Psychopathic World…

My heart is heavy today. I’m having a hard time accepting what the world has become. It is sooo much different from when I was growing up, which is to be expected, I know, but…well, there is so much that leaves me wondering “how the hell?”

My best friend told me a couple of days ago about yet another report of animal abuse that is circulating around Facebook. This one is about a couple of college girls that were going around adopting puppies and kittens from shelters, severely torturing them to death, and posting what they did on social media. One of the girls is going to do time. The other one is not. The belief is that the one that isn’t going to jail is from a family with money and ‘connections’ and they somehow got her out of it. To say I’m appalled doesn’t even begin to cover it.

How do things like this happen? How did these two girls come to believe that what they were doing was all fun and games? How does one girl get sentenced to jail time and the other doesn’t, regardless of how much money is in her family? This story makes me wonder how two potential female serial killers, psychopaths, find each other, formulate this plan of furious disregard for life, go about executing it, and have the whole thing end up with the death of the poor, innocent, helpless animals and only one of the murders is going to have real consequences for it?

It seems like there are more and more stories like this one cropping up every day. Is there an increase in mental health issues going on or has the scourges of the human race just become more visible due to the internet and social media? I’m not just talking about animal abuse, though that is the one that hurts my heart the most, right along with child abuse, but an overall disconnectedness to the value of life, and not just one’s own life? When/how did hurting, torturing the helpless in the world become something so prevalent? How/why are there kids and young adults that are being raised in such a way that they can come to the belief that these actions are acceptable? Is it a lack of parenting? Or just crappy parenting? Or an unnoticed need for psychological help?

I understand kids/young adults can sometimes get caught up in doing things they truly regret later, things their parents would be shocked and appalled that their child would do or be a part of. What I truly don’t understand is why these young people don’t have some moral warning system that tells them they are running headlong into doing the worst of the worst. Maybe they do and ignore it, something else I don’t understand.

Throughout my life, I have felt like a misplaced item in this world – sort of like finding a polar bear trying to hide in the middle of a flock of flamingoes – it just doesn’t fit right.  I hear these stories of animal abuse and I feel even more like I was not made for this world, and want even less to do with it. It shreds my soul when I hear stories like the one about these two college girls’ actions, or the man who throws a dog off of a cliff, kittens stuffed in a bag and thrown in the road to be run over by some poor, unsuspecting driver, etc. Is this really the type of people we want to be? If not, then how do these types of things seem to keep happening with more and more frequency?

No, I don’t have the solution for this. I wish with my whole soul that I did. I try to find solace in the beautiful souls that find, rescue and rehabilitate animals that have been abused, the ones that help abused children heal from their damages. I debate with myself about closing my Facebook account to lessen the amount of disaster and damage I am exposed to, but it is one of the only ways I keep in contact with my family in other states (I’m horrible at keeping in contact in other ways).

This would never end the violence toward the helpless of the world, just my exposure to it, I know that. And, yes, I do think it is a good thing that people know about it or there would be no way of helping those that have been damaged or are in the middle of being damaged, potentially killed, and there would be no way to come up with solutions or ways to bring this sort of thing to an end, if there is any way. I guess I just feel there are people better suited for this sort of thing than I am. I’m sure it hurts their soul just as much as it hurts mine, but the incredible people who make the difference for these abused souls have something that I don’t that allows them to dive, head first, into the middle of the battle and save these hurt ones, even when all that can be done is to make the pain stop forever. The world needs so much more of this type of soul.


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1 Response to Psychopathic World…

  1. Dad says:

    Mieke, there is a lot of ugly in this world and that of course is what we hear all the time. However, there is also a great deal of good and beautiful that far exceeds the ugly. This is the arena we live in. We have to decide how we can best live in it. You have chosen to be in the good and beautiful as much as you can. You can acknowledge the ugly part and do what you are comfortable with to minimize the ugly but without being dragged out of the good and beautiful part. The good is where we prosper and grow as a person and this is the area where we learn to like ourselves. That is where we learn how deal with the ugly. Love Dad

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