Transplants, Blooms, and Getting My License Back…

I have had so much time to just dawdle in garden this past week!! I am definitely loving being able to wake up and just wander out to the gardens and do whatever I feel needs doing or whatever it is that is actually in need of attention, without worrying about time. The sun was out all week, which, of course, just adds to the whole thing.

I've transplanted some pumpkins into their kiddie pool garden :)

I’ve transplanted some pumpkins into their kiddie pool garden 🙂

The sun is gone this week, with our temperatures plummeting from the 80’s to the mid/upper 50’s to lower 60’s. I think its going to be the type of Summer where temps go back and forth from super warm and sunny to rainy and much cooler. The pattern seems to be establishing itself. I could be wrong. We shall see.

The first Bachelor Button bloom of the year!!

The first Bachelor Button bloom of the year!!

My Alium isn't looking too happy where it is, but its still blooming!

My Allium isn’t looking too happy where it is, but its still blooming!

Whatever the weather has planned for us over the next few months, my plants seem to be loving the current conditions – bulbs are popping up, things are starting to bloom, and veggies are pushing their little bodies up toward the sun. I am loving that. Oh, how I love this time of year, with all of its growth and promise of more.

In my excitement with how everything is doing, I have possibly started way more plants than I have room for or the ability to take care of. I have offered up pumpkin plants to the neighbor and my best friend, so the extras on that have found homes. I’m starting to think I may have planted too many sunflowers, as well. I know. TOO many sunflowers?? Is there such a thing? Obviously, not in my book, regardless of room or available pots/dirt.

My Lupine sprouts...

My Lupine sprouts…

I started to transplant my Lupine yesterday. Yes, I know you are not supposed to transplant Lupine due to its tap-root, but mine are small enough that I don’t believe their tap roots are developed enough to be damaged by the move. Fingers are crossed!

So, it has become apparent to me that I did not explain very well the whole Lance’s accident in October, insurance company (State Farm), and my license being suspended thing. I’ll try to clear things up.

In October, Lance got into an accident: he hit another vehicle. Lance has had a suspended license for quite a few years due to unpaid tickets. All of the vehicles we own are in my name so he can still drive to work with his tools and with a reduced risk of him being pulled over since if the plates on the vehicle are ran, it comes up as me and licensed. Risky, not ideal, I know, and it’s not the way I like things to be, but this is part of just trying to keep things moving forward in my world. Unfortunately, since he is unlicensed and the vehicle is in my name, financial responsibility falls on me, not him, in the eyes of the law. That said, financial responsibility for the accident he got in is mine. State Farm, the insurance company of the vehicle Lance hit, is very rigid on their payment plans for paying off a debt owed to them due to an accident with one of their clients. The amount they want down to start payments and release my license so I may have it reinstated is a lot: $850. Since that amount is not something I can easily put together in my world at this time, my license was suspended.

I did not receive notice of the suspension, but found out about it when I went to the military joint base to pick up a pass to get on base so I could pick up a Uber client. Thankfully, I did not find out my license was suspended with a client in the car. It was a shock and quite devastating to find out.

I called State Farm to find out how to set up payments with them and get documentation stating that a payment plan had been agreed upon, signed by both State Farm and myself. The documentation is what I need to take to the Department of Licensing in order to reinstate my license. Since State Farm is completely inflexible about payment plans that include documentation, it looked like I was not going to be able to get my license back any time soon. This would mean returning the Prius, since I would not be able to drive for Uber, which is how I make my weekly car payment and my insurance payment. Quite honestly, my license being suspended could affect a whole lot of my life.

After sitting with this for about a week, and not being able to find a viable solution, I was beginning to lose hope in a whole lot of areas. I have worked really hard to get things going in a positive direction. Part of that has been working on my credit. Having to return the Prius would not reflect well on my credit. Neither would Xchange Leasing having to come take the Prius back due to non-payment. I really felt stuck. Really stuck.

My mind kept working on the problem, trying to come up with a solution that wasn’t going to just make things even worse in the long run, when one possible solution came to me: perhaps I could borrow the money from the guy (Cayle) I do move out cleans for. This possible solution was something I really had to sit with for a minute. I wasn’t exactly comfortable with the idea of asking Cayle for a loan. It’s not that I thought he would be unfair with the terms or outwardly judgemental, but more about adding this into our business relationship. Plus, would the payments I would have to make to Cayle eat too much into our ‘staying alive’ income was something I really had to consider. I gave Cayle a call.

We spent about an hour talking about it. I explained what had happened and what I needed, moneywise, to get things rolling, again. We discussed the loan, what payments would look like, what this loan would look like with interest and all that, and what was fair to both Cayle and myself. I needed this conversation to determine whether or not it would be a wise choice of action to take a loan from Cayle. After talking terms and all, we went ahead with the loan. I borrowed enough to get payments with State Farm going with documentation, reinstate my license, and to make a car payment since I am, as of today, two payments behind. I’ll have to spend a lot of time driving for Uber to get completely caught up, but making the one payment eases the load a little bit.

So, today, after I finish this post, I am calling State Farm to get the ball rolling. Provided everything goes well, I should have my license back by the end of day tomorrow, which means I will be able to start driving for Uber, again, along with all of the other benefits to my world having my license back brings with it. Again, this is not an ideal situation, but it is the best I could come up with to keep things continuing to move forward in my world…left foot, right foot, repeat.


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