Feeling Pretty Good, Russian, Christmas Decorating, A New Budgeting Strategy…

Well, back to work today after two days off. I have to say that after having these two days in a row at home, I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve gotten to get some things around here done, necessary things, and to just relax, rest. It’s amazing how much getting things cleaned up and organized at home can really affect my mental outlook on…well, pretty much life in general.

I am downloading Fingerprints of God by Barbara Bradley Hagerty onto my phone as I write. I have a one bedroom, one bath condo to clean today, so that is plenty of time to finish Great World Religions: Christianity and get started on this book. I can’t wait. I just hope I have not built up Fingerprints of God in my mind to the point that I will be disappointed with what it is. I have a horrible habit of doing that.

My phone is not allowing me to make new playlists so I am going to have to delete some of the playlists before I can put any new ones together. I know this is not removing the audiobooks from the album library, but there is a small, quite vocal, part of me that worries I will be deleting the contents of the playlists that I delete. This shouldn’t even be a concern since I have all of the audiobooks I’ve downloaded on my computer still. I guess this feeling would be a result of The Committee member I have dubbed Doubt.

I am also downloading Pimsleur Language Programs: Russian to my computer. I haven’t done a great job of keeping up with the other languages I’ve downloaded so far. I’ve gotten to side tracked by the topic audiobooks. My daughter and I talked about this yesterday and she agreed to download the Russian learning to her phone so we can both be learning it and practice with each other. We had decided to do that with the other languages but we never followed through with it. She seems as excited as I am about learning Russian ( couldn’t tell you why. Just am.), so hopefully we can follow through on this one. I think we will.

I was sitting outside last night just looking around my surroundings. Our neighbors to one side of us have put up Christmas lights one their house. It’s not necessarily in the style I enjoy most, but I have to admit they are pretty. I found myself thinking I want to buy Christmas lights and put them up here. Maybe on the fence. I know I definitely don’t want to hang them on the RV, travel trailer, and/or 5th wheel – I get horrible pictures of what this would look like in my head – but we have options.

The fact that I even have the desire to do any decorating is kind of amazing. I haven’t wanted to decorate at all ever since we lost the house in Tacoma almost 6 years ago. Perhaps I am regaining my footing a bit, finally. Whatever the reason, I want to decorate this year so I’m going to do so. Getting lights will have to wait until my next paycheck, but that just gives me time to look at what’s available and decide how I want to go about decorating with lights. It also gives me something to look forward to.

I have to share a budgeting strategy I have recently employed, with pretty great success, so far. The strategy is similar to using envelopes to budget things out except I have been using gift cards for parts of the budget. Every payday, I put a set amount of money on a Costco Cash Card to cover gas for the two weeks until the next paycheck. I have also done the same with a Winco Grocery Store gift card to cover food. Another gift card I load is a Papa Murphy’s Pizza card, for those nights we are working late and to give us one night a week where neither Lance nor I have to cook. The Papa Murphy’s card is loaded once a month. The one by us still  has their any size, any pizza for only $10 deal that they run during the summer still going.

I started this strategy with the Costco Cash Card to see how things went. After two paychecks of doing this, I added the Winco card and the Papa Murphy’s card because the Costco Cash Card method for making sure we always had gas has worked out so wonderfully. This is only the second paycheck for the Winco Card (reloaded) and the Papa Murphy’s card (which didn’t need reloading this time), and they appear to be working out pretty well, too.

The next card I need to figure out is one for cleaning supplies. I keep all of my receipts for cleaning supplies since I will need them when I file taxes, so I am going to need to total up a couple of months of those to figure out how much I am going to need to put on a card specifically for these purchases, and what card that will be. Its been a great stress relief knowing these things are covered. On top of that, we are making it between paychecks without coming to the point, right before the next paycheck, where we are wondering if we are going to make it or not or stressing about how we are going to cover this or that. I’m loving it.

I’m still using envelopes for bills, like internet, phones, rent, etc. This method is working out at, as well. I’ll admit that after I had everything lined up – Costco Card, Winco Card, Papa Murphy’s Card, envelopes with the money for each bill in them – I looked at the money that was left and experienced a little bit of panic. What I had left not in envelopes or on cards most definitely wouldn’t carry us very far toward the next paycheck. I had to keep reminding myself that I had taken care of that with the cards. This didn’t alleviate all of the angst but I made myself take deep breaths and move forward with faith in myself that I had things covered. What joy it was to realize I was right, that I had made sure we were covered, when the next paycheck came and we were not wanting in any area. We even had money some money left (not much) on each of the cards. I’ve even began stashing away a little bit of money. It’s not much, but its something, and way more than the nothing I was saving before. *Deep sigh of relief* One source of major stress conquered or, at least, in the process of being conquered. YAY me!!


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