The Dishes, The Dreaded Desk, Weird Weather, Story Brewing…

My entire kingdom for a dishwasher!! Ugh. I really hate doing dishes. Since everyone else in my family here hates them, as well, they tend to be a bit overwhelming by the time I get to them. I try to reason with myself that dishes that are ‘overwhelming’ in our situation are nothing in comparison to if we were living in a house. Granted, if we were living in a house, we would have a dishwasher, whether it had one when we moved in or we had to install one ourselves. Anyway, dishes are on my list of chores to get done today.

I still need to clean off my desk. This, apparently, is something that has become like the dishes: something I know must be done despite my severe lack of desire to do it. I’m not certain why the desk has become such a bane to accomplish for me but it has. Maybe it’s because it is so time-consuming and it is super easy for me to be distracted by some of the things I run into while I am cleaning it. “Oh! I was wondering where that (fill in the blank) was,” “I should empty all of that out, too and reorganize it,” “Wait. I was going to look that one thing up on the computer.  I better do it while I’m thinking of it,” and the next thing I know, the whole day is gone.

Lance is going to go do the laundry as soon as he gets back from taking the dogs out for a hike. At least that is one less thing I must do. By the time he gets done with the laundry, and I get done with the dishes, it will be time to feed my son and the dogs so we can head up to Kirkland to do the windows, inside and out, at an office up there. A couple of hours, so not too bad. The downside for me is it is at night. I don’t like working at night really. I get tired. The sun sets, I’m in ‘done’ mode. Oh well. I had better get over that if I am going to be adding a second income to my case load. I’ll undoubtedly be doing quite a bit of evening work. We shall see and I will just make it work.

These somewhat gothic-looking mushrooms are growing right outside my gate

These somewhat gothic-looking mushrooms are growing right outside my gate

We are halfway through October, now, and my berry plants are trying to produce berries. The raspberries had a clump of berries on them last week, and the strawberries I cut back are producing more leaves and one berry that I doubt will reach its full potential. My catnip is throwing out new leaves, along with the lemon balm. The feverfew…well, it’s just taking off like it was Spring or something. You just have to love the mood swings of the Pacific Northwest weather. I’m beginning to wonder if my feeling that this winter is going to be a rough one is wrong. I know its only been Fall for just under a month, but…I don’t know. It is starting to just have this feel that it’s not going to be much of a winter and things may continue to grow, somewhat. Should be interesting, if it goes that way.

I think I am going to have us carve our pumpkins next weekend. I hate carving them too early. I have had wonderfully carved pumpkins not make it to Halloween, before, and it is quite the let down. I am doing mine a bit differently this year. Of course, once the pumpkins have been carved, I’ll share on here.

Well, I could go on and on about this, that, everything, and nothing, but the dishes definitely won’t get done that way. Or the desk. Or anything else, for that matter. On a side note, I have been having a book idea begin to brew in my head. Its nothing I would have thought would be something I might write, but, for the past three or four days, the story has been presenting itself in snippets that create beautiful pictures in my head. Somewhere, somehow, I am going to have to find the time to write some of it down, some of the snippets, and see where it takes me.

Have a great day, Everyone!!!


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