Crock Pot Turkey, Lance is Home, Unhealthy Family Dynamics, Working on Post about Goals…

I looked up how to cook a turkey (well, a turkey breast) in a slow cooker. I want to make some form of turkey for Thanksgiving this year and I don’t really trust my oven to do that right. My stove is temperamental, at best, but it is old, almost as old as me, so I can’t really be too upset about it. At least it works, for many things. It’s just a matter of figuring out the time, mostly, since the temperature seems to fluctuate a bit. There is more to it, but it comes down to not being confident a turkey, or most baked goods, will turn out correctly and be edible.

Lance came home the day before yesterday. He will not be going back to his brother’s. It’s not a healthy situation, and a lot of that has to do with life-long family dynamics that are emotionally abusive. Any time that Lance has gone to his brother’s to do some work, he comes home feeling pretty close to worthless. Sure, there have been a couple of times when they have had a day or two where things are ok, but that can actually be worse, because it doesn’t last.

Lance’s brother, is a successful business owner. His business makes a lot of money and this has given him a real chip of superiority on his shoulder. He tends to belittle Lance in a somewhat sideways manner, cushioned with the dressings of trying to give helpful information. You see, Lance’s brother is the type that believes that he has everything figured out and if you don’t agree with him, then you don’t matter and just don’t want to ‘fix’ your issues. This level of tunnel vision and attitude of superiority are a couple of the reasons I really do not like his brother. The fact that it comes with a lot of abusive language (‘you’re such a victim’), honed into vulnerable spots that only family is capable of finding, makes me want absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with him.

Now, I’m one that is quite open to learning new ways of trying to overcome my own roadblocks, whether they be self-imposed or ones I picked up along the way from others. I’ve listened to some of the methods that Lance’s brother applies in his own life in an attempt to deal with his own life scarrings. I listen enough to be able to then research it on the internet. I want the clean representation as opposed to someone else’s, Lance’s brother or otherwise, perspective of the information. There are many times I walk away from researching the information feeling like Lance’s brother has manipulated the information to fit his own liking. That’s my opinion, right or wrong, which could be jaded by my dislike of the man.

Anyway, Lance is home and working on picking up the pieces of himself that his brother obliterated. I don’t think he is really ready to be back home. Visit, yes. Back to the everyday happenings of being home, not so much. I’m not sure I’m ready to have him home. But, again, here we are, just having to figure it out to the best of our ability and hope that we are a little bit better at it than we were before he went to his brother’s.

I sent out a request, recently, on here for topics to write about. My dad suggested the topic of goals, goal setting, goal achievement plan. It was the only topic suggestion that I received, so I have been working on that post. I have to admit that I have not been working on it with the vigor I would usually apply to such a task, but I think that has a lot more to do with the goings on in my world than the topic. The topic is actually quite interesting, from what I have gathered, so far. I have today and tomorrow off, so I hope to get that put together before the week is out. Of course, there are about a ton of other things I need to get done with the time off, as well, but I am making this one somewhat of a priority.

With that, I had better get going on some of the chores I have placed in front of me so I can get back to writing my post about goals. Have a great day, Everyone!!


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4 Responses to Crock Pot Turkey, Lance is Home, Unhealthy Family Dynamics, Working on Post about Goals…

  1. Brenda says:

    How did the turkey turn out? I make whole chicken in crock pot every so often. You don’t get the crispy skin but it’s great to throw a frozen bird in before we go to work and it is nice and juicy when we get home. Kind of like a Rotisserie Chicken. I then use the leftover stock for soup. Once I took leftovers to work and everyone wanted to know how I cooked it. They could not believe it was just in the crock pot.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, I haven’t tried it, yet. Just looked up if it were a possibility. I’m waiting for Thanksgiving to actually cook one. The whole chicken in the crock pot sounds delicious!! I am not sure why, but I have never tried that. It’s probably because I’m not super proficient with the crock pot. Well, at least I have little experience with cooking much in one. I’m starting to find out what things I can make in a crock pot if for no other reason than it gives me more options for making dinner, especially on the days that are long and the idea of cooking dinner at the end of it makes me want to throw a tempertantrum. 😉 Thanks, Sister!! xo


      • Brenda says:

        Let me know if you need any hints. We started “Crock pot Tuesdays” because I am usually only home for 15mins to eat. One thing I did, because my crackpots don’t have delayed starts function, I got a wall timer that you use to turn on and off your lights and use that to delay the start. That way it is not cooking for 12 hrs. But only works with the knob versions where you have low or high.

        Good luck.according to Pintrest there is nothing you can’t do in a crock pot.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh! I’m sure that I’ll probably need hints along the way, for sure. Thank you!! Thanks for the wall timer hint, too! I have the hi/lo knob type of crock pot, as well. I have worried about the whole cooking all day, beyond what is desired due to work schedule. That helps a lot!! Love you!!


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