Stupid Sick…

I was going to continue on with my herb series today, but I am finding it most difficult to focus my attention to the topic. I am not feeling well. As usual, I declared myself healed a little bit before whatever is running through my system was done with me. Fighting off this bug has increased my desire to get started on my herb garden, and wishing I already had one going so I could harvest some fresh medicine to help alleviate my symptoms and aid in bringing me back to full health.

I don’t think I actually have the flu, but, since this is holding on a bit more fiercely than a random passing bug or cold, I can’t actually rule it out. I hate being sick. I don’t do it well, though I’m not sure anyone really does. Perhaps others handle it more gracefully than I do.

When I have decided, come to the conclusion, or can no longer deny that I am sick, I don’t even want to leave my bed. It is when my inner child comes out the most. I want someone to tuck me in, make sure I have enough pillows, am warm enough, bring me the best tea on earth (in my opinion, that would be Good Earth Tea in their Sweet and Spicy blend, with honey), cuddle me, and kiss my forehead.

Good Earth’s Sweet and Spicy blend has a number of herbal ingredients in it that help one feel better, physically and psychologically. The ingredients listed on the box are black tea (helps with digestive problems), rosehip (high vitamin C content), lemongrass (helps the body remove toxins, aids with respiratory infections), cinnamon (helps with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, congestion), chamomile (sleep aid, helps with colds and fevers), peppermint (nausea, fever, cough, immune booster), jasmine green tea (helps speed up recovery from flu or cold), anise seed (bronchial irritations), ginger root (relieves fever and headaches), orange peel and orange oil (helps the body rid phlegm from the lungs). Many of these ingredients are said to relieve stress and help with depression.

Now that I have laid that all out, I must go brew so of this goodness in a cup. I hope everyone out there is in good health and has a most wonderful day full of new, smile-invoking things.



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  1. Dad says:

    Hope you recover quickly, Love Dad

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