An Uncomfortable Twist in Perspective, a Near Electrical Fire, and Coping with being Me…

Its been an interesting couple of days. Mostly, it’s just been the same old, same old, but, for some reason, it feels way different. I don’t know how to explain it, really. It’s been, or I’ve been, feeling different. It almost feels like something big is about to happen, though I couldn’t begin to tell you what or even if that something big is good or not so good. Maybe I’m just needing some sleep, something I’ve been getting but it hasn’t felt very restorative. Maybe its just getting back into the loop after having 5 days off.

The other night, a couple of nights ago, we almost had a fire. One of the circuits had flipped because I forgot to shut off the little supplemental heater we picked up before running the microwave. Since the circuit panel is in the hanger, having it flipped back means calling the landlord. Not a huge deal, but not super convenient. It was also really cold so waiting for our landlord to come over was not something we wanted to wait for at that time. We had an option to handle the situation. We unplugged Marv, our RV, and plugged the trailer into that cord.

We couldn’t use as much electricity being plugged in that way, but we made it work and could stay warm. We had a couple of brown outs, lights dimming then getting bright, again, without losing power. We just shut off whatever we didn’t absolutely need to have on and things seemed to even out. That night, I had gotten up to go potty and heard the electricity popping and sizzling outside. I woke up Lance, who streaked out to unplug us, which is a good thing since he told me afterward that he actually had to kick out a small fire that had started. Super scary. This was about 2 o’clock in the morning and it was in the upper teens that night. We went without heat for the rest of the night. Thankfully, I have a wonderful down comforter, so we didn’t freeze. It was 46 degrees in the trailer when we woke up later that morning, around 7am. That was Sunday night.

Monday was back to work. I had a chiropractor appointment that morning so we didn’t get an early start. By the time we made it to the condo complex to clean the common areas, I was ready to be done with my day. I don’t know why, if the event of the previous evening had just mucked up my motivation for the day or what, but the day just seemed to have slipped by me without me noticing. We did a couple of buildings and went home. We have two days to do the common area and we usually get it done in one, so we decided to just start over the next day.

Yesterday morning, I woke up grumpy. The discontent had wrapped itself around me like a straight jacket. Within an hour of waking up, I knew that the mood had attached itself to me, leech-style, and was sucking any ability to change it right out of me. I resolved to just keep my mouth shut to avoid creating damage with the razor-sharp tongue that I can have with this mood. The mood was bad enough. I didn’t need to cause damages.

Now, yesterday went off without a hitch. Nothing went wrong, nothing challenging presented itself. In that respect, it was a great day. Unfortunately, the mood kept me from being able to enjoy the ease and flow of it. I was not fit for human consumption, even my own. All I wanted to do was go home, crawl into one of my books and leave this day behind like a bad dream. After we finished our buildings and washed our laundry, that is exactly what I did while Lance took the dogs for a walk.

Today, so far, seems to be just another day. There is a slight residue left over from the blood-letting of the discontent leeches, but I’m certain they are gone. Thankfully, I have today off so I can just be gentle with myself and recover from it. I do feel a bit out of sorts today, which I don’t like, but I think if I just lose myself in a book, I’ll be ok. I think napping may be a really good plan, today, also.

On an up note, my son has been going to a temp agency the last few days and finding work. He was sent out to a landfill the first day and has gone back to that same job yesterday and today. He was told that they may hire him on full-time in a couple of weeks. He is making $50-$60 a day right now, but if they hire him on, he will be making $20 an  hour. What a nice way to step into first time employment (not the landfill part, but the money part). My son wants a PS4, so that is his first goal with the money he is making. After that, I’ll start throwing some financial responsibility his way. I’m really proud of him.

Well, I’m going to go read. It’s where I want to be right now. Have a great day, Everyone!!


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Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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