“Living” in Woodinville…

I made it until 4:00 this morning…woot woot! I woke up at around 2:30 at first and just crawled back into bed when I saw what time it was. I tried that at 4 but my eyes were having none of it. Oh well. I cherished the ‘extra’ hour and a half of sleep.

The weather here has been so beautiful for about a week now. Temps in the upper 80’s, cook your skin off sun, and lots of blue skies. I’m filling my quota for the year. 😉 The ‘cook your skin off sun,’ though appreciated, is a bit much for my Pacific Northwest – Greater Seattle Area skin. We just don’t get sun like this most of the year; nothing to toughen up the skin. Parts of me want to complain about just how hot it has been but I love the warmth so much, and the sun and blue skies, that complaining seems…ungrateful.

Temps in the RV have been reaching the mid to upper 90’s. Since Lance’s brother had us move the RV to a different location on the property, we are now on a long extension cord, long enough to make the air condition not an option – we would keep tripping the circuit. Of course, we get this amazing weather almost immediately after having moved out of air conditioner range. Ugh. We are making it work. I have fans going but it’s really not enough. Fortunately, the times when the RV is the hottest, we usually take the dogs for a nice long walk. I have an amazing tan going on.

We are a little loaded down when we walk the dogs in the late afternoon/evening time. Ok. Lance is loaded down. I carry poopy bags and the silicone, collapsible water dish. Lance has the dogs hooked to his waist (a lot of times lately I have Enzo with me), his pouch on the belt that holds our drinks, and a fanny pack with the jug of water for the dogs. Thankfully, the Brightwater Treatment Plant has a wooded area that we utilize to get out of the sun for a bit.

The Brightwater Treatment Plant. What a place this is. The story is the land it is on used to be home for a wrecking yard of some sort, so the land was contaminated with a bunch of different vehicle chemicals that had leached into the ground. King County has rehabilitated the land through planting native plants, grass, etc and a ground water filtration system that uses the landscape and underlying dirt and rock layers to filter water that you find running in some small creeks in the woods and along one perimeter. This place really is amazing to find, and the fact that it is a waste water treatment plant makes it even more incredible because it doesn’t look like one. They have really gone all out to make it beautiful, providing great walking trails and paths for the community to utilize.

The Woodinville area is a pretty place. Sure, there is a ‘downtown’ area but it is small-ish and surrounded by a lot of trees in forest-type formations. Not far from downtown Woodinville, you run into wildlife. On our walks, we’ve seen black bears, bobcats, deer, a bald eagle right here on the property, close enough to almost touch, along with a plethora of bunnies, of course. Two bears were also here on the property, close enough to the RV to see all the details. I’m moderately grateful we weren’t here for the bears, though part of me would have liked to have been. How cool would that have been?!?

Well, its time for me to get going with the day. I sold the Camry yesterday and am putting that money into Marilyn. Today, I pick up the new distributor (the right one since we now know what engine we really have: the 440, not the 360) and order the hi-torque starter. Projects, they are many. Have a great day, Everyone!!


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Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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