The New Sleep, RV update, ‘Do Not Disturb’…

My sleep pattern is all messed up still but I’ve got a system that I think is working for me. Well, at least for getting sleep. My usual wake up times are 2:30 and around 3:30 am but instead of just staying up for the rest of the day I have been going back to bed about a couple or 3 hours after I wake up. The great thing is that these ‘naps’ usually last for about as long as I was awake. Unfortunately, this sometimes leaves me wanting to take a nap in the early afternoon. It’s almost as if I have limited awake time before I need to sleep and recharge.

For the most part, currently, this isn’t too horrible. I’m not working and, other than trying to figure out how to get into the remote work force, I’m not really looking because I have no idea where I will be in about 3-ish weeks when we leave Lance’s brother’s place. I’ll get that figured out, I hope. With my sleep pattern, I wouldn’t really be able to work a regular job anyway – I’d be falling asleep on the job. I can’t wait until this all gets sorted out because I’m getting a bit stir crazy during the hours I am awake. Ugh.

I had a mechanic come out on Saturday to do an extended diagnosis on the RV. It turns out that the brand new alternator we bought when we were stuck on the side of the off ramp a few months ago isn’t working. Well that sucks. At least I’ve kept the receipt and can take it back so it won’t be more out going money. After I replace that, I just need to find a hi-torque starter with the electrical connection on the right side. I think I found one but it will be hard to know for sure until I have it in my hands. The only thing other than the starter that I want to pick up is the deep sump transmission pan. It’s not going to do a whole lot but with the larger fluid capacity it will help the transmission stay a little cooler. which should help overall a bit.

We put the base coat on the roof yesterday. Now, we wait a couple of days and put the first layer of flex coat on. I have to check the bucket to see how long we have to wait to put on the second layer of flex coat but, by next weekend, we should be ready to go back into the campground system, again. Its going to be so nice to not need to tarp off anymore, especially since they really don’t allow that in system.

I have to admit that I am actually looking forward to going back into system. Where we are parked at Lance’s brother’s place, we only have electric hook-up and can no longer dump our tanks here – something about dry drains or something like that. We make things work this way but… well, lets just say its come time for us to move forward. Lance’s brother gave us until the end of this month, originally, but we are ready, emotionally, to move on. No, nothing bad has happened. We still have until the end of the month. It’s just time, for all involved. They need their space back, we need ours, no bad feelings anywhere.

I’ve had my phone on ‘do not disturb’ for the past 3 weeks or so and I have to say I’m liking the quiet. I find I am so less attached to my phone, even forgetting it at home sometimes or not knowing where I put it down. I’ve figured out how to let certain phone calls through so I now have it set where phone calls from the kids, my husband, and my best friend still make the phone ring. Well, unless they are using Facebook to call. I check voicemail a few times a day to see if any of the calls I don’t hear were important. I don’t know if this is some form of isolation but it has definitely made me a bit less electronically obsessed.



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