Super Busy, The Gardens, and Writing…

The past couple of weeks have been so busy!! Busy means money, which is good, of course, but my hands, arms, legs, feet, and ankles are ready to talk with their union rep (if they had one) about the grueling work conditions. The last two days have been back to the normal pace, but I’m not quite there, yet. My whole body just says “NO.” Thankfully, I have the weekend off to participate in some much-needed self-care.

We picked up another car for Lance this past weekend. His Subaru Legacy wagon gave up a couple of weeks ago and I had been driving him, and two of his co-workers, to work and picking them up every day since. I don’t really mind doing so, it just eats into time a lot, time I would have used for some daily self-care. Thankfully, that’s done for now. We found Lance a 98 Saturn SL1 for super cheap and it seems to be doing ok. As with any car we buy, fingers are crossed. Man, I miss the Prius sometimes.

The squirrel is eating my sunflower heads. I busted the little brat this morning when I saw one of my Autumn Beauties dancing away when I walked out. Since there are other sunflowers right next to this one and it was the only one doing a jig, I knew it was the squirrel. I walked straight out there and had a talking with her (I think the squirrel is a girl). Ok. It was more along the lines of an argument. I exclaimed that I thought we had come to an agreement, and she yelled something back at me. I told her she really needed to knock it off, and she yelled something back at me that I have the feeling was along the lines of “make me.” Yeah, she is a feisty one and very verbal. Here is one of the Mammoth Sunflowers she has been snacking on:

wp-1470233676987.jpg It wouldn’t be so terrible if this was the extent of her damages. Unfortunately, the sunflowers tend to look more like this, or worse, when she is done with them:

wp-1470233889687.jpg  Oh well. You can’t win them all and my gardens are still gorgeous, so I guess I can’t be too upset.

I came home from work the other day and found the bonus color of Gladiolus, the salmony colored one, bent over. I think the blooms got too heavy for it and, well, it bent their stems. Very disappointing, but I cut them and put them in a ‘vase’ (Big Gulp cup) with the red carnations that my son’s girlfriend bought me. I wasn’t sure the two would look all that great together, but I was so wrong. I think they look beautiful. One of the Dahlia branches was bent over yesterday, so I added it to the mix:

wp-1470234518075.jpg I’m definitely going to find some Gladiolus bulbs in this color for next year. It’s such a pretty color.

I can tell I haven’t been writing very much, lately. The flow just isn’t happening. I’m back to having to think about what to write, stuttering along, instead of just sitting down and writing. Now that I’m no longer having to take Lance to work and pick him up, I really need to get myself back in the habit of writing everyday, re-discipline my mind. I’m distracted by everything…’was that a dragonfly,’ ‘ why is that car going by making that noise,’ and it goes on. I’m thinking that writing needs to be a part of my self-care plan for this weekend.

Well, its Friday and I have buildings to clean. I really don’t feel like doing them, but, again, its money so…  I’d better go get myself ready for work and get going. The sooner I get the buildings done, the sooner I can get my weekend started. Have a great day, Everyone!!


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2 Responses to Super Busy, The Gardens, and Writing…

  1. Dad says:

    I was beginning to wonder if all was right. Being busy as you indicated is a good thing. I also am having my squirrel problems only with my squirrel prof feeder. Someone forgot to tell them it is squirrel proof. Short of shooting them, which I have considered, I just keep up the battle. I understand grilled squirrel is quite good as is squirrel pot pie. Love Dad

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    • I haven’t filled the bird feeder in quite some time. I’d rather be feeding the birds and have a squirrel feeding station, but it tends not to work out well – the greedy squirrels believe both feeder are for them. I’ve started clipping off the sunflower heads once seeds have formed, though not matured, and placing them away from my gardens for the squirrel, which seemed like a great plan in the first place, but this squirrel is quite demanding. She eats/stores what I have put out for her, which should be more than enough for a tiny squirrel, but then she heads over to the sunflowers that haven’t developed seeds yet and nibbles on them to see if they are ready. I know I can’t win this battle without some drastic measures I’m just not willing to take, though they have been contemplated.
      I love you Dad!!


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