Job in Poulsbo, Test Driving Vehicles for Uber Lease Option…

Poulsbo Job, January 2016

Poulsbo Job, January 2016

The trip out to Poulsbo for work was nice. It was really great to get out of here for a minute. It was so relaxing out there…no city noise, minimal traffic sounds from the random passing car, fresh air, great friends, minimal phone reception (mostly just texts and notifications), no internet access. I love when the things I do to bring money in take me to places like this.

The house that I did some work in is 128 years old, with its very own ghost. I only had one run in with the ghost, but it was fine. I couldn’t get a door open and when I pointed out that I only had one hand to use (I had a sheet of tile in my other hand), I felt the door push in toward me then swing away and open. I was the only alive person in the house at the time and the door is a glass door, meaning I could see through to the other side of it. How’s that for fun?

The tile went in nicely, though I do not think this is a tile I would ever pick as a backsplash in my own kitchen. It just looks too hard to clean, adequately. Anyway, I’m pleased with the end result:

Poulsbo kitchen tile job

Poulsbo kitchen tile job

My hands ache a bit from this job but I really enjoyed doing it. I think the owner (who I never did actually meet) will be pleased when he sees it.

Poulsbo kitchen

Poulsbo kitchen

Poulsbo kitchen

Poulsbo kitchen

Poulsbo kitchen

Poulsbo kitchen







It was nice to come home, because, well, its home. It’s where all the me stuff is. The dogs were happy to see me, Mr. Achilles especially. He ended up pretty much pinning me against the wall while I slept. Guess he wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to escape in the middle of the night. Silly dog.

I went at looked at cars available for the leasing program through/for Uber. I test drove a 2015 Prius, a 2016 Corolla, and a 2016 Camry, in that order. The Prius was nice. It handled nicely, was a nice ride, and I’ve learned quite a bit more about how the Prius works. There are a million buttons in cars now.

The Corolla, though a very nice looking car, wasn’t quite as nice as the Prius. I hate to say it but the Corolla left me feeling that the vehicle was never going to hold up to the type of driving I was going to put it through. It’s not a bad vehicle. I don’t know. I guess it just felt more like the type of vehicle you might get your kid before they head off to college.

The Camry was really nice to drive. The ride itself didn’t really feel much different from the Prius. It definitely has more room than the Prius, as in you could probably fit three adults is the back fairly comfortably. After driving the Camry, it was a real toss-up between it and the Prius.

I ended up going with the Prius. Gas mileage really was the determining factor. I’ll pick it up on Monday, after they have a chance to install the GPS tracker in it. It needs to have the tracker so that Uber can ping the car to know my location so it knows which ride requests to send me are best. This whole thing feels a bit surreal. I’m so excited.

I’ve decided I’m going to sell the Jeep. As much as I love it, it is just not the right vehicle for me, at this time. Besides, it is going to need some front end work on it and I am just not going to have the time to do anything with it. Plus, that is just more out going money.

I have also decided to sell Lance’s truck. We talked about it and he agreed that it makes the most sense to do so. Once we have sold both vehicles, I plan on finding another Windstar. That will be the everything else vehicle, such as cleans, side work, etc. I want to keep the Prius just for Uber, as much as possible.

I also do not want to smoke in the Prius, so today and tomorrow are it. I have bought my last pack of cigarettes, today. I’m making changes for the better in my life and I think it would be stupid to keep giving into unhealthy, unproductive habits that eat into money, not to mention life quality. I know its going to be challenging, the habit is over 30 years old ( O.O ), but its something I’ve wanted to make happen for a long time and I have really huge, easily seen incentives to stay strong and make it through the stinking withdrawal symptoms. The fact that I am going to be pretty busy getting all of the rest of the Uber stuffs together and getting the Jeep and truck ready to sell is a really good thing right now and I think that will help.

Well, I’d better get to going with my day. Have a great one, Everyone!!!


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