Can I Go Home Now?

Yesterday was not a great day. It was not a horrible day, but it was definitely one I wish I could get a “do-over” on – a day that didn’t feed the soul at all. I made it through and, overall, I don’t believe there was much scarring.

I’ve sort of been in a funk for the past few days. I’m sure it has to do with Lance and Achilles being gone, but my mood and motivation have been less than wonderful. Yesterday morning, my motivation to do much of anything at all was pretty low, and I was grumbly about it a little bit. I hate being in a funk, especially when it doesn’t seem there is much to do about other than just ride it out. It can get to the point where I can’t stand myself.

Anyway, I headed out the door to renew my Costco membership, buy some dog food and paper towels, then go finish my buildings at the condo complex. A simple, relatively easy day planned, right? That was my thought, anyway.

The trip to Costco went just fine. Membership renewed, dog food and paper towels bought and loaded in the car, all is well. Off to go do my buildings.

The cleaning of the buildings went fine, as well. I have some opinions of the people who live in various buildings that are probably best left to myself, but nothing went wrong or was out of the ordinary. I had planned to head to Y to shower after my buildings, but I just wanted to go home, so I started to head that way.

Not too far from the condo complex, as I’m driving done the road, another car coming from the other direction, I see something that looks sort of like a black plastic bag or something streak across the street. It wasn’t until it ran into the tire of the car coming from the other way its body crumpling, then flipping up against the tire, that I realized it was an animal. As I watched the animal, laying on its back, its legs twitching and flailing about, I thought, at first, that it was a possum or something like that. As I drove by it, I realized it was a cat. I turned around. I couldn’t just leave it there suffering.

I pulled into the turn lane, grabbed some cardboard that just happened to be in my car, and a towel, and went to collect the cat. The poor guy was twitching and trying to get up, but I could tell it was quite broken. I carefully slid the cardboard under him, put the towel over him to try to keep him from moving and hurting himself more, and put him in the car. I know where there is a vet relatively close to where we were, so I headed that way. If nothing else, they could end his suffering, and possibly find a microchip so his family could be contacted. Somewhere between getting him in my car and reaching the vet, the little cat died.

I rushed into the vet, told them I had just seen him get hit, thought he had died in the car on the way there, but wanted to at least scan him for a microchip. Their emergency team rapidly collected, checked him for a heartbeat a couple of times, finding none. They then scanned him for a microchip – nothing. Darn. The cremation company they use said they would cremate him for free and spread his ashes over Commencement Bay when they make their monthly ashes run. Slightly defeated, I headed out to my car, more than ready to just go home and be done with this day.  (I had to euthanize one of my cats on Monday, so this added to whole experience. Poor girl’s abdominal region had a number of tumors.)

I get home, start to relax, snuggling in with my Mr. Enzo, when I hear someone, a woman, asking if anyone is home. “What now” was my reaction to this. I went out to find a woman, younger than me, with a little girl on her hip about 1 year or so old. She had stopped across the street to change her daughter’s diaper and her friend had accidentally closed her keys in the truck of the 95 Lexus they were in. The truck button on the car didn’t work so she was wondering if maybe I might have some tools and could help her.

I’m going to be honest here. I didn’t want to help. I don’t know why I felt this way, but it was how I was feeling. I know what it is like to be stuck without anyone to help. I grabbed some tools and we went to see what we could do. I ended up having to dismantle the bracketing behind the back seat back in order to get into the truck at all. This was after trying to knock out the lock (her idea) with not a whole lot of success. Keys were found and retrieved. Her friend then reached through the truck with a metal bar, dismantled the lock from this inside, and popped it open. I collected my tools and went home.

I’m really not sure why helping this woman get her keys out of her trunk bugged me, but it did. Normally, I am more than willing to help someone out in a pinch and feel grateful I was capable of helping afterward, but I was nothing but irritated by it this time. Not good.

Anyway, I spent what was left of the day before dinner hanging out with Luna and Enzo, just trying to stay out of the mix until this day could run itself out. Dinner was made and ate without a hitch. About an hour after dinner, I hear a strange noise in the trailer. After listening to it for a minute, I realize it is the water pipes making that I’m hearing. The sound is sort of like a hissing. Uh-oh. There is a leak somewhere. Crud.

I run outside to shut the water off and find the leak. The little extension hose I have to hook up the 4-way water outlet to the spigot with broke – water is spraying everywhere. Of course, it’s dark over there, so when I rush in to shut the water off, I face plant a huge spider web. Great. I get the water turned off then check myself for spiders, thankfully finding none.

So, yeah, it was a day. I know it could have all been so much worse, but it really taxed me. My fingers are crossed for today to be a much better day than yesterday. Wish me luck!


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2 Responses to Can I Go Home Now?

  1. Dad says:

    A very busy day for you. You always step up to help others; the unfortunate cat and someone in need. You are a good person. love Dad

    Liked by 1 person

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