Still Cold with Hopes of Change, Amazing Day Hiking, Dog Booties…

The cold continues...

The cold continues…

The cold is holding on tight around here. The sun is out every day, but its still cold and even colder at night. NOAA is forecasting that tonight is going to be the bone chilling lower 20’s, again, slightly warmer tomorrow night at 31 degrees, and, then, the nights begin to warm up with temperatures in the 40’s for a few nights. Is it almost Spring, yet?

The hike on Tiger Mountain Trail South with my friend, yesterday, was great. The whole day was amazing, restorative, centering. Google Maps threw us some bad info for getting to the actual trailhead itself, but we figured it out and didn’t have to walk too far out of our way and back before finding it. At the top, there was a wonderful 180 degree view of the Olympics and Puget Sound area. This is where I would insert a photo into things, but the new WordPress format is more than frustrating and I can’t seem to figure out how to make it text wrap around a photo.

Wait. I just figured out how to get back into the old admin page. Inserting photos works

View from the top of Tiger Mountain Trail South

View from the top of Tiger Mountain Trail South

here. Now, to upload some photos from yesterday. I didn’t take many. I was too busy enjoying chatting with my friend. She is such an incredible person. She has one of those souls that just radiates from her through her heart. I’d hug her a million times, if that wasn’t too creepy.

Today has been all about being super lazy. I’ve read a little, played a little on my phone, watched a movie with my husband, and, now that it has warmed up to something a little more reasonable (a whopping 36 degrees!), writing. My plans following this are more reading with the possibility of a nap. Back to the left foot, right foot march tomorrow.

Lance is out, taking the dogs for a walk. He needed to wait until the ground wasn’t completely frosted over so their little paws don’t freeze. He likes to walk for hours and the poor babies have been coming home with frozen, aching feet. No frostbite, which is good. Lance, half jokingly, said we would need to get them some little booties. I, personally, don’t see that going well with our pack. I see each one working on getting them off while he is attempting to boot up the next one. I could be wrong, but I doubt we shall find out. I just can’t bring myself to buy shoes for our dogs, especially with the miles they put on.

Perhaps I have that backwards. Maybe I should be thinking getting them little dog booties is the right thing to do since they walk so many miles each day. Maybe I’m over thinking it. I don’t know. I have pretty much always found dog clothing to be quite ridiculous (my opinion. do what you do), booties and hats to be the worst of the worst. They are dogs, not children, even if we treat them as so. I guess its something I need to roll around a bit longer.

Well, my fingers are beginning to get stiff from the cold. I’m headed in. Have a great day, Everyone!!


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