Keep Right Expect to Pass…

Ok. I have to talk about this. Its really bugging me a lot. Its not like its anything life determining or anything like that, just something that crawls under my skin and makes me want to scream.

Why is it that NO ONE seems to understand the traffic law of ‘keep right except to pass,’ anymore?!?

I have seen posts on Facebook about it for about the last year or so, and have dealt with it a little bit during that time, but lately – Is no one teaching their kids about this little rule of traffic anymore?? Is it not taught in driving school? I’m sorry but, if your all the way over to the left side of the freeway, the speed limit is 60, and you’re only doing 55, get the hell over! If you’re driving along on the freeway, you have a lane to your right, and someone is quite obviously going faster than you are, regardless of whether or not you are going the speed limit, move over. Its really as simple as that but it seems that there isn’t anyone on the freeways anymore that seems to get it or feels that it applies to them.

We have been working up north a lot lately, so this means I am spending a lot more time on the freeway. The number of times I have to get over to the right to get around someone is absolutely dumbfounding. It is something that has begun to make me wish I had headache bars on the front of my Jeep to just shove these people out of the way.

We have a carpool/HOV lane here on most of our freeways. Its a great time saver when traffic is super heavy and moving at a crawl. Ususally, this lane moves quite a bit faster than the rest of traffic. I almost always have at least one person in the Jeep with me, and I have sort of come to consider the carpool lane my lane. Most of our carpool lanes require you to have 2 or more people in the car, a total of 2 people minimum (driver and passenger), with some requiring 3 or more. It seems that, along with the inability to get over to let someone pass, there are quite a few people that feel the rules of the carpool lane are subjective, as well. Traffic is going really slow through one part of the freeway, and its amazing how many single occupancy vehicles I will see get into the carpool lane to get around the traffic. What is worse is the single occupancy vehicles that will hop in the carpool lane, cutting you off and nearly causing an accident, and then go possibly a whole 5 mph faster than main stream traffic, with absolutely no one in front of them. I don’t know if these people think that their slowness means they are in stealth mode so no police officer will see that they are just a car of one or what, but it is unbelievably annoying. If you don’t want to be in mainstream traffic, get someone to carpool with you.

Ok. That’s my rant. Have a great day, Everyone!!


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1 Response to Keep Right Expect to Pass…

  1. Dad says:

    I share your frustration although I think this problem varies with geographical areas. I did not notice this problem in the Washington D. C. area. We do not have any HOV roads in the Toledo area and the left hand lanes are often the slowest lane on the road. However that may be more a factor of terrible road conditions. Driving int the right hand lane can be downright dangerous in some locations. Drive happy and relaxed and enjoy your day. Love Dad

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