Creatively figuring it out…

The sun is back!!! After raining like crazy for what seemed like forever, the sun has finally made another appearance and its rumored that it will stick around for a whole week!!! My boots have FINALLY dried out after the many days of walking the dogs in the rain. Life continues to be life.

My husband hasn’t had any work for over a week now which puts us in a financially challenged position. Working for a good friend that started his remodel business just over a year and a half ago can make it really difficult to get caught up on things. It always seems we are just reaching the top of the financial deficit in our lives and we will finally be able to breathe a bit easier when work just disappears. Frustrating. BUT…we have a plan.

Ok. We have a few plans. You see, by this time of year, we are usually doing pretty well, financially, with the hubby working steadily. It’s not happening so far this year so we are doing what we usually do when the work stops: coming up with things we can do to make money to fill in the gaps. This time, though, we aren’t just trying to fill in the gaps. We are aiming at financial independence.

We are a creative family. My husband likes to build things, my daughter loves to draw, I love to write, paint and garden, among other things. So, what does our “financial independence plan” look like? A lot like “how many different things can each of us ‘create’ that could potentially make us money and not cost us much, if anything, to accomplish?”

Our 1st Adirondack out of repurposed wood

Our 1st Adirondack out of repurposed wood

We are funding ourselves at this point by heading out every day to different neighborhoods (must have curbs) and going door to door, offering to paint each home owners house numbers on the curb for a mere $15. Curb address numbers save lives. It reduces the amount of time it takes emergency services to find your address by making the address numbers easy to locate. Curb address numbers help packages get delivered. Curb address numbers help make sure your pizza gets delivered nice and hot.

Now, not everyone is down with having their curb address numbers done. I don’t understand it, for the safety factor alone, but I don’t need to understand it. Apparently some people still believe that they are wearing a cape of invincibility that protects them from those unfortunate things that can happen in life. Perhaps they like cold pizza. At any rate, most days, we do ok.

Weekends are better than week days because there are more people home. My husband handles the going to the door part (no thank you) and I scrub the curb clean, mask, and paint the address numbers on the curb. Some clients have said I have the hard job. I disagree. I don’t have to deal with any rejection what-so-ever. My end of this is easier, in my opinion. Anyway, we make enough to stay alive.

Since, during the week, we don’t head out to do curbs until mid-afternoon (more people home after 2pm), we have started using the beginning of the day to work on other things that have money-making potential. After walking the dogs (1-1/2 to 2 hours), we come home sit for about 15 minutes, then begin working. What are we working on? I’m glad you asked 😉

Adirondack chairs, tables, planters w/ benches            

Dog Bone ottomans


Writing a book for e-publishing


Artwork on jeans

Now, as I stated before, money is tight. I absolutely refuse to spend what we do have coming in right now on supplies for these things. I know it takes money to make money (almost always), but I do not believe it has to take every penny you have to do so.

Here’s my plan to keep things cost effective (aka free or as close to free as possible):

Search Craigslist’s free listings in our area to find as many of the materials needed as possible. Free wood, pallets, paint, clothing,

Dog Bone ottoman template

Dog Bone ottoman template

and what-not are continuously posted on Craigslist for free. The cost to me is the gas to go pick the things up and my time. Yes, my time is valuable but, for now, its just part of the moving forward: left foot, right foot, repeat. The best part is that we are repurposing someone else’s cast offs. Win-win.

Screws, staples, and such will have to be purchased through the local hardware store, but those costs are minimal in the over-all picture. My daughter and I are in the process of determining what would be the best medium for her to apply her artwork to jeans that will last through many washings. I also plan on seeing if there is something that I can do with my photos.

So, none of these things are a get rich quick idea but we believe that one or more will definitely help the lean times not so lean. Who knows? We may even stumble into something that makes it so both my husband and myself can just stay home and do these things. I guess we will see what happens. Wish us luck!!


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Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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2 Responses to Creatively figuring it out…

  1. Looks like you have some very creative ideas. Upcycling throw-away materials makes sense on so many levels. Good luck with all of your efforts…these are hard economic times for many, many people.
    BTW, thank you so much for followng Beauty Along the Road today. It is very much appreciated.


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