Move Day: April 30, 2018…


Well, today is the day. Lance will get up and take the dogs on a walk to the field for the last time.  We will finish loading ourselves up. Hopefully, the travel trailer and the 5th wheel will go away. At the end of the day, we will pull out of here for the last time and not look back. Today, the last word on the last page in the last chapter of this book will be thought, uttered, written. Tomorrow, the first word on the first page in the first chapter of a whole new book will begin. It is bitter-sweet.

We have learned a lot about being settled in one spot for as long as we have been here (4+ years): we not only nest into a spot over time, we root. Not light, filigree-like roots but large, driving straight for the middle of the earth tap roots. That said, there is no way we will have everything done here when we pull out. I hate that we will be leaving a mess, no matter how well-organized a mess it is, but I have to let go of that. We are at the finish line, have spent more time than  I care to think of getting things packed and cleaning up as we go, and it doesn’t seem like there is an end in sight. Where the hell did all of this crap come from?!? Perhaps we have a bit of a hoarding problem, which is disturbing, to say the least.

There has been pile upon pile of free stuff put out to the curb. Thankfully, it all keeps disappearing so there’s that. The 5th wheel has been on Craigslist for over a week, for free, but still sits in its spot. There’s been moderate interest but no takers. I put the travel trailer on yesterday, not for free but close to it. A couple of emails of interest but no one with follow through, yet. Lawnmower $25, grill $50, both still sitting, despite there being interest – those saying they want it (“very interested”) and asking when they can come get it. Of course my answer is now but that is as far as that has gone so far.

My biggest concerns, at the moment? That the trailer and 5th wheel will still be here when we are ready to leave, that the lawn mower will still be here, the grill. I’m not really worried about anything else – the RV will run, get us around, our stuffs are in it, the dogs will adjust, the cat will torture us until he has adjusted, the stress of continuing to be here will be done with. It’s not a perfect picture or anything like that but it is…well, what is next.

A whole lot of me, most of me, wants to hop on the freeway and keep going, see where we end up, what adventures we have, what things we see, but this tends to be typical of move day in the RV for me. I can’t help thinking and feeling that, if I have to live on wheels then I might as well go see what I can see. Right? -sigh- Instead, we will head up North and find a place to park that will perhaps work for us for the next couple of months. I’m thinking campground, maybe.

With all of the hassle of this move, I have found myself missing the days of Winnie, our 1968 Winnebago. Sure, Winnie had her own set of problems but we were somewhat less troubled by them, in many ways. We reached a point of ease rather quickly with Winnie and moving around. We didn’t entrench ourselves in any one spot because each spot was entered into with the knowledge that it was a very temporary spot. Move day? Put stuff in Winnie, batten down the hatches inside (make sure nothing is going to go flying around the RV while driving down the road), make sure we had the cat (Bellenus), head out. Easy peasy. We would have been out of here in less than a day.

The war going on inside my head is between wanting to be done with this and a sense of responsibility and integrity. I want to clean this place up to the point that the only way you could tell we had been here is by the spots of dead grass where an RV or trailer had been parked but there just isn’t time. Plus, I do not have the funding for dump runs, and there is the need to make some of those. Again, where the hell does all of this come from. I keep finding myself staring at things, all the things, completely overwhelmed and unable to decide how to proceed. I’ve come to the point where I am just grabbing the things that I really want and have a plan to move the rest of everything to the curb, placing a Craigslist ad **CURB ALERT!! FREE!!!** to get rid of it all.

Well, its ten minutes to 7, so I had better get back into ‘make it happen’ move mode. Wish us luck and wait to see what adventures unfold for us. May they all be great ones 😉


About dragonflygypsyusa

Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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