5 Responses to Discontent Temper Tantrum…

  1. harkatinyhum says:

    Congrats on leaving the call center and good luck with the housecleaning job. I worked at AT&T call center in Tulsa for seven years. I was making $24 an hour and I was miserable. I understand. If you ever want to consider starting a residential window cleaning business, I’ll be happy to tell you how to get started. My husband loved it. He started making $300 to $500 a day consistently, and very quickly. He also picked up a lot of side jobs like house cleaning and detailing cars. I’ll tell you about it if you’re interested.

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    • $24/hr!? I think I would have stayed a bit longer lol. I was making half of that. Either way, I would have not been able to stay long but if I had been making what you had been, I probably would have made myself suck it up a bit longer, until I couldn’t even talk myself into the car.
      Would love to hear more about the window cleaning. Lance has wanted to start something with that for many years. He started to once but couldn’t seem to get the right “system” down for perpetuating more work. Would love to hear more.


      • harkatinyhum says:

        I’m sorry. I didn’t even know about this reply until just now. My internet is going in and out right now. If it gets fixed anytime soon I’ll definitely tell you everything I know about the window cleaning business. And you live in a great area for it.

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  2. Hi, before reading your article, I was browsing the web for answers concerning my recent dismissal from homeaglow. I worked for this company since March 2017. And one day I got an email and text saying your account had been updated and you have 0 upcoming jobs.my first thought oh no not another glitch in the system. Because I had plenty of upcoming jobs.Not knowing what that meant I went to log on and my account had been deactivated. Why? I don’t have a freaking clue. They won’t answer my emails or texts. I’ve sent numerous of them. How could they do such a thing? It was my only source of income. Something told me that as much as I have come to learn about this shady ass company is that they aren’t scammers but greedy liars. I really like to kick them where it hurts. I have so much dirt on how they are really doing business. But I do believe in karma. Now I’m still unemployed. Haven’t heard from them and makes me think ill never hear back of why I got fired in the first place. Thank you for listening.


    • thanks for sharing your homeaglow experience! Ha! I’m not alone! A few weeks ago homeaglow sent me a text saying they’d like to work with me again and to go to my account to clear up two issues. I was thinking cool! More money coming in. I get to my account and try to resolve the issues, which is just asking to have my account reactivated. I still haven’t heard from them. Shady, shifty company indeed.


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