And then everything changed…

The other day, I heard about something I had never heard of before. Its fun, its pretty addictive, and it gives me another option for teaching the dogs the command “find it,” spicing up our walks a bit. Its called Geocaching!
Ok. So I know this isn’t something new but, as I don’t really watch tv (Netflix, yes) and my life doesn’t often apply to current events, I knew nothing about it. I ‘prayed’ to Google for clarity. Then I went to the Google Play Store and downloaded an app.
I was a bit shy about it at first. I opened the app and looked around it. I closed the app. I didn’t tell my husband about it for a couple of days. Then, I just had to ty it.
Geocaching is kind of like a huge treasure hunt! Caches are hidden in different locations out and about, range in sizes from extra small (smallest I’ve found so far was about the size of a bullet) to large, and there are items inside, along with a log to sign and date. You are welcome to take the item inside the cache you find, as long as you have and are willing to leave something else in its place. Some caches are themed (I.e. there is an ocean one: leave sea shells, piece of driftwood, etc.), others are not. There is one “grouping” of caches that are in a series, sort of building a story/theme. The geocaches are rated for finding difficulty, terrain, and cache size.
I have been feeling like there hasn’t been anything fun in my life that I’m doing just for me. I have fun with my dogs which, of course, benefits me as well as them. I swim at the YMCA which is amazing but, with life being what it is, feels way too scheduled. Geocaching…well, this is it! I can include it in the walks with the dogs, taking some of the monotony out of the walks. What’s really great about it is I can either grab my husband and head out or, even more rare, head out by myself and have a blast!
Looking for adventure? Something fun? If you haven’t tried geocaching, Google it, grab a friend, and go find some treasures!!!

About dragonflygypsyusa

Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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