EGGNOG!!, Chiropractic Re-Evaluation, Groupon Daydreaming…

EGGNOG IS HERE!!!! I love eggnog. By the end of the holiday season, I am wondering why egg nog isn’t around all year. My daughter and I even have a tradition with egg nog. Every year, since she was little little, the moment egg nog comes out (or that we first see it in the store), we buy a quart of it (usually Darigold. We are a bit picky) and drink that thick, creamy deliciousness together on the way home. Sure, our bellies are gorged and somewhat uncomfortable by the time we get home, but we don’t care. So delicious.

This year, this touchstone of the holiday season won’t be happening, which would bring me a drop of sadness if I wasn’t so comfortable with how her life is going for her, right now. She is starting a great job at the end of November, moving in with her boyfriend ( a really great guy that keeps her smiling and laughing and completely adores her), and her health has finally worked out the kinks and she is feeling good. Yeah, things seem to be right on course for her. It’s so wonderful.

I, of course, bought some eggnog yesterday. When I got home, I took a picture of the eggnog and sent it to her with the note “Wish you were here. Yum.” She responded with a ‘so not fair.’ Without a thought, I sent her a text addressed to her boyfriend: “Take your girl to go get some eggnog and drink it in the car with her on the way home!” He agreed. The tradition has been passed on. YAY! This guy has now been a part of two of our traditions: pumpkin patch and eggnog. I think he may just be around for a while.

I had a chiropractor appointment, yesterday. The chiropractor had done a re-evaluation on Tuesday. He let me know yesterday that my treatment plan looks like this: 3 more weeks of twice a week, followed by 4 weeks of once a week, and 6 more weeks of massage. So, seven more weeks of treatment. I have to admit that this pleases me.

The chiropractic work has definitely done some great things for my back, and I am a glutton for massage, which has also had its benefits. I have found myself frustrated with the time it takes for these appointments. It’s over an hour of time that has started to feel like a major inconvenience.

It’s not that I feel like I have stopped having any real benefit from the appointments, because I am grateful that I have them, many times looking forward to them because I know they will make me feel better. I schedule the appointments at the time most convenient for me but…well…I don’t know. I guess its more of a having to stop my everyday life for these appointments that has me feeling so ready to be done with them, despite not a whole lot going on in my life.

This also means my lawyer will be able to move forward with my case. I guess this is really what it comes down to. There is something in my life that feels stuck in limbo and I hate that feeling. The accident keeps poking its nose in to my life. I’m ready to close that chapter in my life. Having the appointments over with will allow me to do just that, for the most part. Sure, the lawyer has his work to do still, but I believe that doesn’t involve me much, if at all, until the very end.

I’ve been looking at Groupon the last few days. My best friend and I were looking on there the other day after I had mentioned looking for dog harnesses on Amazon. She had seen some on Groupon for a great price. There are really some amazing deals on Groupon. It’s a great place for me to go and daydream about doing different things, experiencing this or that, formulating plans on little get aways for my husband and me, planning stuff with my best friend.

A couple of things my best friend and I talked about doing are painting and wine, and some local ghost tours, like the Pierce County Asylum, a temporary morgue during the World Wars. My husband won’t do the scary stuff, which I love to do, so knowing my best friend is on board with me for these things is awesome. Gives me an outlet. We are both at the point where we really want to go do and see stuff around us. We have both lived here for over 20 years and don’t feel like we have seen much of where we live. OH! And there is an urban scavenger hunt we are talking about doing, as well. YAY!

Well, that’s it for me today. Have a great one, Everyone!!!


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