COLD, Working on the Van, A Better Perspective…

Its been so cold lately. It’s 18 degrees this morning. The cold has made it really hard to get out of bed so I’ve been sleeping in a bit the last couple of days. Unfortunately, this means I haven’t been writing. Its not like there has been a whole lot to write about…its cold, I don’t like it, brrr, work, the van needs work, its cold, I don’t like it, brrrr.

The van needs a brake job, bad. Its not like its a hard thing to do. I’ve done brakes quite a few times. Its finding the time to do them with the schedule I’ve got going now. Plus, the cold does not leave me wanting to run right out, jack up the van, take the tires off, then remove the old brakes and install the new ones. Seeing as gloves have always just gotten in the way of the work needing to be done, for me, I’ll not be wearing them to get this done, which means my little fingers will be freezing and hurting before I am done. Yes, I’m procrastinating.

The van also needs a new wheel bearing on the front driver’s side. This is a much more involved process than the brakes, of course. The easiest way to do this one would be to take it to someone to have it done, but that involves expense I just can’t seem to budget in. I can go to Pick-n-Pull, remove the whole hub off of a Windstar in the lot for about $30. Yes, this means basically doing the job twice, but the money saved is significant, greatly so, and much easier than having to press out the old bearing and press in a new one.

I’ve tried picking up the hub at O’Reilly’s, for our previous Windstar, but they couldn’t seem to get me the right one. The cost there is about twice what it would be for the used one from Pick-n-Pull, but still not horrible. I will probably see if they can find the right one for this Windstar. Its a newer one than the last one so maybe I’ll have better luck. Fingers crossed. Its still not a fun job to do, either way. Again, I have to schedule in the time for it, soon.

Maybe Sunday. I, at this point, don’t have any cleans scheduled for Sunday and will have to let Cayle know I must have the day for vehicle maintenance. The downside to this is that I also need to do laundry. Time.

I know that I have been complaining about my living situation, lately. I saw something last night that reminded me that things could always be so much worse. Its not that I have lost sight of that. I know it could always be worse, much worse. What I saw last night was the visual aid I apparently needed to be able to fully own that reality. Here is what I saw:

I saw this in the McClendon’s parking lot last night. This van obviously had a fire. The garbage strewn about the van came from inside it. Off to the side a bit is a propane tank, which I am assuming came out of the van. Everything else I could see made it look as if whoever owns the van was living out of it. When I came to the realization that someone was probably living in this van, my heart broke for them, and I gained a whole new appreciation for my own living circumstances. This person is now without a home base, a moderately warmer place to sleep than outside, potentially a vehicle to get to and from work. For all I know, this was the vehicle of a drug addict that hasn’t realized they have hit bottom and are continuing to dig deeper. Whatever the circumstances, it is sad to see. I hope, whoever they are, that they are not now frozen under some bridge, lacking whatever small, frayed thread of hope they had been clinging to or dead.

Seeing this invokes my the desire to help. I do not know what I could offer this person. I don’t have a lot myself. Blankets. Some food. If the person is a drug addict, a ride to a 12-step meeting. What I am left with to offer, though, is my hope they are ok and that things get better for them. For those of you that pray, maybe you could send out a prayer for this person(s).

Well, it turns out that I have the day off today. The clean I had scheduled has been rescheduled for next Tuesday. So, I am off to replace the brakes and driver’s side, front wheel bearing on my own van. I picked up a pair of mechanix gloves. I’m going to try to keep them on so my fingers don’t get so darn cold. And, if I should start to feel pity for myself, I will remember the person(s) that just lost their van to a fire and that I have it pretty good in comparison. At least I have a van I can fix.

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1 Response to COLD, Working on the Van, A Better Perspective…

  1. Andrea T says:

    yes, your situation is annoying, and I’ve had my fair share of car problems to know how much headache it is.But it’s a great thing when we’re reminded that it could always be worse. I hope the person found a warm, safe place to stay. And hope you were able to fix everything in your car!

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