Deep Clean at Home, What to do With the Van, Stalker Schools…

I had every intention of writing yesterday. I had the day off and the plan was to just casually make it through the day. Lance took the dogs out for a hike (I wasn’t feeling like going with. I really was going to just be lazy all day) and about 4 seconds after they were gone, I looked around the trailer and thought ‘oh my god. no one is here. no one will be in my way. I can really get this place clean,’ so that is what I did.

Yeah, its only a 20 foot travel trailer, which means it shouldn’t take so long, but I ended up taking a good portion of the day to make my way through it. I didn’t just do a straighten up and organize a little clean. I deep cleaned – move everything out of one area and clean the crud out of it, re-organize everything as I put it back, one item at a time, wiping each thing down first. I love the way it feels right after I get done cleaning like that. Sure, in such a small space it doesn’t last long, but…well, cleaning like I did yesterday just makes it that much easier to stay on top of it until the next time I deep clean. I function so much better when things are clean and organized.

I haven’t re-started listening to Rising Strong by Brene Brown. I didn’t listen to anything while I worked on Wednesday or yesterday while cleaning my home. I guess I just needed to be present in my life for a bit. I have the day off today so maybe I’ll re-start Rising Strong today. Or tomorrow while I work. I have some more things I want to try to get done around here, still, like cleaning off my side of the desk, but we will see how the day unfolds.

My daughter is really needing a car. She will be moving in the next few of months, into her own place, no roommate (maybe her boyfriend). She starts a new job at the end of November and it isn’t very far from where she is living now so her options of where to move are somewhat limited. Unfortunately, she is living in an area that is a bit expensive. She is a bit worried about the whole thing. Having a car would give her more moving options but she can’t afford to buy a car and I can’t afford to help her into one. Frustrating.

I wish the Ford Windstar I got hit by the moving truck in was something I could just go through, fix what needs fixing, and give to her. Sure, it’s a minivan, but it gets great gas mileage (20 mpg in town, 25 mpg on the freeway) and my daughter would be tickled pink just to have something to drive. I think the frame may have been bent in the accident so that kind of takes that off the table, I think.

I’m also not sure that I can do anything with the van until after my lawyer is done with the case. I guess I need to check into that with him. If I can get it fixed, as in it doesn’t cost a bunch, and then give it to my daughter, then that is what is going to happen. I have my fingers somewhat crossed on this, though I don’t have a lot of faith in being able to have that end the way I want it to. I guess I’ll find out. It would be nice to not have the van just sitting off the driveway.

I had forgotten that when you start looking into schools, wanting information about different courses, that the schools then begin to stalker call you. Why can’t they just send me the info in the mail? One school calls three or four times a day. I don’t answer because I really don’t want to talk to anyone, yet. The second you start talking with someone from a school, they pretty much start enrolling you. I’m not ready for enrollment. I just want the info in front of me from the different schools I have looked at for the different directions I am thinking of going so I can look them over, make a decision, and formulate a plan to make it happen. This stalker calling thing almost turns me off of school. It definitely delays things. I hate hard sellers.

Anyway, I’m going to go start my day, doing whatever it is I get to today. I think I’m going to start with the desk. Have a great day, Everyone!!!


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