A Dear Friend, The Future, and the Garden…

I had a great day yesterday. I visited a very dear friend at a house she is working on and got to hang out for quite a while. She wanted me to come check out this house because it is going to be for rent soon. It is quite small but is bigger than our three trailers combined. Only two bedrooms, but I would figure that part out. Downside is that we found out how much the landlord is going to be asking for rent and its a little more than I feel comfortable having looming every month, at this point.

We also talked about a different job. It would still be cleaning but commercial cleans, which are way easier with much better pay. It would be cleaning at night but I can adjust to that. It would give me all day at home with my dogs and garden, which would be wonderful. At this point, most of the time that I am at home is during the night while I’m sleeping.

I have to admit that the idea of doing commercial cleans instead of move-out cleans kind of excites me, if for no other reason than I would have my days back. Ok. And the money part. More money? Yes, please. Less strenuous work? Double yes, please.

I love this friend. She really is such an amazing person. Our lives intersected by chance and we have run with it since then. She feeds my soul and I hope that I do the same for her in some way.


my sweet basil 2015

my sweet basil 2015

My little basil plants are doing great!!! They are at the point where I need to thin them out by pinching off a number of the sprouts. I hate this part. It always leaves me feeling like I’m killing viable plants, despite knowing not doing this will end up killing all of them for lack of space. I thin them over a couple of days so it’s not so heart breaking all at once.

The seeds I have sitting in my daughters 5th wheel have not done anything, yet. I think it has been too cold in there to get them going. I’ll have to figure something out to fix that. Maybe a heating mat. I’ll have to see how much they cost. Hopefully not much, but I have the feeling they may be more than I am willing to separate out of the household budget. We shall see.

Here is a list of what seeds I have for growing this year. The ones with stars are ones I have never tried to grow before. I’m so excited!!!

  • bergamot *
  • catnip
  • borage
  • basil
  • comfrey *
  • feverfew *
  • lemon balm
  • sweet wormwood *
  • 4 different varieties of sunflowers
  • 2 types of lavender
  • rosemary
  • hot peppers
  • dill
  • Roma tomatoes * (I’ve done tomatoes before, just not Roma)

Its going to be a lot of work but the benefits that I get from growing things, watching the seeds sprout and then healthily grow into full-grown plants, is well worth the efforts. There is a level of serenity that comes from sowing the seeds myself. This growing season is going to be great!!!


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