Changing of the Seasons, Preparing for the Hike, and Visiting…

my pink zinnia

my pink zinnia

The mornings have started to have that “fall is coming” slight chill to the air. I can’t say that I am particularly upset about the changing of the seasons, this time. Summer has been a long one, a challenging one, a good one. This year, I’m ready for the change, at least emotionally.

My borage has spent the last month trying to tell me its done for the season. I finally pulled about half of the plants the other day and laid them down where they were so they can drop their seeds there. Hopefully, they will decide to sprout new borage there next year.

I’ve stopped dead heading the sunflowers, which is really hard for me to do, especially since many of the sunflowers stalks still have about a million buds on them. I want seeds, though, so deadheading must come to an end. Hopefully I’ve left enough time for the sunflowers to go to seed. If not, well, I guess I’ll just have to get more seeds for things next year.

We have decided on Federation Forest for our hike tomorrow. I’m really excited about this. I haven’t gotten out into the forest for soooo long. When I think about how long it has been, I can’t believe it. I used to get out there all the time, never more than a month between visits. Now, its been longer than I can actually put a time on. Not good. My soul thrives there.

We have a clean today, a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo. It shouldn’t take too long. Then, we are coming home and getting the truck ready to head out first thing tomorrow morning for our hike. We stopped and picked up our Discover Pass, yesterday, so we are set. YAY!! I bought the annual pass at $30 instead of the daily pass, which costs $10. I’m sure we will need it more than three times before August 2016 and we can transfer the pass between both vehicles.

After work, I need to go pick up batteries for my camera. Then, I am heading up to my best friend’s house because her oldest is in town and I haven’t seen her is what feels like a million years. I also haven’t seen my best friend for a while so it will be great to see them both. Then, back home to help get everything ready for tomorrow. I can’t wait!!!


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  1. Brenda says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day. Enjoy yourself!! ❤


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