43 Days Until Spring…

How Many Days Until Spring...

How Many Days Until Spring…

Spring is sooo close!! I’m excited! The pictures of what the gardens will look like this year have been swimming around in my head for quite a bit now but I have been trying to not get too focused on it. Focusing too much on the approach of Spring seems to just make it that much harder to wait for. It seems to be helping to keep me out of complete discontent with the weather and cold, though it doesn’t seem to quell the excitement and desire to get out into the dirt and make things pretty.

Lance has been doing some work with our dear friends. They are doing a clean-up, update, and beautify on a house. The budget on this one isn’t super but work is work and Lance seems to be happy to be working on something that is a bit closer to his main skill set than just cleaning. This makes me happy, as well.

On this job, there were a bunch of larger plant pots, some buckets, and some yard art type planters. I was told I could have anything I wanted so I loaded up the Jeep with a bunch of it. This, of course, adds to the excitement of approaching Spring. I’m not really a yard art type of girl – most of it seems…tacky to me, but there were a few yard art planters I just had to have. One is a wheelbarrow type thing that has a spot for a planter, and the other two are bees that hold a pot. I have to admit I love the bees. They’re sooo cute!

I have some ideas for the things I brought home. The bees, though extremely adorable as they are, I think need to be repainted. They’ve seen some weather and their coloring is a bit worn. I think repainting them will be fun. The rest of the planters/pots have also seen some weather and I think I can do something with them to make them more visually appealing. Since these are the resin type pots, I think maybe some spray paint for plastic is the way to go. Maybe I’ll get creative with those instead of just giving them a coating or two. We will see what I come up with.

I’ve been spending a bit of time on Pinterest, lately, pinning all the plant type pins to my gardening hacks and ideas board. I’ve also come across quite a few DIY garden decorating stuff that I think I just might have to give a try. There is one for making those mirrored gazing globes, something I have been attracted to since the first time I saw one but could never justify the cost of buying. They can be a little on the costly side, in my opinion. Maybe I’ll do a walk-through with photos. We’ll see. I know I’m going to be super busy with cleaning and driving, but I have decided that the only way to hold onto sanity through it all is to give myself the time to garden and be creative. What’s that saying about the best laid plans? 🙂

I have someone coming to look at the Jeep today. If they are happy with it, they are going to put some money down to hold it until their tax return comes in. I have to admit that part of me will be sad to see the Jeep go when it does, but I also know that it is what needs to happen. It just isn’t gas efficient and I’m trying to save some money. Fun vehicles will come later. Besides, a minivan has always seemed to work the best for all that we do.

Well, I’m off to face the day!! Have a great one, Everyone!!


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