience, either directly or by reducing the amount of time in it. I was rewarded with some blooms I have been waiting for!!

Mexican Sunflower

Mexican Sunflower

Ok. This guy was beginning his bloom in the morning, before I moved him. It had just opened a little bit so when I came home and saw this, the smile couldn’t contain itself. I had thought these ones were an orange-ish color, but, apparently, I had mis-remembered. Not complaining, though, When the Tithonia that are planted with him finally bloom, the yellow and orange will look quite nice together, I think.

I've been waiting on this one

I’ve been waiting on this one

This one >>>

I have been waiting on this one for a while. It has had the flower bud on top looking like it was ready for quite some time. This sunflower plant really has some character to it, too. Every branch on it has a flower bud, and there are quite a few branches. Part of me wonders if I am going to have to build some sort of pseudo trellis or “tomato cage” type thing to hold up its blossoms when they happen. It was really exciting to see this bloom when I got home. Never ending rounds of smiles as I kept surveying my plants.



First feverfew blooms

First feverfew blooms

This little lavender is one I planted in front of the borage around the stump. I wasn’t sure it would do much, which makes this bloom even more beautiful to see. Yes, its tiny, but you have to love its determination. I’ll be making sure to cover this one before winter so I can see what it is going to do next year.

My first feverfew blooms arrived yesterday, as well! About half of the feverfew plants have buds on them but I’ve been watching this one for a while. I just knew it was going to bloom first. Since this is my first time growing feverfew, I’m especially happy to see these blooms. Means I must have done it right 🙂

My Beautiful Black (Eggplant) Calla Lilies

My Beautiful Black (Eggplant) Calla Lilies

All of my calla lilies have bloomed. The black is more of an eggplant color but I love it. They are so velvety looking, yet crisp at the same time. Next year, they should be even bigger and it should be interesting to see if the blooms are more of a black color the second year.

One of my coneflowers has a bud on it. I think I mentioned it before, but I’m really impatient this year. I can’t wait for the blooms to come, I check everyday with hope, and, I have to admit, find myself a bit disappointed when I find no new blooms. Starving for color, I guess.


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