Pumpkin Patch 2015, A Perfect Day…

Yesterday was such an amazing day!! Everything went absolutely perfectly and I ended up back at home completely satisfied and peaceful. We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday.

I called up my daughter the other day and told her we needed to schedule some time to go to the pumpkin patch. I had been thinking a little bit later in the month but my daughter wanted to go this weekend. She has been dating someone for a little bit so I asked her if she wanted to bring him. It seems like he will be around for a while so it only seems right to start bringing him into the family traditions, something I am trying to get myself back into. He agreed and we set up the time and day.

I let my son know what the plan was and asked him if he wanted to go. He agreed, so I asked him if he wanted to bring his girlfriend. They haven’t been dating for very long but I figured ‘why not?’ He asked if she wanted to go, she agreed, he let her know when. I have to admit that having this day planned made me smile. Now, to make it to the day and hope everyone likes each other.

Meeting up at the pumpkin patch

Meeting up at the pumpkin patch

We met a little after noon at the pumpkin patch I have been taking the kids to since they were very little. The kids got to know each other for a little bit before we headed in. It was clear from the start that these four were going to get along like long time friends. YAY!

They may be adults but they have held on to their inner child quite nicely, if even only just for me

They may be adults but they have held on to their inner child quite nicely, if even only just for me

I, of course, was the last one to find the pumpkin I wanted. I usually am. I have to find the one that says “Here I am,” and that can take a minute. That’s ok. It gave us all a chance to interact with each other in a low pressure situation. It was really great. I even got the kids to pose in one of those cut outs for me. Yep, I was smiling, and not just because of the shenanigans that occurred arranging themselves in the cut out for me.

After we all had our pumpkins, we headed over for the weigh and pay. The kids wanted to do the corn mazes so I wandered around and took some pictures of pumpkins and then just waited outside the mazes for them. I don’t do corn mazes anymore. I got lost in one when the kids were little, slightly panicked and made my way out through the side of the maze. I know I should just make myself go in and get over it, but I think letting the four kids go in by themselves was the perfect idea. Give them all some more time to get to know each other while having fun.

After the corn maze, we all decided we were hungry. We drove up the way, in caravan style, looking for some food. We passed a place I hadn’t eaten at for a long time: The Caveman Kitchen. Really good barbecue. I turned around and that is where we ate.

At The Caveman Kitchen

At The Caveman Kitchen

After eating, the kids were talking so I gave them time to just hang out. Fine by me. I was in a really great spot, emotionally. It was turning out to be a great day and the fact that my children’s significant others seemed to enjoying themselves also just added to the whole glory of the day. Have I mentioned what a perfect day it was?? Well, it couldn’t have been better, in my mind, and I believe they all would agree with me.

After The Caveman, I was ready for a nap so we parted ways. I hugged my girl about a million times. I miss her so much. I also hugged her guy and received a thank you from him. When I asked ‘for what?’ he said for letting him be a part of this. Melted my heart.

So, yes, it was the perfect day, a day where everything felt just right. I think the only thing that would have made it better for me would have been to be able to share this day with my husband. Unfortunately, he had to finish up a job he was doing for his brother. Maybe next year. We have decided that we will make a date out of going to the pumpkin patch at a later date, just the two of us, so Lance can get a pumpkin and we can pick up some pie pumpkins for me to make a pie or two. Yeah, yesterday was as perfect as it gets.


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