Perspective Change, Audiobooks, and Life Check-in…

I haven’t written a post for a few days. To be honest, this was intentional. I have been so discontent with, well, pretty much everything, and I could hear it in my writing, even when I was writing about other things. It was becoming annoying to me, as I am sure it was to my readers, so I decided each morning over the last few days whether or not I felt I could write without sounding so…negative.

I had been trying to write my way out of the discontent and failing miserably at it. I apologize for this. I try to be as honest and true as I can be with my writing but having multiple, many multiple, days of pretty much nothing but whining, or whatever you want to call it, is not the direction I really want to go with this. I think I’m ready now.

I have today off, unexpectedly. I had yesterday off, unexpectedly, as well. There have been some key issues with some of the cleans lately so there has been rescheduling going on. As frustrating as it is to drive to a clean only to have to have it rescheduled because of there being no key to get in, for whatever reason, the days off have provided me with some time to get stuff done around here and to do some relaxing. I’m not sure which is more refueling for me; the getting things done at home or the relaxing. Either way, its been nice.

I’ve been listening to The Great Courses; Great World Religions: Christianity, lectures by multiple award-winning Professor Luke Timothy Johnson, Ph.D, a former Benedictine monk. Professor Johnson talks about the beginning of Christianity, the routes and changes it has gone through over its history, the separations into different religious sects, and the growth of Christianity since its beginning through its current status as the world’s largest religion. He also discusses how religion became a part of politics and what role it has played over the centuries in politics.

I have two more lectures to listen to but I have to say that I have really been enjoying the series. You can really hear his enthusiasm for the topic, and not just as a learning interest. Professor Johnson delivers the lectures in a manner that is not for or against Christianity, points out some of the misconceptions in belief that have occurred over the centuries, and discusses some of the differences between the different sects and how they came about. He also brings up the topic of each of the sects believing that they are the one true representation of the Bible and God.

I would definitely recommend this lecture series. It provides tons of information to form a better understanding of the Christian religion and its different branches, removing the human element of emotional promotion. Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts.

fingerprints of god

fingerprints of god

I’m really excited about my next audiobook. I know I have mentioned other audiobooks that I have lined up to listen to, next, but I have placed others in front of them. The one I’m getting ready to listen to next is one I just picked up at the library yesterday. Its called Fingerprints of God; The Search for the Science of Spirituality by Barbara Bradley Hagerty. I could give you a blip of what this audiobook is about, but it is probably better if you click the link and read the synopsis yourself. (no worries. I am not an Amazon affiliate so this is not a sales attempt.) The description should tell you what I might find so interesting about it.

We did the brakes on the van the other day. It is so nice to not hear the grind as I come to a stop. Yes, I had waited a bit too long to change the brake pads. The rotors aren’t marred enough to warrant having them turned. We waited on changing the wheel bearing because laundry really needed to get done. We will be changing the wheel bearing today.

My daughter’s 5th wheel is almost completely put back together. Just the facing of some of the cabinets and the steps up to her bed are left to do, for now. Oh! And properly installing the propane heater we picked up for her. We have the heater installed in a temporary fashion for now. Any of the other remodeling she wants to do is waiting until this Spring/Summer when the weather is more conducive to putting stuff outside.

Ok. Well, I hear the dishes calling me. I hope everyone has an amazing day filled with new knowledge, things that make you smile, and reasons to see new perspectives on most anything. May the beauty of life come right up and kiss you on the nose. 😉


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