Driving for a Second Income…

So, I’ve talked about getting a second job since we are in the slow season and I am really sick of winter always meaning struggling and stressing about money. My best friend works at H&R Block this time of year and encouraged me to apply, so I did. She talked with her supervisor, who has told her that they had tried to get a hold of me, but I have received not an email or phone call. Apparently, they are not quite organized for the season. Oh well.

I have been considering applying at Uber to drive. I have a long time friend that has been driving for them for about a year and a half, so I have picked his brain about his experience with driving people around and Uber. He has added Lyft to his driving, as well, which may be something I do as well, down the line. He does this part-time, in the evenings, after his real job. After talking with my friend, I feel this is something that would work out well for me, especially since there is no set schedule and I can drive when I want. Sure, there is a certain amount of driving they desire in order to keep you in the system, but it isn’t a lot and I believe I will have no problem fitting this in my schedule.

There is one thing that is standing in the way of working for either Uber or Lyft: a vehicle of the right age zone (nothing older than 2005). Uber offers a leasing program to their drivers. Lyft, currently, does not. I had looked into Breeze, as well, which does offer a lease program on a Prius. Breeze’s lease program payments are about the same as Uber’s (between $115 and $150), but Breeze’s lease has limited mileage (600/wk) while Uber does not. Uber offers a number of different vehicles to choose from. Payments are taken out of your pay before you get it. Sure, the lease is a bit steep in price, but…well, a girl has got to try to do what she can do to keep moving forward.

I applied to Uber, yesterday. They are doing my background check and will notify me when they have the results in a few days. The background check is what will determine if I qualify to lease a vehicle with them. My fingers are crossed. Though I have been improving my credit over the last couple of years, it’s still not awesome, though not horrible.

There are other things that will need to be taken care of if I am going to drive for Uber (or Lyft or Breeze), such as ride share insurance, a for-hire license, a couple of driving courses, an exam, etc, along with $250 to initiate the lease. I’m not exactly sure how I will come up with the money needed to get things rolling, but I’ll have to, and will, figure it out somehow. Again, a girl has to do what she has to do. Right?

Well, we are doing a clean up north today, so I had better go get myself ready to go. If anyone out there drives for any of these companies, I’d love to hear about what your experience has been like. Have a great day, Everyone!!!



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