Uber and AC/DC Concert…

The Tacoma Dome

The Tacoma Dome

Last night was crazy!! The AC/DC concert definitely provided a bunch of ride requests, most of which were in surge zones. Surge zones are areas where there is a high demand for rides, so the base fare goes up, starting at 1.2x the base fare on up. I’ve seen it as high as 3.9x, though I know it does go higher. I’m not sure what the surge was at for my last client last night (early this morning), but when I saw the end fare amount this morning, my eyes nearly fell out of my head. Last night, I covered my car payment for this coming Monday, plus a bit. Total time spent out Uber-ing: around 8 hours. I was making about $28/hr. Woot!!

I have to admit that the post-concert driving was a bit more challenging, frustrating, but it is also where I made most of the money last night. Black Sabbath is this Saturday and Sunday, so I’ll definitely get back out in concert traffic, then. So far, I’m enjoying this whole Uber thing and, each time I drive, the nervousness lessens a little bit.

If there is anything that I have to complain about with this driving gig is the navigation programs. Through the Uber Partner app, you have the choice of choosing either Waze or Google Maps as your navigation program. I converted to Waze a few years ago when Google Maps started really messing up its direction, ending me in places nowhere near where I wanted to go.

I hadn’t had any problems with Waze until I started driving for Uber. Waze has created a few interesting (not in a good way) navigational errors over the past week of using it, which I mentioned in a previous post. Some of its end location routing is “as the crow flies” and not something that can be accomplished with a car. Last night, I just let my clients know that the navigation was apparently overwhelmed by all of the concert traffic so let me know if the way it was taking us didn’t seem right and I would defer to them for directions. No one seemed to be upset about this. In fact, everyone seemed to be more than willing to give directions when/if needed. I really haven’t had any clients that have been difficult, which is nice.

My last ride last night was fun. I picked up three guys from the concert and they were a complete hoot! They obviously had a great time at the concert. One of them flirted with me for most of the almost hour drive. He was very disappointed that I am happily married, but this also did not deter him from flirting. It was fun. After dropping him off at around 1am, I headed home.

You would think that I would have been super tired, able to just fall down into bed and fall fast asleep, but this is not how it went. I spent about an hour reconnecting with home and reading a bit before being able to fall asleep. The only part that really sucked about that was that my husband was sleeping (a good thing, considering the time) so I didn’t have him to blab about my night to. Oh well. It was a good night and I’m looking forward to this weekend’s concerts.

Have a great day, Everyone!!


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  1. Dad says:

    Sounds like uber is working for you.

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