New Recipe and Giving Audible a Try…

A Man, A Can, A Grill by David Joachim

A Man, A Can, A Grill by David Joachim

The other night, Lance was rummaging through Marv (our RV). It wasn’t a looking for anything particular type of rummaging. Just a touching of the past, I believe. Anyway, he came across a cookbook (pictured on the left) I’ve had for ages and brought it out. I found it on the desk and started thumbing through it.

We like to try new dishes every now and again, just to change things up from the same old, same old. There are a number of recipes I’m not certain we will ever try. They just seem…odd. Anyway, there are a few that have interested us and we are trying one tonight: Chicken n Cherries (page 16 in the book). I’ll be setting up the chicken to marinade in just a little bit. I’m excited to try this tonight. Of course, I’ll be writing my thoughts on it tomorrow.

I slept like the dead, last night. Ok. I pretty much always sleep like the dead, anymore, but, if no one had made a noise, if Achilles hadn’t come to lick my face off this morning, as he always does, I would probably still be out cold. My body is obviously working on getting rid of this cold thing I have. If only I could do just sleep for a couple of days…a girl can dream.

I’ve decided to give Audible a try. I know I said I was having problems with the whole monthly payment and then buying a book thing, but my desire to learn some of the things I want to learn more about obviously has the stronger pull. So, this morning, I downloaded the Audible app and purchased my first book: Understanding the Secrets of Human Perception by The Great Courses and Professor Peter M. Vishton. The two-week free trial comes with one free book, so I chose Rising Strong by Brene Brown. (I do so love Brene Brown. I feel the need to devour everything she has written.)

I’m going to see how this goes. I know this means I have to limit the number of books I download but I am just going to have to be good with that. At the moment, I think I have enough other audiobooks to fill the spaces in between. If I decide I’m not please with the Audible route, I will cancel my subscription after I find a different way.

I’m excited to start listening to Understanding the Secrets of Human Perception. People fascinate me. Well, the way people think and function fascinates me. There are three more books from The Great Courses on psychology and human behavior that I definitely want to listen to. I’m sure I will find more if I do a search of the Audible library. That alone could be a rabbit hole of endless proportions for me. 🙂

Well, I have things to get done, so I had better get going. I hope everyone has a wonderful day full of only the best things in life.


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