Feeling Grumple…

Oh my gosh can I feel that I haven’t written in days! I am feeling so incredibly scatter brained. I have really got to stop making myself feel like there isn’t time available to write in the mornings, or otherwise, because I’m now walking the dogs instead of Lance. Man, I wish I shifted gears a bit better.

So, I never have gone to pick up some books to read. Lance came home this past weekend, so that sort of threw me off my game plan. Not that it was a bad thing. It was actually a really great weekend. It’s not that we did anything special or anything like that. It was just nice to get to see Lance, we got along really well, and had some really great conversations.

Yesterday, I felt completely grumpy all day. I have no idea why. Perhaps it was a result of the time change or something. Anyway, I accomplished so much less than I wanted to yesterday and came to the realization that going to find a book was something I just wasn’t going to feel like I had the time to schedule in so I headed over to Amazon and found a couple of books there.

Usually, I feel like I need to hold the book, thumb through it a bit, read the back cover before I can choose a book, but I had to let that go. I have always loved Stephen King books and Dean Koontz so I just searched those two authors and picked mostly at random. Its been so long since I have read and I have read so many of King’s and Koontz’s books that I sometimes forget which ones I have read and which ones I haven’t. I picked Innocence by Dean Koontz and Different Seasons by Stephen King. They will be here tomorrow and I am really looking forward to reading them. I’m certain that getting back into reading will leave me feeling more like going to find a new book is more of a priority than just a desire, meaning I won’t feel like there isn’t the time for it.

Snoqualamie Falls October 2015

Snoqualamie Falls October 2015

We have been getting a lot of rain this past week. I stole the photo to the right off of Facebook, last night. It’s such a great representation of the amount of rain we get here and the effect it has on…well, everything, honestly. The freeways have been flooding some and this, of course, causes traffic to be horrible at times when it normally wouldn’t be. All of this rain, and the intensity with which it has come down, has revealed areas of the 5th wheel that need better coverage. This is frustrating but…well, I guess it is what it is, I just get sick of always having to find the solutions to the events of home life.

That’s another thing. I am finding that I am having a really hard time just being good with living this way. I am grateful that I have what I have, and know that it could always be much, much worse, but I have really grown tired of everything that goes along with living in travel trailers and rvs, especially the age of the ones we are in. There is always something that needs attending to, it seems.

I’m going to go. I seems to be able to write nothing but complaints and that isn’t helpful. Hopefully, I will be able to get past this yuck I’m feeling and find the more content places inside of me, again. Have a great day, Everyone!!!


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