The Challenges of Herding Thoughts…

Praying Sunflowers

Praying Sunflowers

I’m feeling a bit anxious this morning, like there is something I should be doing, time is running out to get it done, and I had better have my plan together and take actions, immediately, if not sooner. I have no idea what that something would be. I think that this set of feelings was triggered by the fact that I have been spending a lot of time thinking about the things I want to do, those things that seem really unobtainable and/or unrealistic, right now, like school and traveling.

I think dreaming about the things one wants to do during their lifetime is a great thing. It keeps you striving to make those things real. I just hate the panic that tends to happen for me when I dream about those things, like I’m running out of time. The fact that I am only 44 years old doesn’t seem to change the feeling at all. I still feel like I’m running out of time. Ugh.

The birds continue to steal seeds. I love that this is how hanging the sunflower heads has turned out. It will be sad when I run out of sunflower heads to hang, though this doesn’t look like something that will happen any time soon. There are about a million blooms in my garden at the moment. It will be interesting to see when the weather, temperatures make them stop even attempting to create seeds. The first day of Autumn is the day after tomorrow, the 23rd. The forecast shows us still in the mid to upper 60’s, a day of mid-70’s this week, though the night temperatures are mostly in the mid-40’s.

I found a whole bunch of audiobooks I want to listen to. Unfortunately, the library has none of them. Most of the audiobooks are from The Great Courses and run anywhere from around $30 on Audible to $180 to buy the disc set. Not all of them are available through Audible, either, which is a bummer. Ok. It’s a bummer they aren’t at the library, I’m not really a huge fan of Audible, though I have very little experience with using Audible. I’ve never been able to reconcile paying $15 a month to then pay whatever price they have listed for the various books I would love to listen to, especially when I can find so many through the library. I may have to give this whole Audible thing a good solid try. It would definitely slow down my audiobook consumption.

Man…I’m really stretching for a post this morning. There are about a gazillion thoughts running around my mind but I am finding it challenging, at best, to herd them in. Perhaps they are only partial, unfinished thoughts. Maybe they aren’t ready for the light.


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