Surgery, Self-Care Plans, The Changing of the Weather, and the Garden…

Surgery went perfectly yesterday. The waiting for them to take her into surgery was the longest part. They took her back about 9 o’clock and she didn’t go into surgery until about noon. Surgery lasted maybe all of 15 minutes.

A little while after surgery, the doctor came out to talk with me about how things went, what they found, how she will feel and heal over the next couple of weeks, and how long it will take to get results back from the polyp testing (7-10 days, ish). Her thoughts on the polyps are that they are benign and, though more polyps could form, she is confident that this is the last of what she will have to deal with on this one. YAY!! She had photos of the polyps and her work, and both looked real good, from my completely uneducated on the topic view.

One more challenge faced and dealt with. *deep sigh* Today, I have no plans. Well, I guess that isn’t exactly true. My plans are self-care plans and I think I really need to start looking at self-care plans as immobile, inflexible plans. I’m too willingly push self-care plans out of the way for other things, usually taxing things. No balance in that at all.

Inside-of-a-Dog-coverThat said, I have plans today. I am going to read some of the book I picked up, Inside of a Dog; What Dogs See, Smell, and Know by Alexandra Horowitz. I’m thinking I might clean off and reorganize my desk but I have that in the ‘if I feel like it’ category. I should because there are benefits to doing so. Just the clean and organized appearance afterward is destressing. I’m thinking napping and possibly some Netflix could be part of this day, along with maybe painting my toenails, something I haven’t done for a while.

Tomorrow, I think maybe we will go somewhere with the dogs for a hike/walk. I’m feeling completely drained, today, but am thinking, after a solid day of self-care and rest, I’ll be up to getting out and hiking about with the doggers. I need to get some hiking shoes/boots before we start doing any serious hiking, though. For now, I think I have what I need.

The weather is going to start its seasonal changing. It rained yesterday, somewhat relentlessly at times, and I could feel the change coming in it. The forecast for the week is sunny, with temps ranging from the upper 70’s to the upper 80’s. I know that doesn’t sound much different from what we have been having this summer, but the feel is different.

Time to stop dead heading my plants so they can form seeds for next year’s garden. It hard not to dead head when I can see so many other blooms working their way toward their beauty, but there are too many blooms and I want that energy to go toward seed production. I clipped off some tiny buds from some of the sunflowers today and I felt guilty for doing so. I’m a weird one, I am aware of this.

My first Thumbergia bloom!!

My first Thunbergia bloom!!

My Thunbergia vine bloomed while I was gone at my daughter’s. I am really loving this flower this year. Every time I have seen them in Home Depot or some nursery, I have been very drawn to them. Since this is my first time growing them, I am not instantly aware of what it is I am looking at, so I check the tag. When I find out it is Thunbergia, I get excited because I can’t wait to see mine bloom here at home. I have about 6 blooms right now.

Well, I think its time for me to start my self-care day. I have the book sitting next to the laptop and I keep finding myself looking at it. I’m really interested in learning whats inside of it. Have a great day, Everyone!!!


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