First Frost, Seeds for the Birds, and Enzo is Hurt…

Last Round of Seeds for the BIrds

Last Round of Seeds for the Birds

There was a light frost last night and its 36 degrees right now this morning (8am). I guess its time to put the garden to bed for the winter. I have been putting it off because my sunflowers have been blooming like crazy, but I can no longer put it off. Thankfully, I set up the last round of seeds for the birds, yesterday.

I’m not sure when I am going to get to winterize my garden because my schedule it pretty loaded this week. I’ll just have to make the time. Maybe tomorrow, since I only have the common area clean and I usually don’t get home too late.

We are cleaning up north, in Woodinville, today. This is a clean we have on our own so it pays much, much better. The only downside to this clean is that we always get home late and end up picking up dinner on the way home. I haven’t set anything up for the crock pot (poor planning on my part).

Mr. Enzo in his chair...

Mr. Enzo in his chair…

Mr. Enzo is going with us, today. We were out playing ball last night with their glowy balls and Enzo hurt himself. We didn’t know it right away. He just started acting like he didn’t really want to play so we called the game and went in.

Enzo has been having a hard time getting on our bed for a while now so we end up just picking him up and placing him on it. I went to put him on the bed after playing ball last night and one of his front paws brushed against the sheet, leaving a blood trail. Uh-oh.

I finished getting him up on the bed so I could look at his foot. Three gashes, one really deep, one sort of deep, and one pretty much like any other, regular type cut. Ok. Vet Mom and Dad on duty. I grabbed a wet rag while Lance held Enzo on his side so I could clean the wounds. Then I held Enzo while Lance grabbed the vet ointment, some gauze, and an ace bandage.

The biggest, deepest wound looked as if it may need stitches, but it hadn’t been long since he cut it, so we went with the thought that getting it dressed and applying a pressure bandage to it would hold the wound together very well and the wound should be able to close itself up. We haven’t looked at it, yet, this morning, but will be doing so before we take off toward our clean. No blood on his bandages, as in it didn’t bleed through, which gives me hope that everything is going as planned. Fingers crossed.

We don’t feel like we can leave Enzo home today with Achilles and Luna. They all play too rough and Achilles gets a bit territorial sometimes. Achilles and Enzo disagree like the brothers they are. I honestly don’t think anything bad would happen leaving Enzo home but it makes me feel better to take him with us, just to make sure. Poor guy. At least he is walking well this morning.

The crock pot pot roast the other night was really good. I definitely have plans of making that one, again. Its been a super long time since I have had pot roast, mostly because of our living situation and not knowing how to really make a good one in a slow cooker. Now that I have had success with the roast, I want to try a corned beef roast in the crock pot next. Should be yummy!

Well, Lance should be home any minute with Achilles and Luna, so I had better get myself ready to go. I hope everyone has an amazing day of beautiful surprises!!!


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