Paw Prints, my LG G4, Time to Find Some Trails…

Tru-dog's Ceramic Paw Print

Tru-dog’s Ceramic Paw Print

The vet called yesterday to let me know that Truman’s ceramic dog print was ready for pick up. I, of course, went to pick it up right away. I know it may sound ungrateful, but I’m less than pleased with the print. They obviously squeezed his paw which lengthened it, placing the main pad a bit far away from the toe pads. At least I have this print of Tru-dog.

I ended up going through the paw prints I had taken of Truman and found a couple that I think actually turned out ok. I will be using the prints I took for the tattoo over my heart. Unfortunately, my tattoo artist is sick right now so no tattoo from him yesterday. I ended up stopping by a few other tattoo places to see if I could get in. Unfortunately, only one of them could have done it yesterday but the guy didn’t leave me feeling very confident in his abilities. That said, I didn’t get my tattoo of Tru-dog’s paw print yesterday. I am scheduling an appointment, which means two weeks out. Ok.

So, about a week or so ago, I replaced my ZTE Zmax phone with an LG G4. I am very grateful that I did. The Zmax was a functional phone, as in it made and received phone calls, texts,emails, I could play my games on it, and a few other features that worked for me, but I have really, really been missing my ability to download and listen to audiobooks.

The LG G4 has a base memory of 32g (that’s the phone’s internal memory) with the ability to insert a Micro SD card up to 2 TB. Yes, 2 TB! The best part is the music player is the same one that worked on my old LG L90. YAY!!! I’ll be searching, obtaining, and downloading more audiobooks.

day hike olympic peninsula

day hike olympic peninsula

I’ve decided that I would like to start hiking. We used to take Truman walking just about anywhere and somewhere along the way we stopped. I’m not sure if life just got too busy, challenging, overwhelming, we just got lazy, or what happened. I want to start taking Luna, Enzo, and Achilles to get them used to running into people and other dogs while out and about.

The day I made Truman’s appointment, I went to Costco afterward to pick up a pizza for dinner (yes, we eat a lot of pizza). While waiting for the pizza, I looked at the books, because, otherwise, I would have ended up in the pet area and probably sat down and cried. I found a group of hiking books. The Olympic Peninsula seemed like it would be the closest and easiest to get to, so I bought the book pictured above.

Part of this plan involves letting my employer know that I will not be working on weekends. I need some time for me and to be just a person instead of the worker bee I am all of the time. Time for Mieke. Time with the dogs. Time with my husband, just being us. Time with my camera.

The first trail we are going to try is called Four Stream. It’s 4.2 miles long, round trip, has a two star rating with a one diamond difficulty rating. Seeing how out of shape I’m in, I think a one diamond trail rating is a really good place for me to start.


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