Memorial Day Weekend Forecast, Ladybugs, and The Show Has Begun…

Its 8am and already 57 degrees outside. I’m loving it. NOAA is forecasting rain for this weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, which is odd. Memorial Day Weekend around here is usually blazing hot with more sun than our sun deprived systems are ready for. I guess we will see if we end up having the traditional weather or if all of the people going camping this weekend will be enjoying the Pacific Northwest’s version of sun: rain. Whatever the weather ends up being, I’ll be working through it, anyway. Oh well.

Ladybug House!

Ladybug House!

I bought a ladybug house yesterday! I didn’t even know these things existed. I’ve never bought ladybugs before because I never felt the need for them.

My gardens have usually been pretty healthy with a moderate amount of bug battle going on. My garden this year seems to be having some issue with bugs that are enjoying the tender baby leaves on my plants. So, I saw the ladybug house and decided I was going to buy some lady bugs for the ladybug house and  my garden.

I had to use a couple of stakes to mount the ladybug house since I didn’t want to screw into the side of the hanger. Once mounted, I wanted until the evening began to cool off, then grabbed my ladybugs from the fridge and released them onto my hollyhocks, which are right in front of the ladybug house. It was sort of fun to release them.

Blazing Star Flowers

Blazing Star Flowers

My Blazing Stars (Liatris) started popping up yesterday. Almost the whole row, 30 bulbs, popped their noses through the soil. I am so excited!!! I’m anxious to see my coneflowers and calla lilies poke their noses through, too.

This is the beginning of the exciting part of growing things. I enjoy planning my garden, and even having to weed the planting area and prep it for plants, seed, bulbs, and roots. But when things start finding their way to the surface and pushing out that exploratory nose, the show has begun and I am sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next act.

All of the plants that I have transplanted into containers are doing quite well. My green strawberry babies are beginning to turn yellow, which means red is up next, followed by yum. I still need to pick up some 5 gallon buckets to transplant the remainder of my sunflowers into but I’ll get to that soon. Probably not this weekend since I am working through this weekend. I’m going to make it a priority for next weekend, though. I’m ready to have everything in its spot so I can just enjoy the beauty of their growth and the gift of their blooms.

Well, I should probably get going with my day. It’s a long one. I’m cleaning half of a 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath house, which I’ll finish tomorrow, then I am shadowing a new team member on a clean this afternoon.

Have a great day, Everyone!!!


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