Dealing With My Social Anxiety, Working on Getting the Gardens Ready…

Its been a really emotionally mangled type of week. I can’t say that anything is going wrong, because I can’t think of anything I would classify that way. I’ve just been processing the emotional stress that stems from my social anxiety, which has been triggered by driving for Uber.

I kind of knew this would come around when I started driving for Uber. Its part of the reason I have been trying to ease into it. I know I’m nowhere near as anxious as I was when I first started a month ago, but the anxiety is still there. That’s ok, though. I think I’m ready to start driving more.

One thing that I am going to be getting is a Garmin GPS deviceĀ here real soon to help with some of the anxiety of driving for Uber. While Google Maps and Waze are great, they work off of the cell towers, which get busy, especially during events like concerts, and aren’t always super accurate. Since Garmin doesn’t work off the cell towers, it should be a lot more accurate. Having navigation screw up is super aggravating and anxiety causing, especially when I have a client in the car. The unit I really want is around $200, but Garmin has a smaller unit (5 in screen as opposed to a 7 in screen) that doesn’t cost quite as much (around $120). I’ll upgrade later, if I find the need to.

I’ve taken the last three days off from driving at all. I needed to get right with myself, again – do something to feed my soul. Of course, with Spring so darn close (24 days), this means that I was doing gardening stuffs. I have to admit this makes me want to do nothing else. There is so much to get done in the gardens and I always feel so darn good while I’m doing it.

I’ve decided to steal the kiddie pool from the dogs and plant my vegetable garden in it. I’ll get the doggers a new pool since Wal-Mart has one about the same size as the one I’m stealing from them for $7. I scrubbed the pool of its winter growth with vinegar water and started that painting process:

my swimming pool vegetable garden in process...

my swimming pool vegetable garden in process…

I didn’t paint the bottom because I didn’t see the point in doing so. I’m going to pick up some green paint, then tape off and spray the vertical ribbing in green. I think I’m going to spray the top edge of the pool green, as well. After that, I’ll drill some holes in the bottom for drainage and fill the pool with dirt.

I have some white sweet corn seeds, broccoli, radishes (Lance loves radishes), carrots in a variety of colors, and tomatoes. I also have planted some pumpkin seeds and cantaloupe seeds in one of my little greenhouses, but I think I will need a different pool or two for those. Oh! And poblano peppers.

I want to get 4 in or larger PVC pipes to do some vertical gardening with. I’m thinking lettuce and spinach in one, maybe some peas and beans in another. I was thinking it might be fun to try to grow potatoes in one, though I’m not sure how that would work, or how well. As you can see, I’m still working it out.

I also want to try growing cucumbers on a trellis. I saw a pin on Pinterest showing cucumber growing on a trellis that was mounted at an angle so the cucumber plants would shade the lettuce under it. I’m sure I’ll think of other things to grow this way, as well. I’d love to try to grow the cantaloupe and pumpkins this way, but I don’t think that would work out so well since these both get some good weight to them, especially the pumpkins.

Well, I’m going to go spend some me time since I’ll be driving later today. Have a great one, Everyone!!!


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