Just Not That Day…

Ugh. I am so sick. I hate being sick, though I believe that is a universal attitude toward being sick. This is day three with an icky tummy, which is the worst, in my book. I’m coughing, runny, congested. I had heard a while back that there was a horrible cold going around, but really never gave it much thought. Until now.

In my head, I have this beautiful dream life. In that dream, should I get sick, I just rest as much as needed and people take care of me, like bringing me chicken noodle soup and tea with honey. In my real life, I usually just keep working through it unless it knocks me down. I know that is a horrible way to deal with sickness, but…well, that’s how my life works.

This morning, I woke up really not feeling good. This whole stomach nausea is annoying. The rest of it can be annoying, too, but stomach upset… that’s when I really start believing I’m actually sick and not just fighting a cold or whatever off. Anyway, I rearranged my schedule a little bit so I could relax today. Of course, this is not how things actually went, though I have to admit that it wasn’t all that physically taxing, either.

This morning, I went and did the one thing I couldn’t get out of doing today, which was meeting with the on-site manager at the condo complex I clean to get the light bulbs I’ve been trying to get from her for almost a month, now. After that, I came home to begin the day of taking it easy, relaxing. Of course, something came up.

I did a clean for a friend of mine, yesterday. We live so far apart, now, and, sometimes, very rarely, it adds to the challenge of us getting together for pay and stuffs. She is getting ready to head out-of-town so is super busy today. To get paid, I needed to drive up to her place. I honestly don’t have a problem with that. She has been amazing so many times when I’ve needed her, driving 50 miles to pick up pay is nothing. So, Lance cleaned out his truck (it gets better gas mileage than the Jeep) and decided we should bring the dogs. Fine. They need out of here, too. Let’s go.

So, my plan was:

  • Head up to my friend’s place and get paid
  • Stop at the taco truck I like that isn’t too far from my friend’s house
  • Go home

Lance, apparently, had other plans.

The plan Lance had in his mind was going for a little ‘hike’ with the dogs while we were out. I understand his reasoning and part of me completely agrees with him. If we have the dogs with us when we are out and about, not working, we really should take them out hiking. Today just wasn’t that day for me. First of all, I don’t feel well. Second, I really don’t feel well. Third, I’m wearing my flip-flops. We settled on taking them to Flaming Geyser State Park.

I know the park, well. I used go there in the Summer to go tubing. I know the terrain. Easy peasy and the dogs can go swimming in the Green River, meaning no need to do a whole lot of walking around. Compromise achieved.

Like I said before, today just wasn’t that day. We walked the dogs to the river and they were having a blast. Achilles was in severe swamp monster mode today so was trying to get Enzo. Enzo really doesn’t like Achilles’ swamp monster thing, mostly because Achilles is half swimming on Enzo’s back, meaning Enzo can’t use his tail as a rudder (Yes, he does this) and he can’t move around as much.

Usually, we can get Achilles to back off. Today was not that day. This resulted in the boys sort of almost fighting in the water. I really don’t know how else to explain it. Enzo is trying to swim. Achilles is trying to eat him. Enzo wants Achilles to stop. Enzo bark-attempt bites Achilles while trying to figure out how to keep swimming while doing so. I’m laughing a little and calling the dogs over. Then, forcefully call them. Lance yells. I glare at Lance, then try to get the dogs to come over to shore. Lance is a bit more militant with the dogs than I like and it has been a source of stress in our relationship since Truman. The dogs are engrossed in themselves, ignoring us, Lance continues to yell for them, I get a glimpse of the whole scene in my head as I close my eyes, frustrated. Ok. I’m done. I’m ready to go home, now. I tell Lance as much and then just bee line for the truck. Yes, today was not that day.

I sat at a picnic table near the truck. Lance ended up taking the short hike up to the Bubbling Geyser before heading back to the truck. We didn’t talk when he got back, while we were getting loaded back up in the truck, for the first 10 minutes of our drive toward home, finally.

Sometimes, it’s better that way, not talking. We have argued a lot through our relationship and I think we have both reached a point where we realize sometimes its better to just sit and decipher your own feelings than bludgeon someone else with them, and be bludgeoned back. Let the storm pass.

We aren’t perfect at it and I find that sometimes we end up not talking about some things that maybe should be talked about. Sure, we still have arguments – stupid arguments, important arguments, pointless arguments – but we seem to be getting better at it. 😉 Marriage is definitely interesting.

Well, I need to go feed the dogs. Lance is over at the 5th wheel, making dinner. I hope everyone is enjoying the first day of Fall!!!


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Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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  1. Feel better! Being ill is the WORST. Sending love from the mountains.

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