Dogs, Puppy Mills, and Enzo and Achilles….

Well, I made it through yesterday unscarred and without scarring anyone else. Victory! I’m feeling slightly grumpy this morning, but nothing like yesterday. I’ll still need to keep an eye on my mouth, though. I just don’t trust it to be nice, or at least to not have random meanness escape through it. Unfortunately, this morning it feels like it will be one of those days that I am super sensitive. Crying could happen today.

I looked at puppies on Craigslist on every break I took, yesterday. When did mixed breeds become so bloody expensive?!?!?! Aussie/Beagle, $400. In fact, $400 seems to be a standard asking price for any mixed breed. Now, I’m not talking designer breeds, obviously, but just your run of the mill mixed breed mutt. Mixed border collie pups, unknown who mom got pregnant from, $400. This makes absolutely no sense to me.

At any rate, this unbelievable price for a mutt is going to keep me from getting a puppy, that is for sure. A pure bred, I get it. There is no way I could justify spending that on a puppy or dog from a home breeder. A rescue, sure. That makes sense. A rescue has gone through so much and incurs some vet bills by the time you are able to adopt one. The shelter or organization needs to be able to keep saving dogs from despicable places and people.

From what I’ve gathered as I have obsessively searched Craigslist for a puppy that screams “I’m the one!,” there is apparently a puppy mill or two taking over Craigslist. One person, possibly more than one person, has been posting warnings about a woman, a puppy mill owner, selling puppies on Craigslist, and even included some responses she has given when she has been accused of being a puppy mill. This responses are appalling, surprising. She goes as far as to admit that she is a puppy mill, that puppy mills are here to stay, and that no one is going to be able to stop her. One of the warning posts even has screen shots of the woman’s, and a friend of hers’, facebook profile and a twitter profile. I’m guessing this person must have gotten a puppy from them. I’ve come to realize, through my searches, asking about rehoming fees, and these warning posts, that most of the posts for puppies on Craigslist at this time are puppy mill posts. Its disheartening. I wish I knew what I could do about it, because do something I would. Anyone has some suggestions for me about doing something about these puppy mills, please do let me know.

Any who… So, the universe is working with me on not getting a puppy at a time when getting one would probably not be the best of ideas. I keep thinking about Enzo and Achilles. Achilles wakes me up every morning with kisses and cuddles and nuzzles. Enzo follows me around. They go through Mommy wars; fighting over who I belong to when we are at home just hanging out. I think maybe I need to just start taking one of them out for a walk and play time and alternate days with them. I think one of them will be able to make a decision on who really wants to be my dog. Maybe not.

Lance doesn’t think this will change how the dogs are. This breed, these breeds, are one person dogs, though they seem to go back and forth between us, depending on what event is going on or not. I guess this is something that isn’t going to be resolved quickly, and I am in limbo for a bit.


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4 Responses to Dogs, Puppy Mills, and Enzo and Achilles….

  1. Looking at puppies will get you every time. šŸ™‚

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  2. …also, if it makes you feel any better, even puppy mill dogs need rescuing. I do understand what you mean, though. It’s a sad business with little care for the well-being of the pups. I guess the only thing “to do” about them is to be educated and educate others.

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    • AH! That is part of my own internal dilemma! Save the puppies, shut down the puppy mill. Rescue a puppy from a puppy mill, turn in the person. Ugh. I have and could again go rounds on that one. It is endless. The idea of giving money to one of these people makes me ill. Meeting said person in a dark alley….different story. šŸ˜‰

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