Beautiful, Garden Wedding, Time to Learn How to Rain Dance…

Part of the Garden

Part of the Garden

The wedding this morning was so beautiful. It was held in a local garden in Orting and I think I could have spent the day there with my camera, breathing in the beauty. And the bride? There are not words enough. I would so love to post one of the photos I took of her and her husband, but I haven’t asked her about it and am most definitely not going to bug her right now. 😉 If she gives me the go ahead, I’ll post it later.

Ok. I think it might be time for a rain dance. Its 90 today, and, for some reason, it feels so much more overbearing. I know I complained about the rain all Spring, but enough is enough. I’m not saying I don’t want it to get hot, again, just wash things down a bit and help out the plants, wildlife, people a little.

My Mexican Sunflowers looking like they are giving up

My Mexican Sunflowers looking like they are giving up

We are on a well system and, though we have been very conservative with our water usage, I worry a little. Does it stop me from watering the garden? No. Not at all. I just water more efficiently and only water the ground.

At night, I do a very light watering and give the plants a little sprinkle rinse off. The plants are absolutely hating the intense sun, even the sunflowers. I’ve had to stake quite a few things to keep them upright.

So, tomorrow, after the clean I have scheduled, I think I will hop on the World Wide Web and find me some rain dances to learn. Who’s with me?


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2 Responses to Beautiful, Garden Wedding, Time to Learn How to Rain Dance…

  1. Dad says:

    I wish I could send some our rain to you. We are receiving record amounts of rain and most folks are just plain tired of it. Flooded streets and basements and overloaded storms sewers are a real problem. The heavy rains are washing Hugh amounts of farm fertilizer and manure into the rivers flowing into the west end of Lake Erie and the quality of our drinking water is in jeoprady.
    If you are aware of a dance that turns the rains off please send it to me.
    I am impressed by the efforts you are taking to bring some color around you, but I am puzzled by the use of buckets instead of planting in the ground.
    How is Lance’s thumb doing?
    Love Dad


    • I’d heard/seen that you guys have been getting all of our rain!! I think maybe a sun dance is what you’re looking for??? Ill let you know what I find out while I’m finding just the right rain dance 😉
      I’ve planted in buckets due to not knowing the PH level of the soil that isn’t in the raised bed garden and around the stump. I plan on testing the soil in two other areas that could be quite good for planting. We live tucked into 25+ evergreen trees so I haven’t wanted to chance it. If the soil tests out well, I am going to see if I can transplant some things out of the buckets into the ground, probably this Thursday or Friday. Some things are already too settled into the buckets to do so without damaging or losing the plant. We shall see how it goes.
      Lance’s thumb has healed quite nicely. He is quickly learning how to do things with what’s left with some frustration. He is worried about winter since the thumb, or the skin graft on top of it, seems to be having a little trouble regulating its own temperature. Hand warmers have been ordered.
      I love you, Dad!!!


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