Learning How to Drive, Again…

So, after not hearing from any insurance company, mine or the woman’s that hit me, I called her insurance. I have to say that USAA is super easy to work with, bordering on enjoyable. The representative I spoke with was very informative, easy to speak with, friendly, answered all of my questions without a single note of judgement in his voice. I had not expected that.

Within 15 minutes, the USAA rep had me set up with a USAA approved repair shop (which means USAA will guarantee the repairs) and Enterprise Car Rental. At some point today, I should hear from the people who deal with income loss as a result of the accident. I have to say I am feeling a bit less anxious about the whole thing.

After talking with the rep about the damages to the Prius and letting them know that I think there may have been some damage to the rear suspension in some way, he decided that we would put the Prius in the “unsafe to drive” category and he arranged for me to drop off the car asap at the repair shop. Enterprise was already waiting for me when I got there.

2015 Jetta from Enterprise

2015 Jetta from Enterprise

Enterprise put me in a 2015 Volkswagen Jetta. Its like learning how to drive a car all over, again, after driving the Prius for the last 4 months. I actually have to slide the shifter into gear and into park instead of bumping a joystick into gear and pushing a button to put it in park. I’m practicing starting from a stop, too. The Jetta wants to go from a complete stop to 60 mph at the slightest touch of the gas petal.

In order to use my phone in the Jetta, I will need to pick up an auxiliary cable since it does not have bluetooth, which is a bummer, but at least I have that option. I’ve gotten used to the center console, my command center, in the Prius. The center console, where I usually rest my elbow while driving, is so low in the Jetta, it’s useless as an arm rest. I actually think I like the Prius better than the Jetta. It could just be a comfort thing since I am so used to the Prius. At any rate, I am grateful that having to drop the Prius off for repairs is  not going to upset my work schedule at all.

Unfortunately, I still can’t drive for Uber. They are not ok with using a rental car. I think the worst part of having the rental car is that I have to cover the insurance for it, which is $36 a day. I hope they get the Prius done in a couple of days or this could get really expensive and I may need to talk with USAA about that.

Well, I have a clean today, so I had better get going. Have a great day, Everyone!


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2 Responses to Learning How to Drive, Again…

  1. Dad says:

    Do you have auto insurance and if you do does it cover the rental. If so that may get you out of having to cover the insurance. Also check with usaa as they may cover the insurance on the vehicle. I don’t think you should have to pay anything. LoveDad.

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    • I talked with my insurance company yesterday and my insurance covers the rental while the Prius is in the shop. I went to Enterprise and canceled their insurance so now I’m not having to pay for anything. Yay!


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