Some Sleep; Sealing Marilyn’s Roof…

Well, I slept until 4am this morning! I’m excited about this because I think I may have found the solution to getting back into a ‘normal’ sleep pattern. I ended up “accidentally’ taking a nap yesterday, 2 hours long and went to bed at my usual time of 9 – 9:30. I woke up once at around 11:30, which was easy to look at and simply refuse to be awake. I plan on napping again to day to see if I have better sleep results tonight. I’m hoping to sleep until at least 5 tomorrow morning. Maybe I’ve just been over tired and its had this bizarre sleeplessness effect.

After a little bit of research, this “bizarre’ sleeplessness could be a result of adrenal exhaustion. I do walk a pretty stress inducing lifestyle. Whatever the cause, I think the midday nap is a good thing, if for no other reason than it is a great supplemental to the lowered amount of sleep I am getting at night. As for long term, its too early to say. If it turns out a nap every day is what is going to give me the beautiful sleep at night I crave, then back to kindergarten schedule it is. Now, to get my life to be conducive to a kindergartner’s schedule…

We are going to be starting the sealing process on the roof, hopefully today. Wait. Not today. I have a birthday party to go to for a soul friend of mine. Well, ok, maybe we can get it started tomorrow, after Lance gets done with work. I don’t know. We will get it going here in the next few days, I’m sure.

We are using a 3 step system. First step is the Armor Flash, which you trowel or brush on a fabric mesh with. As the name implies, this is what would be like the flashing on a regular roof. This product goes along all the roof seams and penetrations for the added strength these fail spots need.

Marilyn roof awning

The Armor Flash will go along here (as you can see, the previous coating was applied a bit sloppily)

Next is the Armor Base. This is like a primer. This step prepares the surface for the final step to bond with and seals in the Armor Flash. We will apply this with brush and roller to the entire surface of the roof.

Marilyn roof middle

Thankfully, the product we are using can go over existing roof sealant. We scraped all the loose stuff off, as instructed. 

Now, the last step: Armor Flex. This is the silicone roof coating. We ended up with a gray, unfortunately. I wanted a white, but it is what it is in the end: our roof will be waterproof and that is the end goal. This, too, will be applied with brush and roller.

I know the Armor Flash takes 36 – 48 hours to cure, so I am guessing this is the time between steps, or at least the time between step one and step two. I haven’t read the labels on the Armor Base and Armor Flex buckets, yet, but I’ll do that today. By next weekend, tarping the roof of Marilyn may be a thing of the past. YAY!!


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