Dead End Rambling…

I’m at my daughter’s place after a long day of cleaning. I have to admit that not being at home, having to worry about this or that, take care of this or that, is nice. I am probably going to sleep like the dead tonight.

Surgery is at 9am. My daughter has seemed to be very calm about the whole thing, so far. She has said a couple of things since I got here that tell me she is a little bit worried. I’m beyond grateful that I am capable of being here with her. She needs her mom right now. I need my girl.

Man, has this been a challenging summer to get through. Lance’s thumb, me getting hit by a moving truck, having to euthanize my dog, and, now, my daughter’s surgery. If there were other things, I am at a loss to remember them now. Sometimes, it really feels as if the universe is trying to say something and I just can’t seem to understand what it’s saying. Then, again, sometimes life just gets super messy.

My daughter and her roommate (which is a friend of hers from high school) are playing video games right now. I can hear them laughing. It’s a wonderful sound. My daughter has the best laugh.

I’m finding that I am having a million different thoughts circling around my head that I am not really sure of what they are. I thought writing might help me sort them out but… Well, I think its safe to say that we all know how well that turned out. Good night everyone


About dragonflygypsyusa

Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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